Good Night Prayers for Evening and Peaceful Sleep at Bedtime

Praying at the end of your day is a great way for stress to be released andBefore you go to sleep, find peace. Talking to God in night prayer can renew your faith, no matter what the circumstances are. andAllow you to experience true relaxation EveningPrayers can also be used to reflect on the events of your day. andThe ways God is present with you.

These prayers for the night can be shared forEvening bedtime together with your children and spouse andEncourage your friends to fall asleep feeling blessed so they can too andThank you! God is good andWe are waiting to offer you peace andComfort at night time!

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You can download a PDF copy for your personal use of this magical night andYou can find bedtime prayers HEREThese are the best ways to print andKeep them close to your bedside so you can remind God of all the worries in your day andRest in His Comfort andPeace.

Goodnight Prayer forBlessings

Jesus, Bless us tonight with rest. and a good night’s sleep. Forgive us forThe things that we did today but did not honor your memory. Thank you forWe are so loved andWe would love to get to know you. andThrough. Every day we need your support. andWe thank you forThe strength that you offer and forWe need your support to realize that we can do anything with you. We are blessed by your prayers andOur home andYour angels keep us safe all night. May your angels guard us andAs you promised, keep an eye on us.

We’re just sheep to you, You have said. That’s how you have led us andGuard us like a shepherd. You know our names. andWe are special because of you andYou are loved. You make us feel better when we are hurt. Jesus, we are grateful. for your good care and forGive us a shout [mom/dad/parents/foster parents/pastors]Thank you for your assistance. Thank you forThe Bible and forWe can learn from others and grow. Bless all the people of this world. andHelp them know that you also love them. Thank you forTeachers, doctors, and police officers are just a few of the many people who have helped us so much. and firemen—andThere are many more.

Thank you forYour good plan for our lives. We need your help to obey you andLove you more andMore. Put a smile on your face when you awaken in the morning. andWe are ready to begin a new day with your purpose in mind. We love you, Jesus. GoodNacht. In Jesus’s precious Name, Amen. ~ Rebecca Barlow Jordan

For A Good Night”s” Sleep

God, grant me a restful night tonight so I can wake up refreshed andReady to start another day with you. We are grateful again for blessings so undeserved andToo many to count. I love being your child, andI have been waiting for this moment. forYou can use the term “faithful” as a description of my service each day of the calendar year. May I wake up each morning with a smile and not a grumpy spirit. May you be protected andPeace will be brought to the place by your presence andSafety against the enemy GoodLord, it is night. Amen in Jesus’ name. ~ Rebecca Barlow Jordan

Before you go to sleep

Father, we are grateful forHolding me together today. You were what I needed. andYou were there forThank you. Thank you forAll that you can give, all of your love, and all of your mercy. andGrace that was extended to me even though I didn’t deserve it. Thank you forYour faithfulness in all my suffering. You alone deserve the glory. Amen. Topher Haddox

goodnight evening prayer for bedtime and sleep

At the End Of A Hard Day

Father, my eyes are so heavy that I cannot lift them to your face. It’s all I can manage to do is cry out. forPlease help. Your grace is due to me today. Please help me to see you in this andI know that you are there for me. Please help me remember that you don’t seem surprised or taken by surprise by these events. Please forgive me forMy fears about this day.

Forgive me forWhat I have done to complain andWe all mumbled something about how hard it was. Forgive me forForgive me for forgetting that I am with you. Forgive me forYour Son Jesus Christ has made me forget who I am. Forgive me forFailure to recognize the beautiful truths andBecause of the gospel, I have many riches. Father, please hear my prayer. Give me the Gospel hope even in this dark day. I need your grace and your wisdom to keep me going. andYour strength. ~ Christina Fox

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A beautiful prayer to end the day

Heavenly Father, my time is coming to an end. andI’m ready for the last. But, before I do that, I want to say thank you forToday, thank you for your faithfulness. It’s always a great day, even when things don’t go as I planned or the world seems chaotic because you are in control.

