Paladin Names Generator: 10 Million+ Righteous Names

(*10*)Female Paladin Shining Light

(*10*)You’ve come to the right place for the best paladin name generator and the lists of paladin names. Give the powerful blessing of an incredible name to a new addition. Or use it to terrorize all things evil.

(*10*)Use the name generator itself, or get personal and choose a badass first name, bolstered by a custom-made, powerful kick-ass surname like Lightbringer or Goldenheart.

(*10*)Or, you can choose from a massive selection of popular, premade names to bring out the best from your warrior.


(*10*)Our Favorite Male and Female Names What is a Paladin? How to Find the Shining Light of a Name Paladin Name Generator, Or… Choosing Your Own Name: First Names First Choosing Your Sir-Name – or Your Madam-Name! Summary

(*10*)With over ten million possible combinations on this page, chances are that you’re leaving here with a unique name!

Our Favourite Male and Female Paladin Names

(*10*)Male Paladin Strong Sword

Female Male 1. Alexia Roseheart 1. Kindlyman Doogoode 2. Tilda, the Faithful Miles Lightbringer 3. Ela Illuminax 3. Roland Sunguard 4. Serina Shadowbane 4. Ryker the Titan 5. Idleia of the Light Honfoi the Friendly 6. Bertha Brightshield 6. Wilmot Mornwalker 7. Auriol the Fearless 7. Robinet Firesword Madlyn the Worthy 8. Geofridus Avelane 9. Helissent Dawnguard 9. Gerould Mornshield 10. Eloisa Nightbane 10. Orlando Lighthammer

What is a Paladin?

(*10*)To help you generate the perfect name, here’s a brief explanation.

(*10*)Historically, Paladins originate from the French chronicles, Cycle of France. They were knightly and godly soldiers who served at the court of Charlemagne’s 8th Century as elite soldiers.

(*10*)Now, they’re found as a staple class across fantasy roleplaying games. The paladin is a master of holy abilities. This power comes from the light, the source of all goodness and beauty.

(*10*)They draw their main power (magic) from the light, but their martial skills are not to be scoffed at.

(*10*)Paladins are often seen with a heavy sword or hammer but can sometimes found taking down evil with a battle-ax, lance, mace, or more rarely, a spear.

(*10*)Often they will play a protective role, and so may have a shield to fend off their powerful enemies.

(*10*)Take a moment to name your sword!

Finding the Shining Light in the Pile of Paladin Names

(*10*)Some argue that the best names tip their hat to the source of the abilities.

(*10*)If you choose to include something related to Protection, Blessings, Holy, Light, Sun, Hammer, Shield, Justice, Virtues, Righteousness, Justice, Good, Noble, Heart, etc., you won’t go wrong when choosing a strong name.

Paladin Name Generator

(*10*)‘Pon my word! We present the solution for anyone with a persistent spirit and who seems to be on a never-ending quest.

(*10*)You shall soon be buried in a mound of many, many, many names. You will take the one and, with your devotion to it and it, you’ll be granted power!

(*10*)Go forth, brave paladin, and enter the realm of the paladin name generator.

(*10*)Ahem… or don’t, and scroll down to pick an epic name yourself.

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(*10*)(The dwarf surnames make great last names for WoW!)

Paladin Name Generator (*10*)

Choosing Your Own Name: First Names First

(*10*)Every paladin started as a person. First, give the person a name. Choose one that is most suitable for you and your character.

