Fake Family Quotes: How to deal with fake relatives on a busy day? 

Fake Family Quotes

When it comes to Family, it seems like there is no better place or people to be with. More often than not, when people come across difficult phases of life, Family gives peace and support. But, how would you feel if your family members turned their backs on you? Dealing with fake family members can cause you to be exhausted. You will not feel like going out, meeting family members on festive occasions, or even picking up a call. How to deal with such a situation? One of the easiest ways to drive this negative energy away from you is by reading some fake family quotes. 

In the event that you are also going through a difficult time adjusting with family members who act like a hypocrite, you have commenced to the right platform. Check out the best fake Family quotes and figure out how to deal with such situations. Let’s get started: 

Top 15 Fake Family Quotes – Find out bonus tips to deal with Fake Family Members.

Are you getting depressed because of a family member’s bad behavior towards you? Here are some top fake family quotes that will help you deal with such negativity. 

Fake Family Quotes
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#Quote 1: “Exposing fake people is a waste of my time. Time will expose them soon.”

Do you feel like exposing a fake family member in front of everyone? Please don’t! By doing such a thing, only you will feel strange and awkward. Sometimes, family groups start to avoid inviting you to family functions and reunions. Instead, keep calm and wait for fake family members to be exposed automatically. 

#Quote 2: “Watch your back when you are surrounded by loved ones. Betrayal never comes from enemies.”

Strongly feel that someone in your family is trying to hurt you? Our advice is to detach yourself from such toxic family members. Do not make plans with such fake siblings, loved ones, friends, or even relatives who keep an eye out for anything that may hurt you deeply. 

#Quote 3: “Time passes, and the masks of fake smiles come off.”

Do you feel like a person or a family member only smiles in front of you but badmouths on your back? In order to deal with such fake family members who keep a mask on, you must not react angrily to their actions. Instead, real fake family quotes, upload them on your status to send a message. Another piece of advice – never confront people who bad-mouth you. Instead, simply smile and move on!

#Quote 4: “I am the black sheep of the family, but believe it, White Sheeps are not exactly sparkling.”

Fake Family Quotes, according to our research, majorly focus on the toxicity that fake family members add to your life. Sometimes, when you have a fake family member, you will observe that they pretend to be “white” or have clean thoughts only. But, from the inside, you know that this person is not exactly “sparkling” or “have unclean thoughts.” 

To deal with such fake relatives, you should start keeping your distance. Also, do not pay attention to such people as they have a high potential of hurting your feelings with their words. 

#Quote 5: “People who talk bad about me while I am not there to defend myself is proof of their insecurity.” 

Fake family quotes often talk about people who have a habit of badmouthing behind people’s backs. If you also have a family member who talks rubbish about you while you are not there to defend. Please do not worry! Accept the fact that such a member is only insecure and envious of your success. 

To deal with such fake relatives is very simple. Ignore such people. Instead, focus more on your career goals, love life, and your dreams. The more you are focused, the more it will annoy fake relatives. 

#Quote 6: “Choose to love family by their behavior, blood is not the root of good connections.”

Are you struggling to stick with family members who only bring you negativity? More often than not, people keep in touch with fake family members because of obligations forced by blood. To deal with such members, stay respectful. Never get into arguments with such members. Apart from this, choose to talk with family members who have good behavior towards you. 

If you think that you are under the liability to meet a family member just because they are connected to you by blood, get over such backward thinking. Move on from such people. It will inject some positivity into your life. 

#Quote 7: “I may be silent but I am an amazing observer.”

This fake family quote is a perfect way to warn your Family’s fake members about your awakening. Sometimes, fake relatives think that they are releasing negativity towards you without your knowledge. This act of theirs gives them power. Thus, in order to take this power back, send this quote as an outgoing message. This will let the fake family member know that you know about their toxicity and negative behavior. 

#Quote 8: “Do you want to know your Family? Lookout for the side lines, audience, people who are cheering, and people who are not happy with your success. Learn about your Family before you make deep connections.” 

When it comes to Family, it becomes an obligation to connect with everyone irrespective of their behavior towards you. But don’t forget that the root of a deep connection is trust. Hence, always make sure you know your Family in and out before you create a connection forever. 

#Quote 9: “If you walk away, you are no longer a part of a toxic family.” 