Your unseen presence has made me feel so near many times, and I am grateful for your help. But forThank you for all the subtle ways that you helped me. I will never forget the moments when angels from heaven moved on my behalf. forLord, they also. Amen. ~ Rebecca Barlow Jordan

For Sweet Sleep

Heavenly Father, Who gives rest to His children, will You give me a peace that surpasses all understanding tonight as I fall asleep? I beg You to lighten the burdens that I carry. I want to be a mother and wife who is effective andRefer friends andI know my energy, attitude, and personality. and spiritual life will not be sufficient to do this if I don’t have the deep spiritual rest You long to give me. Be merciful, O Lord, andGive Your child sweet sleep. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Lysa TerKeurst

A BedtimePrayer to stop an anxious heart

Please help me believe in You, Dear Lord andI ask You to empower me through Your Spirit so that my emotions don’t control me. I want to stop worrying about what might be andRecall what is already happening and put your focus on that. and praising You forYour faithfulness in your life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Renee Swoop

Prayer forA Reset

Lord, I long! forThose were the moments in my faith where I felt your presence, your joy and your energy. and zest forYour life. My passion is now a daily grind. forThank you. I am sorry to admit that the joy of the gospel is being choked out by the worries of the world. Turn my heart to you, Lord. Fix my gaze on you and my heart upon you. Give me a chance to reset my faith andIn my life, today. Renew my heart, renew my life forYou andYour ways. Please help me to see daily routines as opportunities to graciously submit to your will. Thank you forBeing the Lord of all my lives. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Jennifer Waddle

Giving thanks EveningPrayer

We thank God for this evening. forThe good day and forWe appreciate the special care you give us every day. We appreciate your kindness. forThe fun times outside andThe quiet moments inside. and forThis helps us to learn new things every single day.

Thank you forMaking us special in the exact way that you wanted. Thank you forOur safety is our top priority. Forgive us forWe do the wrong things. Thank you forEven when we don’t follow your lead or do things our way, you love us. Help us to always choose your way, God, because it’s always best. We pray for all the people who don’t know you, andThat they will be able to understand your love forThese are also available.

Bless our family andWe are grateful forEnjoy good times together andApart. Blessed are our friends andWe love those we love, such as our grandparents and our aunts andUncles andOur cousins. Thank you forOur home andPlace to Sleep andDelicious food. Rest well and give us tranquil dreams. andSend your angels to our home to guard us through the night. Teach us trust andTo love you more andMore. You are amazing; you are good. andYou are faithful, God. We love you. GoodNacht. In Jesus’s precious name, Amen. ~ Rebecca Barlow Jordan

Night-time Blessing prayer

Thank you, God! forYour love is amazing and blessing over our lives. Your favor does not end, but it will last forever. for our entire lifetime. Forgive us forIt is easy to forget that you are intimately aware of all our thoughts, and what concerns us. andWe ask that you cover us with a shield. We need your help. forYour guidance to allow us to walk in your blessings fully. andYour goodness is today. We beg you to shine your light on us. That you would help us find the right doors for our lives and forOur loved ones, that we would not close the wrong doors andProtect us from the ones we must leave behind. We must do the work ourselves andBring to fruition all that You have given us in these days. We pray for your guidance and purpose. andOur footsteps are firmly set out of your goodness andLove. Your voice will be heard by us with wisdom. andWe are stronger because of your enormous favor andgrace In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Debbie McDaniel

True Rest

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Lord, forgive me for being too busy to have a sense that I am worthy. Give me security in who You are and who You’ve made me to be, andAs a result, help me understand what it means for me to truly rest. Give me time to breathe. In Jesus’ Name, Amen ~ Max Lucado

To SleepDon’t worry

Lord, I’ve shouldered my cares as if I’m the one in control. I want to be like a child and let you take care of all my worries, stress, and worries. andYour faithful Father, I owe all my responsibilities. You are my trust. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Amy Carroll

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Forgiveness atThe End of the Day

Forgive me forAnything I do today that is foolish or without asking for your wisdom or blessing. These are moments that I would rather forget but for which I am so grateful forWhen I ask, your forgiveness. Lord, I don’t want to go to sleep without clearing the air between us. It is too important to us that we are friends. andYou are a saint. Thank you forLove me exactly as I am. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Rebecca Barlow Jordan

A Short Night-time Prayer (2 Timothy 1:7)

For God’s not given me a spirit of fear,But a spirit of love,andThe power of the people. andTo live each day with a healthy mind andHis name be glorified

Popular Child’s BedtimePrayer, 18th Century

Now, I lay me to sleep. I pray that the Lord will give my soul to so I may die before I get up.

