50 Fall Family Photos

Fall FamilyPhoto Ideas

FallIt is now that the time has come to take family photos. FallThis is a gorgeous time of year, with the leaves changing and the sunsets stunning. The lighting is also perfect for photographers. Look no further if you’re thinking about having your family photos taken or getting engaged during the fall season. We have 50 FallHere are some family photo ideas, including how to dress, for your next fall photography session.

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Looking for beautiful family pictures ideas? The perfect photo requires a lot of elements. Once you’ve decided on the season, now it is time to think about locations, props, clothes, and poses. This post features amazing photos by some of the best photographers in the world! These are the photos you will find:

  • Location Ideas
  • Pose Ideas For Families
  • Ideas for Couples
  • Prop Ideas
  • Ideas for what to wear
  • Planning Tips and Tricks

These ideas are sure to make you a pinner! Let’s get started!

Fall FamilyPhoto Locations

The location you choose for your session can make a huge difference in how your photographs turn out. FallThese are family photos that turn out well! Beautiful fall colors made the perfect backdrop for any photo! These are some of the best places to make your fall colors pop in family photos.

Fall Photography Locations

Location is everything… and the rustic beauty of Fall makes for some gorgeous backgrounds for your FallFamily photos

Locations for Fall Photos

1. Barn – Beautiful background with a rustic feel! Sources: A Day to Adore Photography & Iliasis Muniz Photography

2. Bridges – Your family can use a bridge as a natural frame. Source: Three Peas Photography

3. Corn Field – Nothing can be more FallMore than a cornfield. Sources: Laura Ivanova & L Photographie

4. Grove of Trees Gorgeous under the trees Sources: Christine Naomi Photography & Lisa Holloway Photography

Locations for Fall Pictures

5. Grassy Field – This is a traditional fall location, and the pictures are beautiful and natural. Sources: Christine Naomi Photography & Simplicity Photography

6. In Leaves – Falling leaves and throwing leaves are all part of the fun. These are beautiful backgrounds. Sources: Christine Naomi Photography & Michael Kormos Photography

7. Pumpkin Patch – For a fun location, try a pumpkin patch. Sources: Alexandra Hunt Photography, Simple As That & Carolyn Kipper Photography

Locations Fall Photos

8. Water. This background is beautiful and very unique. Sources: Christine Naomi Photography

9. A Boat It is playful and charming. Sources: Aria Photography & Pinkletoes

10. The Path Another stunning and natural frame. Sources: A Day to Adore Photography & Three Peas Photography

11. 11. A tree with vibrant leaves is a great choice for capturing a memorable photo. Sources: Michael Kormos Photography & Carolyn Kipper Photography


Photographing can be tricky, especially with a large group. You will need to be prepared for some key poses for your family, even though your photographer will help you. These poses can be shared with your photographer to ensure you get the perfect shot.

Fall Photography Pose Ideas

These FallThese family photo ideas and poses are so adorable!You can find more here!

Family Pose Ideas

12. Holding hands – It’s fun to see the family connected. Sources: Simplicity Photography & Three Peas Photography

13. Sitting – I like the casual setting around the campfire as well as the posed set. Sources: Three Peas Photography & L Photographie

Family Pose Ideas

14. On a Bench The perfect spot is a park bench. Sources: A Day to Adore Photography & L Photographie

15. Silhouette – This is simply stunning! Sources: Simply light

16. 16. It’s Fall. You need to take some pictures with the leaves. Sources: Christine Naomi Photography & Stock Photo

FallIdeas for Couples: Photo Pose Ideas

When taking your family photos, don’t forget to snap a few shots of you and your spouse! Sometimes we get so caught up in snapping pictures of the kids that we forget about capturing the journey of marriage. AND those looking to take their engagement pictures this fall – we’ve got you covered!

Fall Photography Pose Ideas

Fun Fall pose ideas for couples… ready, set, GO!

Couples Pose Ideas

17. Kissing – Let’s be real, you need a little kissing on the records. Sources: A Day to Adore Photography & L Photographie

18. Hugging – There are so many ways you can give your spouse a hug. Sources: L Photographie, Chard Photographer & A Day to Adore Photography

19. Swinging – Get another photo by setting up a hammock. Joyeuse Photography

Couples Pose Ideas

20. Dancing This is a fun, natural pose. Sources: Josh Elliot Studios & Stock Photo

21. 21. It’s a timeless pose with many variations. Sources: Alicia Q Photography, Iliasis Muniz Photography & Rusting Wedding Chic

22. Holding hands – This is a cute way to connect during your photos. Sources: Heidi Ryder & L Photographie

FallProp Ideas for Photography

The details are what make the photos stand out! A simple prop can really make a photo pop and tell an interesting story. These are some of our favorite family photo prop ideas that work well with the FallSeason!