Do you feel like walking away from fake family members? Use these fake family quotes to deliver the message that you are no longer part of this toxic Family. One of the major signs of a toxic family is when you continuously receive negative remarks concerning your career, personal life, or your partner especially. 

If you feel like being heavily criticized, you have two options: you can either walk away or confront such fake family members. After confronting, if you think nothing has changed, walk away!

#Quote 10: “It is not our fault to change as a person when other people’s masks fall off.”

To begin with, when it comes to fake members in the Family, they keep up their masks of polite smiles and sweet talk for a very long time. As a result, when such masks fall off, it automatically changes you. 

As a changed person, you will go back and forth, blaming yourself for changing as you no longer have the same deep connection with family members. These fake family quotes are to remind you that it is not your fault. Do not blame yourself for other people’s real personalities coming out. 

To deal with this situation, meet up with friends, parents, or companions who listen to you and understand you. 

#Quote 11: “I would rather be alone than be alone in a room full of toxic people.”

Toxics of a family member can cause you anxiety and depression. So, if you are thinking that you should start avoiding accompanying a family member who is fake, you should do so. 

#Quote 12: “When you have experienced genuinity, you can no longer bear to stand fake people.” 

When you meet a genuine person who does not talk behind your back, loves you the way you are and support you no matter what! You will observe that you no longer feel the liability to stand and listen to fake people.

#Quote 13: “Be the real you and it will shake off fake people.”

Sometimes a fake family relative tries to intimidate you and protect you from showing your real personality out of the fear of judgment. However, the best advice to deal with a fake family member is by showing your real personality; it will shake fake people off and allow you to take pride in yourself. 

#Quote 14: “An Enemy who speaks bitter is hundred times better than a relative who sweet mouths.”

More often than not, people focus on damaging enemies while they are not the real culprit. An enemy always has the decency to show their hatred on your face. However, a fake person tends to curtain their hatred for you behind a fake smile and sweet words. 

#Quote 15: “Fake family is like a penny, two faced and worthless.”

Are you dealing with the hypocrisy of fake family members? Treat them like a worthless penny that has two faces. You wouldn’t feel the difference. 

Short Fake Family Quotes –

  • Don’t check on people who never check on you when you leave.
  • All a fake family member does is LIE. 
  • I hate hypocrisy, but I hate it more when it comes from Family. 
  • Fake Families have a reputation to maintain. Real ones do not care for it. 
  • Life is too short. Give up on fake butter, cheese, and Family. 
  • Sometimes, you think of Family as someone who would take a bullet for you, but it hurts when they end up being the GUN!

How to tell if someone is fake with you? 

Do you want to save yourself from the trauma of being surrounded by fake family members or friends? Here are top signs to tell if someone is fake with you: 

Cancel plans to be alone with you

When you meet a fake family member at a family function, Christmas, or other occasions where other family members are also present, you will notice that such a member is always friendly with you. However, whenever you make plans to hang out with such a member alone, he/she often ends up canceling the plan at the last minute. 

You need them – they are not there!

Toxics in fake families often runs like wildfire. Whether you are having a hard time at work or at home, a fake family will always leave you alone to deal with your issues. Such a family will never give you any advice that may contribute to your life in a positive way. It is very toxic behavior. To deal with it, we strongly recommend you to follow what your heart says, instead of asking for suggestions. 


They will never listen to you when you are talking!

Have you ever noticed some family members who keep talking about themselves? However, when you talk, they either change the subject, twist it around their life or problems, or simply leave you be. If yes, then my friend, you have a fake family or relative. It is best to stop sharing your troubles or happy moments with such people. Your troubles will only give them the satisfaction that they are better than you. 

They act selfish, always!

In the event that you come across a person who often calls you or texts you only when he/she needs something. It is a major sign of a fake family or family member. A fake family member is always nice to you when they need something from you. Even when they call, their first words will include terms like “favor,” or “help.” Sometimes, a toxic family member will also emotionally blackmail you into giving them what they need. 

They always show that they are better than you

One of the major signs that someone in your Family is fake is when they often compare you with themselves. For example, if you talk about a career, a fake family member will try to demean you by showing off their big salary, big job, and luxurious workplace, even if it is untrue. 


We hope that the fake family quotes mentioned above will help you overcome and move on from a toxic family. Dealing with a family that does not genuinely like you can be emotionally challenging. In these moments, try to find comfort in people who love you in an authentic way. 

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