The Best Fantasy Football Names For Your FPL Team In 2021

It’s always a head scratcher. What do I call my FPL team?

Sure you might go with “Ole’s Boys” or “The Destroyers” or something like that. If you don’t want bullies for the rest your life, then this is not the place to go. ( does not condone abuse)

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As has become tradition, we’ve put together a list of the best Fantasy Football names for your team in 2021.

Garry Connaughton from Balls, who either came up a lot of these or did a good job making it appear like he did.

Old Havertz Kai Hard

McGinn And Tonic

Hotel? Thiago

Benteke Fried Chicken

Lads On Touré

Yes Ndidi

Gilmour Girls

It’s Britney, Klich

Kepa Clean Sheet

Champagne Super Rovers

Dude Where’s My Sarr?

Shaw and Order

Netflix And Chilwell

Ben Chilwell

Lingardium Leviosa

Football Not Saka

Werner’s Originals


Jota Than Hell

Cash 4 McGoldrick

Three-O Walcott

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Only Krul & Horses


Dyche Dyche Baby

Iheanacho Libre

No Thomas No Partey

Fred Dead Redemption

On Your Ederson

Boom Xhakalaka

Earth, Wind And Maguire

Harry Maguire

50 Shades of John O’Shea

Gangstars Allardyce

Top Of The Klopps

Even Stevens

Back Of The Neto

Childish Fabinho

My Little Bony

Catch Me If You Kanté

Salt & Pépé

Son Of A Gundogan

Backstreet Moyes

Drop It Like Diop

Alisson Chains

Put A Dendonck On It

Adam Idah

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Idah Stay Or Go

Colemans Mustard

Aké Breaky Heart

Uptown Dunk

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Wind Beneath My Mings

Hakuna Juan Mata

Deeney In A Bottle

Me, My Delph and I

Sound Of The Lloris

Finding Timo

Luke KyleWalker

Lord Of The Ings

Danny Ings

No Kane, No Gain

Rhythm Of Van Dijk

De Bruyne Ultimatum

Willian Dollar Baby

Clyne Of Duty

The 40 Year Old Virgil

Obi-Wan Iwobi

Pukki Blinders

Stranger Mings

A Song Of Ice & Dier

Come Digne With Me

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