Everything About One of the Biggest Games 2022 – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök

Biggest Games 2022

Dawn of Ragnarök is the third and final expansion for AC Valhalla, released a full year and a half since the premiere of the original game. This is by far the largest video game extension Ubisoft has ever made, given that Dawn of Ragnarök, despite its not insignificantly high price, actually offers more than a solid amount of content. – Biggest Games 2022

However, it should be noted here that another Ubisoft title will be waiting for you, and when we say Ubisoft title, we mean the established formula for games of this type that has been around for years thank to which action RPG games are gaining increasing popularity but still can’t surpass the popularity of MOBA games of FPS games played on eSports tournaments worldwide and offered by most prominent betting sites such are Advcash betting sites.

Narrative- Biggest Games 2022

As for the narrative, you’re leading Odin here, just as you could’ve led him through Eivor in the basic game. You’re looking for Baldr, Odin’s son who has mysteriously disappeared. On your way, you’ll meet many creatures from Norse mythology, such as Odin’s sworn enemies, ice, and fire giants. However, what must certainly be praised is the grounding that Ubisoft maintains when approaching this fantasy story, given that Odin is definitely not omnipotent here, and that without a solid army he can’t suppress the forces announced by Ragnarök. However, this also applies to his opponents, who are also somewhat more ’humanized’ editions of their originals. 

Anyway, don’t expect a radically good experience, because you’ll find a lot of unnecessary stretching and excessive exposure, although the tempo of the narrative is much better. Dawn of Ragnarök will run from 25 to 30 hours and will present its better-written story in much less time, much more detailed, and mature than the basic game did.

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Gameplay- Biggest Games 2022

As for the gameplay, unfortunately, not much can be expected here in terms of correcting some gaping holes during the fight and the journey through the world. This is still at the core of AC Valhalla, but it should certainly not be overlooked that Ubisoft has added a very large amount of content, which in addition to new weapons and armor, includes new abilities and moves, as well as the ability to steal special moves from your opponents. This way you’ll get some much more mythical abilities, in the form of short teleport, freezing your enemies, and the like. This is where it fits into the narrative, as you follow the Saint, while the new powers are mostly a lot of fun to use and can put together some pretty cinematic combo series of punches.

Here you’ll wander around the huge Svartálfaheimr, also known as Myrkalfar, in search of Baldr, while dwarf mines will greet you as a replacement for previous bases in England. Here again, this formula of occupying the region is included, which is a little less noticeable here due to the way the story is told and actually has less additional and unnecessary content. The fight is still not shining, considering that it’s still a rather awkward and poorly responsive system. The animations will continue to cause problems and glitch through the enemies, while some fights will be distinguished by the lack of a satisfactory feeling when hitting. However, it should be praised that a solid number of new types of enemies are appearing here, who really know how to refresh the game and the boring trampling of the same crazy Englishmen.


Design and Sound- Biggest Games 2022

Although the world looks masterful, this is certainly not the most impressive work that Ubisoft has made in terms of size, but in terms of design, it certainly excels in several fields. The exploration is much more interesting, despite the somewhat flatter relief of the world. The team that worked on Immortals Fenyx Rising also definitely played a role here, since the more interesting puzzles and approach to exploring took precedence here compared to the original game.

In terms of sound, mix, and voice acting have remained very good by default, where even some technical problems have been avoided here. The music is simply brilliant and contains several new songs that fit perfectly with the old and trigger ideal moments, certainly improving the experience. From the technical point of view, Valhalla and its engine didn’t do the most brilliant job here either, considering that the jumping of textures on the consoles can certainly be noticed, while on the PC this is a slightly smaller problem. In addition, it should be noted the disappointing performance at certain moments, considering that Valhalla is still one of the most resource-intensive games.


It’s hard to recommend this game to anyone if Valhalla hasn’t thrilled you before. Although Dawn of Ragnarök is a much better experience in terms of content, better world design, and puzzles, as well as the narrative itself, it once again brings with it problems that can’t be eradicated so easily. 

If Ubisoft finally manages to get away with the next game from its generic formula that it has been using for years, designers and writers shouldn’t be ignored if they fit in with the gameplay. Until then (if ever), Dawn of Ragnarök is still one of the best modern AC experiences.

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