50 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls

50 Cool Ideas To Display Family Photos On Your Walls

Posted by MMK on October 3, 2015

PhotosFamily is something we all treasure and wish to have close by us every day. You don’t want to adhere to that rule, but you also want creative decor. We have some clever ideas for how to display family pictures that you can get! This can be done in many different ways. If you love the quality of the image, consider larger sizes to achieve an impactful effect.

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To create a simple and free atmosphere, hang a few on a string with clothespins. They can be mixed with inspirational quotes and words. You can see? There are many options available to suit every taste and personality. Check out the following link to see the options available for making your family’s photos stand out in the neighborhood.

01. This family portrait is unusual and not traditional. The family members are only immortalized up to the neck. Despite their absence, their faces are well represented in everything else.

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02. Choose frames in the same color but change the design

AD-Cool-Ideas-To-Display-Family-Photos-On-Your-Walls-02So you have pictures in a variety of sizes and you wonder how you’ll ever find matching frames… Have no fear! If you’re looking for frames of the same color, let go of style restrictions but hang onto your color of choice. Below you will see a group of photos set in black frames. Some frames are thicker than others, while others are thinner. Others have double mats and some can hold two photos. Are these differences important? They don’t! They add interest to the vignette. A spray paint can transform frames of any color into your desired hue.

03. This flexible grid pattern is ideal for family walls.


04. Picture frames of the same size and shape could be used to create an original and stylish décor. You can use rectangular photo frames to alternate between horizontal and vertical positions. It’s an interesting way of adding a modern touch to a rather traditional method.


05. A few family photos can be displayed on the wall above your desk or work area to make it feel more personal. You can make them in black or white to add an artistic touch.


06. Creative Staircase Wall Decorating Idea FamilyPhoto frames


07. Here are a few photos that have been beautifully organized in a large frame. This is a great way to organize travel photos. They look like a huge negative when organized this way. It’s unusual and original.


08. Large Wall Decor IdeasLiving Room

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09. A photo wall is a great way to display family photos that you treasure and keep track of. If the wall has white shelves, then they should be also white. So the photos will be the only ones that stand out.


10. A collection of antique frames will add charm and interest

AD-Cool-Ideas-To-Display-Family-Photos-On-Your-Walls-10Wall gallery creators consider the display to be just as important as the photos. An antique frame can be used to frame prized photos and add intrigue. Some of the finest antique frames were actually mirrors! The double outlining created by strategically placing one frame within the other is evident in the image below.

11. Here’s some alternating rectangle action.




13. It is obvious that size matters.




15. Do you have a lot of small photos but not enough wall space? You can place them wherever you’d like with this trick!




17. You can also string them against walls.


18. It’s a rustic, beautiful way to fram your loved ones.


19. Alternating black and white photos with colored photos is another interesting idea. They can be printed in the same sizes and shapes and hung on a wall. Great idea to put the wall next to the windows.




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21. You can take your room to the next level by matching the right photos and the correct color schemes.


22. Here’s another idea: create a few identical picture frames, larger than the photos you wish to display, and use background in different colors. Although the effect is dramatic, it will still be playful and casual.


23. This is an original and creative way to display family photos. Use simple glass bottles as containers and place the photos inside. It’s a similar idea to the traditional ship in a bottle. These would look fantastic on the mantel.


24. Just when you thought you’ve seen every way a picture can be framed. You can see the full DIY here.


25. A different way to display your photos is to create pin boards or bulletin boards, and then use clothespins to hang them. This would be best for black and white photos.


26. Photo wreaths are a great way of kicking off the holidays. You can create one for each holiday.


27. Similar ideas are to use metal cables. Simply attach them to a wall and make sure they’re parallel. Use clips to hang your photos. It’s a very sleek and simple way of displaying your favorite family photos and it could also be applied to something else.


28. We can’t ignore pallets. You can use them for any purpose, even to display photos. Take a few boards off one side of the pallet, and you can create a small shelf. ToTo complete this rustic look, add some flowers.


29. You can make a photo frame from almost anything with a little imagination and the right lighting.


30. Here’s an Awesome DIY for making photo tiles for your viewing pleasure.


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