Fall Photography Prop Ideas

Proper ideas Fall family pictures…

Fall Prop Ideas

23. 23. Corn, pumpkins and many other items. These stunning pumpkins make fun props. Sources: Simple As That

24. Wagon A wagon can add a little something extra to your photography session. Sources: Pinkletoes & Blue Lily Photography

25. Hay Bales – FallHay bales and handicraft go hand in hand. Sources: Kristin LeRue Photography

26. Couch This is completely out of place, but with the right couch, it’s absolutely adorable. Sources for Golightly Images

Fall Prop Ideas

27. Crate – Your picture will look more interesting and taller if you use crates. Sources: Kristin LaRue Photography & Michael Kormos Photography

28. Blanket To add color, sit down or lie on a blanket. Sources: A Day to Adore photography

29. Bikes Another great prop idea! Sources: Munchkins & Mohawks Photography

30 Leaves More leaves… Love it. Sources: Stock Photo & Laura Ivanova

10 Fall FamilyPhoto Outfits

It can be difficult to choose the right outfit for family photos. It takes a lot of thought and effort to choose a color palette that looks great and works well for everyone. These are some great coordinating options that look amazing with fall colors as your background. Thegoneapp.com offers great daily deals for women. EleventhAvenue has some amazing weekly deals for women. Cents of Style and Shabby Apple also have must-see items!

What to Wear for Fall Photos

Accessories and color schemes that will enhance your style FallFamily photos pop!

What to Wear for Fall Photos

31. Boots Pull out the boots, it’s Fall! Sources: Iliasis Mniz Photography These are so cute!

32 Denim – I love denimI love it!! Sources: Christine Naomi Photography

33. Neutral – Gorgeous neutrals can make your background stand out. Sources: Three Peas Photography, Michael Kormos Photography & A Day to Adore Photography

What to Wear for Fall Photos

34. Earth Tones – Dark earth tones are a scream Fall! Sources: Chard Photographer

35 Plaid – You are aware FallIt’s time to get rid of the plaid. Sources: Alicia Q Photography, Laura Ivanova & Hello Fashion Blog

36. Navy and Yellow Love this combo… add a pop of yellow – a perfect FallColor. Sources: Simplicity Photography

These are only a few examples of all the combinations possible. It is important to have a color palette, and then make variations within it. Micah Folsom is one of our favourite photographers and has created a great post featuring fall-inspired color combinations.

Learn More FamilyPhoto Ideas

Everything should go smoothly when you arrive at your final photography session. Here are nine planning tips to make sure everything runs smoothly, from planning to printing.

Planning Guide for Fall Photos

37. Get Organized This easy-to use organizer by Leah Aldous will help you stay ahead of the curve. This free printable has a place for you to organize your clothing choices, brainstorm your pose & location ideas, gather your photographer information, plan your budget and more! All of your information is available in one location!


38. Select your photographer wisely – You don’t have to select the most expensive photographer in town, but remember that you are investing in life time memories. Sometimes “you get what you pay for” isn’t a beneficial thing. It can be worth paying a bit more for professional photographers.

39. Get a Schedule in the Works – It is not uncommon for the most sought-after and talented photographers to fill up quickly, especially in the fall season. so schedule in advance! You should confirm that all members of your extended family are able to participate in the photo shoot. Every member of your family should be there.

40 Plan – You can see the entire post and get an idea of any details you need for your photos. Do you have a specific location, pose, or prop that you would like to include in your photos? Write these down using your organizer, and then communicate them with your photographer.

41 Working with children – To ensure a stress-free session, it is crucial to get your kids ready for the big event. So they are engaged and excited, let them participate in the planning of outfits. To help the photographer get the attention of the kids, it might be a good idea to bring a helping hand. It is important to bring snacks and other supplies for children!

42 Lookin’ Good –It is our desire to look our best in family photos, so we do some research on how to achieve that. These secrets can make all the difference. Here’s one of my favourite posts about looking great in photos, from Cara at Maskcara.

43 Timing is everything –Did you know there is an ideal time to take amazing photos? There is a time that photographers call “The Golden Hour” – it is the time right before the sun is going to set. The lighting is perfect. When you are planning a time with your photographer make sure to request the golden hour. It will result in stunning colors and amazing lighting. You just can’t go wrong!

44 Follow the flow – Don’t plan so much that you can’t be flexible when needed. Sometimes the best photographs are taken right in the moment. Remember that you are capturing memories and it doesn’t matter if everyone is in the right spot with a picture perfect smile. Your family is what you want to capture. Your photographer is the expert and you should follow their example. They are professionals and will guide you to great photos!

45 Order PrintsIt may seem obvious but many families take amazing photos only to have them displayed on a digital screen. Plan where and when to print your photos. Pick a spot on your wall where the family photo will go. Discuss with your photographer whether you want to create a collage. You will probably get their input on what style pictures would look best together. Shutterfly is a great way to print family photos!

It’s there! IdeasGALOREFor your fall photography session, check out these ideas! You can’t go wrong with a beautiful fall background and with these additional family photo ideas – you are bound to have a fantastic photography session!

These tips and ideas are so great, you’ll love our 101 FamilyPictures Tips and Tricks for Every Season Our 101 Tips and Ideas For Couples Photography. Both are full of ideas!

Happy Photo Taking

**We did our very best to find and link to the original sources of each photo, but if you see a photo that is not linked correctly, please let us know so we can fix it. We want to credit the original sources where credit is due. We are so thankful for these amazing photographers who capture love so beautifully.**

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