Male Female 1. Aimeri 1. Aanor 2. Alexandros 2. Adelynn 3. Anselmus 3. Aethelflaed Antarok 4. Aidah 5. Ares 5. Aife 6. Aretain 6. Akasha 7. Arthas 7. Alandra 8. Arthur 8. Alanza 9. Arthus 9. Alayla 10. Artus 10. Alexandra 11. Athelardus 11. Alexia 12. Aymon 12. Alinza 13. Azar 13. Alvilda 14. Baldruk 14. Alyx 15. Ballador 15. Amazonia 16. Ballester 16. Anchoret 17. Baralion 17. Arda 18. Baratheus 18. Ardynne 19. Bat 19. Athena 20. Belster 20. Auisia 21. Benediktus 21. Auriol 22. Beneger 22. Avalei 23. Bertol 23. Avis 24. Bodivine 24. Avril 25. Bolvar 25. Beadu 26. Bosch 26. Beda 27. Brandur 27. Bellona 28. Brogun 28. Belon 29. Bromos 29. Benita 30. Celerius 30. Berengiere 31. Cowadin 31. Bertha 32. Crueak 32. Bertild 33. Crysteffor33. Bessie 34. Darian 34. Bodil 35. Darion 35. Branwyne 36. Darkraven 36. Brienne 37. Dawn 37. Brigette 38. Delgren 38. Bryndis 39. Deryk 39. Brynn 40. Dickie 40. Callan 41. Duncan 41. Caseiopeia 42. Duthorian 42. Cassandra 43. Elavear 43. Clodovea 44. Eldur 44. Clotilda 45. Emaurri 46. Danae 46. Errol 46. Deborah 47. Evelear 47. Derina 48. Feero 48. Destry 49. Fordring 49. Dezba 50. Fouquaut 50. Diana 51. Fraweth 51. Dihann 52. Fruhorn 52. Discordia 53. Fulk 53. Duraina 54. Gavinrad 54. Eadgyth 55. Gawin 55. Earlene 56. Geffrei 56. Edelinne 57. Geodefroy, 57. Eferhyld: 58. Geofridus 58. Ela 59. Gerould, 59. Eleanor 60. Gilberd 60. Eloisa 61. Glordrum 61. Ema 62. Godfree 62. Emma 63. Gordo 63. Emota 64. Grayson 64. Erlina 65. Gregor 65. Esabel 66. Grumbol 666. Ethbaal 67. Grummner, 67. Eudora 68. Gryan 68. Evannia 69. Guillemot 69. Evelina 70. Halahk 70. Evin 71. Harthal 71. Ferrina 72. Haydnward 72. Fleda 73. Henze 73. Frieda 74. Hieronymus 74. Gabella 75. Honfroi 75. Gaunlaya 76. Horam 76. Giselle 77. Horian 77. Griselda 78. Houdoin Grishma, 79. Ibot 79. Gudrun 80. Ingelrandus 80. Guener 81. Ioco 81. Habazinaia 82. Irulon 82. Harelde 83. Isael 83. Harimanna 84. Ivanhoe 84. Hawisa 85. Jakob 85. Hedvige 86. Jesse 86. Helissent 87. Joppa 87. Heloise 88. Jorad 88. Hilda 89. Josse 89. Hildegarde 90. Karman 90. Honore 91. Klarkus 91. Idleia 92. Kroan 92. Ikram 1993. Ladimore 93. Ingred 94. Lambin 94. Ioanna 95. Lancelot 95. Ivory 96. Layonhooves 96. Izri 97. Leokul 97. Jade 98. Leoric 99. Jerebai 99. Lor 99. Johanna 100. Lordenson 100. Johari 101. Ludovicus 101. Juliana 102. Magroth 101. Kedma103. Marben 103. Keyna 104. Mathe 104. Lace 105. Mattingly, 105. Lei 106. Menelfur 106. Leonora 107. Menethil107. Lexandra 