How To Factory Reset Dell Laptop 2023: Top Full Guide

How To Factory Reset Dell Laptop 2021 Top Full Guide

What’s the problem that provides you the maximum aggravation as soon as your computer stinks? Indeed, many of you wonder How To Factory Reset Dell Laptop to take care of the issue?

Then you’ve selected the ideal location. Gone App will provide you the proper expertise, the most realistic experience for you to think about before resetting the device.

Below is a review of the questions which clients send into the Gone App. Adhere to the guide to understand more.

Refresh Your Copy Of Windows 10 Without Losing Your Data

Refresh Your Copy Of Windows 10 Without Losing Your Data

Windows 10 may reset all of its system files without impacting your private information. Refresh will the following:

  • Reinstalls Windows 10 and retains your files.
  • Removes drivers and apps you installed.
  • Removes changes which you made to configurations.
  • Removes any programs that your PC manufacturer installed. (If your PC came with Windows 10, programs from the PC manufacturer would be uninstalled.)

To Begin using a refresh of your system files, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Start, then sort “reset.”
  2. Select Reset that PC (System Placing ).
  3. Beneath Reset that PC, choose to Get Started.
  4. Pick the choice to continue to keep my documents.
  5. Note any programs or drivers which will have to be reinstalled after the refresh has completed.
  6. Adhere to the onscreen instructions to finish the refresh procedure. This requires time, and your computer will restart.

How to Factory Reset Dell Laptop

Before we discuss one of the perfect methods to milling reset a Dell Notebook, you have to do a couple of things to guarantee that the entire process will proceed as intended. The following are a few of the things You Ought to do before resetting the Dell notebook;

Start by dividing all of the essential files and information on your personal computer to protect against losing the documents. It’s critical to be aware that the factory reset will lead to information loss, and also a backup will limit the number of information you shed.

Disconnect all of the non-essential hardware components in your PC. Including everything, you don’t have to flip on the pc and contains the scanner, printer, modem or network wires, telephone or tablet computer, and USB flash drive.

If the notebook is docked, It’s also a fantastic idea to remove it from the docking station.

In the event the computer is on, turn it off before beginning the procedure.

With that done, follow these simple Actions to factory reset your Dell pc;

Watching video:

Step 1: Turn on the computer.

Step 2: As soon as the computer starts, press “F8” on your computer keyboard to get the Advanced Boot Options Menu. Remember you have to press this key whenever the Windows Logo appears on the monitor.

If you press the key following the Windows logo looks, you won’t find the Advanced Boot Options. If it occurs, restart the computer and start the procedure again.

Step 3: From the “Advanced Boot Options” menu, then use the arrows on your computer and choose “Fix your Computer,” then press “Enter”

Step 4: Pick the language You’d like to use, then click “Next” to continue.

Step 5: Log into the computer along with your administrative account and click “OK”

Step 6: Click “Dell Factory Picture Restore” and then click “Next” at another interface.

Step 7: Click “Yes, reformat hard drive and then restore system applications to factory condition” to check the box.

Step 8: Click “Next” and then await the procedure to be finished.

After the restore is finished, click “End” and then restart the pc.

You can then restore the backup to the pc to get your files back to the apparatus.

Restore your Dell computer using Windows Push-Button Reset

Restore your Dell computer using Windows Push-Button Reset

If You’d like to reset your pc to a fresh Windows 10 variant and eliminate all of your documents, follow these steps:

Notice: This isn’t a Dell factory picture reset; this procedure reinstalls Windows 10 operating system, eliminates all of your files, eliminates drivers and apps that you installed, eliminates any adjustments made to configurations, and eliminates any programs that Dell installed. Make sure that you have backed up your files before starting this endeavor.

Some Dell tablets might be configured to include Dell factory-installed applications in this procedure.

1. Click on Start, then type “reset.”

2. Select Reset that PC (System Placing ).

4. Beneath Reset that PC, choose to Get Started.

5. Pick the Choice to Eliminate everything.

If you’re maintaining this computer, pick Only remove my documents. If you’re recycling the computer, then choose Remove files and clean out the drive.

Adhere to the onscreen instructions to complete the reset procedure. This requires time, and your computer will restart.

People Additionally Ask

How do I wash my Dell pc clean and start over?

You have to reinstall your Windows version, add the CD of your Windows OS to your pc and then reboot into it. Press the “F2” key on your computer and use the chrome to boot up if you cannot boot BIOS.

Read more:

The way to factory reset a Dell notebook without a password.

Click on the “Electricity” icon on the login screen, and while holding “Shift,” choose “Restart.” Pick the “Troubleshoot” choice after your computer restarts.

Pick to “Reset your PC” and proceed into the “Next” alternative. Following this is completed, select “Only remove my documents.” Complete this by choosing the “Reset” button.

How do I factory reset Dell notebook Windows 10 out of BIOS?

Place off the PC and power it back on. The moment it’s booting up, press the hotkey that requires you to the BIOS setup screen: F2, F10, or F1, etc… Using the arrow keys, navigate to the part that allows you to reset to default settings and restart the pc.


Durability is the best criterion when you decide to purchase an Asus notebook computer. But, they can’t prevent minor application damage or Windows mistakes. Thus, using one of these procedures mentioned above to reset your whole notebook is going to be the ideal choice, making your computer seem new with no fees.

Additionally, you can contact Gone Program to add more choices by leaving a comment below; we shall upgrade you whenever you can to finish the report.

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