Alternative Version forChildren:Now I lay me to sleep, I ask the Lord to keep my soul. andProtect me through the nightandWake me up with the morning

The End of a Disapointing Day

Thank You, Lord! forEven when it seems like failure, I am still working for my life. Please help me keep my eyes focused on You andIt doesn’t matter what my circumstances are. Let me trust You more when I am facing disappointments. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Glynis Whitwer

For loved ones

Tonight I am closing my eyes and praying. forMy loved ones, forFriends andYour love is needed by all who seek you Lord. Your love, like the millions of stars outside the night sky, will touch these people. andHelp them to see you for who you are. I pray for our world andAll who are involved in it. I pray forTheir needs are as important as mine. ~ Rebecca Barlow Jordan

For Peaceful Sleep

Jesus, help me to lay down my burdens daily. atYour feet. Show me that I can trust you and your tender care. Give me, your beloved the nourishing gift of rest andPeaceful sleep Rachel Olsen

To Rest Well

Thank You, Lord! forRest. I am thankful that You allow me to rest, while You keep everything together. Please help me to rest well andYour rest is the best way to worship. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Rachel Olsen

Don’t Give Up on Struggling

Dear God, I’m realizing it’s not my curse that I believe I’m not enough; it’s my sin that I keep trying to be. Thank you forThe reminder that I can rest in the knowledge that my life with You is a journey of discovery. andI have nothing to show. I have nothing to prove. andMy need to stop trying to please You andInstead of living life without You, why not just do it with You? In Jesus’ Name, Amen. ~ Jennifer Allen

We thank you Father

We thank you Father forThe night was And forThe morning sun; For rest andFood andLoving care. This makes it easier for us to do the right things, To be kind to others. andGood; In all that we do in work and play, To grow more loving each day. – Rebecca Weston – 1890

For the Overwhelmed Heart

Lord, fill my heart with Your peace when it is hard. My rock, lead me to You. Lead me to Your Word that gives me strength and refuge. Aid me to stop running after lesser things. Draw me to You first. Help me get into the habit of taking my “overwhelmed” andIt will be placed under your control. We are grateful to you, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. – Jennifer Rotheschild

EveningConfessional Prayer

Our Gracious Lord, grant us the strength to ask forgiveness. Remind us, confession is never a mistake. It frees us from all the chains of the enemy. You know that we cannot keep our emotions from you. Let us let go of all our bitterness andFear. andPurify us by the knowledge of your abolition of all sins Amen, in your name.

If you can’t feel God

Dear Father in Heaven, I am grateful forYour steadfastness andWe need to feel your presence throughout our lives. Sometimes we can feel you right beside us. Sometimes it is difficult to know that you’re there. atAll. Sometimes, life can be so hard that we cannot feel the pain. Sometimes those feelings can be removed so we can seek you out more passionately. Father, I pray that today I can trust you more than my own feelings. forYou are my strength. I want your Word to rule my life, not my own. I need to see you. andBelieve in yourself, even if my emotions may suggest otherwise. You are kind and you are good. and you are gracious. Both you and your grace are all-powerful andAll-loving. You care deeply forPlease send me and forAll my loved ones. As I walk forward, Lord, please be with me as these truths are lived out. I love you and pray all of these things in your Son’s amazing name, Amen. Kelly-Jayne McGlynn

BedtimePrayer for a weary mom

Dear Father in Heaven: I am weary before you andThis long day can make you feel depressed. It can be very difficult to be a mother. I often feel helpless andIt is not enough. I have no idea what to expect. It’s not always easy to know what to do. I am constantly in flux and it leaves me feeling lost. The twists andEach day’s turns are a stark reminder about how desperate we are and dependent I am.