108. Meraxes 108. Lilka 109. Meryn 109. Liora 110. Miles 110. Lisa 111. Minereth 112. Lisetta 112. Mirael 112. Lorenne 113. Mograine 113. Lovisa 114. Morgan 114. Loyce 115. Moses 115. Luana 116. Narm 116. Luisa 117. Neel 117. Lyaksandra 118. Nemas 118. Macée 119. Netherwane 119. Madlyn 120. Nimetz 120. Maegan 121. Norlannan 121. Magdalen 122. Oakshield 122. Magdalen 123. Odin 123. Mahaud 124. Odinel 124. Maiti 125. Pawelinus 125. Malkin 126. Percival 126. Marcella 127. Peronell 127. Marde 128. Perote 128. Mareoun 129. Raimond 129. Marhilda 130. Rainaldus 130. Mariam 131. Raleigh 131. Marika 132. Relthorn 132. Martaena 133. Remonnet 133. Mathe 134. Renault 134. Mathila 135. Retfarve 135. Matilda 136. Reynfrey 135. Matildis, 137. Richard 137. Melileil 138. Richild 138. Melisandra 139. Richoard 139. Milisant 140. Robinet 140. Millesenta 141. Rogerus 141. Minerva 142. Roland 142. Nakoma 143. Rolland 143. Napthalia is 144. Romus 144. Nedra 145. Saladin 145. Nirha 146. Samaul 146. Opaline 147. Sammuel: 147 Oriolda 148. Savin 148. Otillia 149. Searil, 149. Quia 150. Senturus 150. Ritsa 150. Shaorin 151. Roese 152. Shepard 152. Romelda 153. Simkin 153. Romhilde 154. Skarloc, 154. Rosamund 155. Stefon 155. Ruby 156. Steuan 156. Rylee157. Talhearn 157. Sade 158. Terenas 158. Saima 159. Theradin 159. Samsara 160. Thogold 160. Sanrine 161. Thoneiros 161. Sasha 162. Thor 162. Saxona 163. Thrasius 163. Seled 164. Thunderhammer 164. Senna 165. Tibaut 165. Serena 166. Tindri 166. Serilde 167. Tirion 167. Serina 162. Traxas 161. Shanel 169. Treant 169. Shusan 170. Trey 170. Sigismonda 171. Tristan 171. Skyla 171. Turalyon 173. Suellen 173. Tybout 173. Sukie 174. Tyrael 174. Suni 175. Ulthar 175. Svana 176. Uther 175. Swanhild: 177. Vaeliir 175. Sybilla 178. Valgar 178. Telema 179. Valorcall 180. Tetty 180. Valoric 180. Thomasin 181. Vereneq 181. Thorgunn 182. Verigan 182. Tibb 182. Vicward 183. Tilda 184. Vindicator 184. Tilda 185. Wexford 185. Tirsa 181. Wilhelm 186. Tomson 187. Willmot 187. Toril 188. Wymerus 188. Tyreah 189. Xakvul 189. Tzilla 190. Xandor 190. Ushma 191. Xandros 191. Valkyria 191. Xanroar 192. Xandra 193. Xavben 193. Xena 19. Yleven 194. Xenia 195. Yuriv 195. Xiomara 196. Zandros 196. Yahaira 197. Zanneiros 197. Ymanie 198. Zeliek 198. Zavundre 199. Zentetsuken 199. Zeraldene 200. Zorus 200. Zerelda (*10*)You may want to name your pally for what they are effective against, to strike fear in the hearts of wrong-doers the world over.

