7 Emerging Technologies That Can Boost Productivity Among Workers

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Technology has transformed the business landscape across many industries. Policies such as hybrid or remote working wouldn’t even be possible without tech. Investing in tech has become an absolute necessity for business success as it enables you to manage business workflows in far-off locations, improve employee engagement and teamwork and get your products and services to market faster.

But that’s not all; today, technological solutions can help you make better and more informed business decisions by deriving actionable insights from data. You can streamline complex business processes, enhance cross-team communications, and improve employee retention by leveraging the right technology while maximizing employee productivity.

Today we’ll be looking at seven emerging technological solutions that every business should invest in to boost productivity among workers.

1. Virtual training and development software

With changing workplace dynamics and intensive industry competition, it has become more critical than ever for companies to introduce high-quality learning opportunities for their employees to reduce employee turnover and improve employee retention. Companies can offer remote educational opportunities to their employees via virtual learning software.

You can offer training workshops that cover in-demand skills geared towards professional development. Furthermore, you can award CEU credits to incentivize employee participation in educational seminars. Companies can use virtual training applications such as BeaconLive to create a custom educational experience for their employees. Such applications enable companies to create a custom knowledge base and virtual learning catalog with interactive classrooms, automated certifications, and live/on-demand access to the LMS.

2. Project management systems

Project management systems make it easier for project managers to onboard new team members, keep track of project progress, assign individual tasks, add project briefs and supporting documentation, and communicate with team members in one place. As a result, team members can clearly recognize their roles and know where they should focus their efforts for maximum efficiency. You can easily share all the project details and ensure everyone’s on the same page regarding the project.

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It lets you keep track of all your projects and tasks at all times. Project management tools offer a slew of useful features for delegating responsibilities, working together on projects, and keeping tabs on progress. They provide comprehensive insights into all your projects and project-related activities. Many also offer a free trial to help you gain a better understanding of the functionality before committing to a subscription plan. Applications such as ProofHub or Basecamp offer the best environment for creating, collaborating, accessing, and sharing information.

3. Live chat applications

Live chat applications can significantly increase your employee efficiency. By letting a chatbot handle customer communication, your workforce can focus on more important tasks on hand. Without human intervention, chatbots can handle service inquiries, filter out spam, and direct specific customer queries to the right department. With chatbots, human involvement becomes necessary when a customer has a super-specific query or wants to speak to a customer service rep.

Many live chat applications offer marketing, sales, and customer support services. These features can take your customer experience up a notch. Furthermore, providing one-on-one live assistance to your customers is a great way to help them solve their issues quickly while fostering long-lasting customer relations. With live chat applications, your employees can engage with customers more efficiently and improve the response time by having all the necessary client information already available in the chat window.

4. Human resource management applications

Human resource management systems make it easier for users to create professional business documents, from converting data insights into PDFs and drafting contracts to customer invoices. They come with a clean and user-friendly interface and a plethora of valuable features that help users optimize their operations without ever having to bother about manual data conversion into PDFs. Using HRM systems can streamline the efficiency of your company’s complex processes and make working on a client document a breeze.

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Many human resource management programs offer employee data modules, monitoring, and sophisticated reporting that are excellent for budding businesses. An integrated HRM system allows companies to advertise new job positions, share them across popular job sites, and manage applications as they come in. Overall, this is an excellent tool to use if you’re trying to fill positions with competent individuals.

5. Business intelligence applications

Business intelligence tools help you make smarter business decisions based on specific metrics and KPIs. Business Analytics is the ideal solution that fits your needs if you’re looking for smart insights regarding your website visitors. These keywords lead potential customers to find your products or services, their preferred language, and other valuable analytical data.

With BI applications, you can gather, organize, analyze and visualize data in one place.

For example, it is possible to evaluate website traffic insights for your website, classify all website visitors by traffic type, and even categorize them based on their location using Google Analytics.

Working with analytics provides you with a wide range of valuable tools, such as advanced reporting and data visualizations. You need to invest in business intelligence software to learn more about how consumers interact with your website and how you can leverage that data to make smarter decisions.

6. Team collaboration applications

Thanks to collaboration software, teams can cooperate on tasks and projects regardless of location. Investing in a team collaboration application can significantly improve employee engagement and encourage better interpersonal communication among team members. Furthermore, it enhances teamwork and work relations between colleagues. Even if teams are located in different geographical locations, they can communicate with each other at any time. It makes it simple for team members to stay updated with all team interactions and progress; even if they go offline for a while, they don’t risk missing out on important information.

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Businesses may use these tools to enable communication with customers and coworkers from across the world. They’re simple to use and excellent for companies looking for a quick way to book meetings. The features of an advanced team collaboration application such as GoToMeeting offer powerful team collaboration capabilities, surpassing any other online audio/video conferencing service currently available.

7. Customer support applications

Consolidated connective tech like VoIP has improved customer service channels by leaps and bounds. Customer support applications have features that can significantly enhance customer satisfaction, such as call waiting, identification of caller ID, and automated call allocation. Improved client interactions are also made possible by tools like interaction analytics. Team collabs, reporting, and personalization are some of the platform’s essential features.

Customer care representatives can provide round-the-clock assistance from anywhere globally, thanks to the many online cloud-based software and ticketing systems. These applications offer a user-friendly design, making them quick and straightforward, even for non-technical users. You can eliminate the time-consuming human effort and replace it with a fully automated process via customer support solutions. With a single shared dashboard, your employees can quickly keep tabs on client problems and queries, filter them according to priority, apply labels, and follow up on them. This tool is made even more robust by including a live chat and a knowledge base in addition to the previously mentioned remarkable capabilities.

Final thoughts

Investing in intelligent tech solutions can help your business thrive, ensure security and excel in the marketplace. By using it correctly, your employees will spend less time on manual tasks, your data will be safer, internal and external communications will be enhanced, and you will gain an edge over your competitors. Businesses can use tech to improve operations, enhance productivity, and reduce costs. The productivity of an individual employee or a team is interlinked. One is impossible to achieve without the other; however, with the right business solutions, you can increase the likelihood of more productive employee behaviour.

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