The Book of Hebrews says that I can come to You in Confidence andFind grace andMercy is what I need. So I now come to you to share all my burdens atYour feet. The details of life overwhelm me. It seems as though I’m never going to get ahead. Every time I finish cleaning up one mess, another one appears. My child is just when I think I’m a good mom. andscène. Every once in a while, I get sick or injured. Some days I wonder if I’m really cut out forMotherhood.

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You are my greatest idol. I have failed to love you as much that you love me. I failed to extend the grace you’ve given me to my children. Please forgive me forTrying to be my best. Forgive me forMy fears about motherhood and all its unknowns. Forgive me forMy hope is in people, things, and in myself, not in you. Forgive me for my impatience and forDesiring my life to go my own way. Each one of these sins andFailures remind me how desperately I need a Savior. Today reminds me of how much I need Jesus Christ more than I did yesterday andTomorrow, I’ll need him even more.

I pray that you would be with us tomorrow in all our endeavors andDowns of my day. Help me to find joy in your company andNot in my situation. I need your help to overcome my fears. andTurns may come. Help me to love my kids andServe them well. Allow me to share every moment with them andDo not worry about the future. Let me remember that you are always there, even when it seems otherwise. andI will not be abandoned or forgotten by you. Tonight, I pray that I can sleep peacefully knowing that even if you lose my grip, it will not be lost on me. And may my eyes open in the morning to seek mercy, fresh andReady to go, new forThe taking. ~ Christina Fox

Soul Rest

Lord, I thank you forRest. for my soul that’s not attached to a person or experience. You created me forThis is the rest. andIt is mine now. Please help me to trust You completely with all my heart. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. Glynis Whitwer

BedtimePrayer (song by Twila Parsons)

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Now, I’m going to bed. andGirl

Bless the children farawayThe ones that don’t know how or who aren’t feeling wellThe little one who has slipped and fell

Bless the neighbor who lives down the street. and dad especially

Let me add one thing before I close another chapter. forI am blessed by all the ways You bless me

Bless the home of the abandoned childBless the parents who have given their wordTo all those hearts who have not heard

Bless your children all overThe world. I hope they know how important you are.Maybe one day, I can take them and tell them how much You love.

Bless Grandma andAll my friends and my Grandpa andAll they doBless every twig on my family tree

One more thing: I am so impressed by everything you do, and I want to thank you again for it.

NightPrayer forPeace

God, show us how to have faith in silence. We must find peace in the face of trials that are beyond our control. Let me be patient and joyful in the midst of affliction. andBe faithful in prayer. All things are set according to your time. Keep us patient. andFind peace in your plans. ~ Dick Woodward

The ExamenEveningReflection

The Examen, written by St. Ignatius of Loyola is a daily proces forPratically reflect on your day.

1. Remember God’s presence.God will calm your soul, even after a hard day. andIntentionally try to enter into it. Remember He’s with you. Invite Him to be with you.

2. RYou can thank Him by responding.God’s glory is found in giving thanks andThis helps us to see the positive side of a difficult day. For what small blessings are you able to thank God? for?

3. Recall how God revealed Himself to You.God shows himself through scripture, but glimpses of him can also be seen in nature, events, and the Bible. andPeople. Sometimes, He speaks loudly through divine intervention or miraculous acts of God. Sometimes He speaks quietly through the beauty and meaning of a flower, or a conversation. As you look back over your day, can you identify moments where you sensed God’s revelation or intervention?

4. Repare for your mistakes.I don’t like recognizing my own sin, but repentance is key to continual renewal in our relationship with you reflect on your day, remember specific points where you failed. Bring your failures before God andAsk Him to forgive.

5. 5. God is in the business of changing us, so don’t let your failings discourage or define you. His mercies will never cease to amaze. Accept His forgiveness. Ask Him forYou can change with grace. Are there things you need to right? Do you have to apologize to anyone? What can you change tomorrow?

Have you got a favorite goodnight prayer? atBedtime? It was one that your parents taught or that you are now teaching your children. It’s your turn to share it with the community below!

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