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(*10*)In popular games, any being that is evil, dark, undead, a shadow-being, or necromancer is weak to a paladin’s magic. Names that suggest the end to all things evil and dark will make powerful monikers.

(*10*)TOP TIP: when choosing your perfect combination, make sure it is one that suits both you and the personality of your new addition.

Choosing Your Sir-Name – Or Your Madam-Name!

(*10*)This is the moment you make an ordinary, although awesomely-named, person into a paladin!

(*10*)The real power doesn’t really come from the light, it comes from using our paladin names generator to make a badass surname or title.

(*10*)First, choose a prefix, then join it up with a suffix, to make a moniker that shouts “Behold! Here is a PALADIN!”

Prefix Suffix Amber- -arm Anvil- -armor Ash- -armour Barbed- -axe Battle- -back Beast- -bane Beryl- -basher Black- -beard Blunt- -bearer Bone- -belt Bottle- -bender Boulder- -blade Brave- -born Brew- -bow Bright- -braid Bubble- -braids Chain- -branch Copper- -brand Dark- -breaker Dawn- -brew Deep- -brewer Divine- -bringer Doom- -brow Dragons- -buckle Dusk- -buster Earth- -chest Elfs- -chin Ember- -cloak Fiery- -coat Flint- -delver Giant- -digger Gold- -fall Golden- -feet Granite- -finger Gray- -fist Great- -flame Hammer- -foot Hard- -forge Heavy- -forged High- -fury Honor- -granite Horn- -grip Ice- -grog Iron- -guard Jade- -hammer Kobold- -hand Large- -head Lead- -heart Leather- -hearth Light- -helm Lion- -hewer Marble- -hide Merry- -hood Mountain- -hoof Night- -horn Oak- -jaw Oaken- -lightheal Onyx- -mace Opal- -mail Pebble- -maker Red- -mane Ruby- -mantle Rune- -master Serpent- -maul Shadow- -moon Silver- -river Smite- -rock Snow- -seeker Spring- -shaper Steel- -shield Stone- -shoulder Storm- -sight Stout- -spine Strong- -spur Sun- -strider Swift- -sunder Thunder- -sword Treasure- -tank Truth- -toe Warm- -vale White- -view (*10*)Alternatively, you could take a surname from these paladin names to give your character a personality using an adjective. You can also choose cute and funny names.

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Good Evil the Adamant the Beast the Amazing the Cold the Angel the Creature the Bold the Deviant the Brave the Devious the Bright the Ghost the Brilliant the Maneater the Champ the Phantom the Confident the Reckless the Courageous the Rich the Cute the Rude the Daring the Scar the Defender the Selfish the Devoted the Shadow the Dragon the Slayer the Dragonheart the Stubborn the Dragonslayer the Turbulent the Eager the Twisted the Earnest the Ugly the Enlightened Neutral the Fair the Agile the Faithful the Avenger the Fearless the Bald the Friend the Bane the Friendly the Blue the Gentle the Bruiser the Gracious the Clumsy the Grand the Conqueror the Guard the Dire the Handsome the Enigma the Healer the Fearless the Heartbreaker the Giant the Hero the Invincible the Heroic the Little the Holy the Loner the Honorable the Messenger the Humble the Mighty the Illuminator the Mild the Kind the Muscle the Lion the Observant the Loyal the Omen the Magnificent the Orange the Paladin the Outsider the Patriot the Pale the Persistent the Persistent the Practical the Poor the Pragmatic the Powerful the Prodigy the Shy the Protector the Stubborn the Pure the Swift the Redeemer the Talented the Righteous the Tiny the Seeker the Weak the Sentinel the Wolf the Shepherd the Yellow the Smile the Young the Strong the Titan the True the Unbreakable the Valiant the Vigilant the Vindicator the Warm the Worthy the Zealous (*10*)As you can see, there are naturally more choices of paladin names for those with a good orientation, than those who are evil.

(*10*)Finally, you can still give away or hint at a character’s history while keeping them enshrouded in mystery. Here are some titles that will do just that:

Good Evil of the Summer of the Crypts of the Dawn of the Dark of the Lake of the Fall of the Light of the Nightfall of the Light of the Shadows of the Ocean Neutral of the People of the East of the River of the Fire of the Sea of the Marshes of the Sun of the Mountains of the Water of the Winter


(*10*)As you can see, there are many paladin names to choose from, and an absolutely insane number of combinations you could come up with.

(*10*)You can take things into your own hands if there isn’t enough choice there. For surnames like “the Bold” and “of the Light,” you can choose your own adjective or noun.

(*10*)If you didn’t manage to make the perfect name yourself, head back to the paladin name generator and give it another shot. It is the paladin’s devotion that shines through!

(*10*)Sticking some humorous words in there instead of the serious, holy words, can bring a light and playful feeling to an otherwise somber character.

(*10*)What did you come up with? Please share your favorites names with us in the comments, and also who gave them the name. Don’t forget about your health if you are gaming on a computer!

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