Types of Facial Wrinkles (and Treatments)

Did you know that your skin has memory? It remembers all the times you’ve smiled, frowned, laughed, squinted, or simply scrunched your nose! When you’re young, with the help of collagen, your face accepts the many expressions you make each day. However, as you age, collagen loss leads to reduced elasticity, a lack of moisture, and a lack of volume. Aging skin and many years of repeated expressions combine to form permanent lines, wrinkles that echo your face’s movements over the years. There are many types of facial wrinkles, but luckily, there are also many fillers and neurotoxins designed to reduce their appearance.

Types of Facial Wrinkles

Types of Facial Wrinkles

Frown Lines: Frown lines form between the brows. When we frown, the skin between our brows folds, forming wrinkles, and these wrinkles may become permanent after many years of frowning.

Bunny Lines: Bunny lines are wrinkles that form at the bridge of the nose when someone repeatedly scrunches their nose. Bunny lines are a cute name that can make people look older than they really are.

Crow’s Feet: Also known by the kinder names smile lines and laugh lines, crow’s feet are deep wrinkles that form at the corners of the eyes. These wrinkles develop as we age from repeated smiling and squinting.

Expression Wrinkles: Expression wrinkles encompass a wide range of wrinkles that form as we repeatedly make the same facial expressions over and over again.

Accordion Lines: Accordion lines form around the mouth due to repeated laughing and smiling. They are deep lines on the lower half of the face, extending out from the mouth.

Treating Facial Wrinkles

We are able to treat facial wrinkles using neurotoxins like Botox and Dysport. Neurotoxins are injected into the muscle, relaxing and elongating the muscles. They help wrinkles appear smoother, more youthful. When properly applied, they can softly erase your bunny lines, crow’s feet, and more. They are temporary, however, and can last for up to three to four weeks.

Attention: People who are pregnant or breastfeeding or suffer from a neurodegenerative disease or an autoimmune disorder should not use neurotoxins.

Fillers are another option, restoring volume loss, filling in hollows, and subtly erasing the appearance of wrinkles. Traditional fillers (soft liquids and gels) and collagen stimulators can both be injected directly into the dermis or subcutaneous layers of the skin. The traditional fillers will fill in the areas, plumping them up and filling out any imperfections. Collagen stimulators on the other hand will replace any lost collagen and provide a framework that can hold hyaluronic acids (which attract water molecules, restoring skin moisturization) and elastin. Some of your options include Radiesse®, Belotero Balance®, Juvederm®, Perlane®, Restylane®, and Sculptra®. Please click here for more information about these fillers.

If you’re interested in receiving a neurotoxin or filler treatment to reduce the appearance of your facial wrinkles, please contact DermaHealth Laser & Skin Care Clinic. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff, based in Springfield Missouri, would love to help you slow down the aging process. For a free consultation, give us a ring at 417-447-7777.

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