Elaine Starchuk: Tommy Lee’s first wife. Whereabouts, Biography, and quick facts.

Elaine Starchuk in picture

Hey readers! I am back again with a new article on Elaine. Do you know Elaine Starchuk? Or is she Tommy lee’s first wife to you? What is the sad truth about Elaine? Let us discuss in detail about facts and biography of this star. Stay tuned till last to know every detail about her. Happy Reading 😊.

Elaine Starchuk (born April 4, 1964) rose to prominence in the media after marrying a famous American singer named Tommy Lee. On the other hand, her ex-husband is well-known in this area as a founding member of the American heavy metal band “Mötley Crüe,” with whom he achieved great success.

Elaine Starchuk, Profile

In picture Elaine Starchuk
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Elaine Starchuk is a stunning model best known as the ex-wife of Tommy Lee, an American singer. She was born in the Canadian city of Vancouver, British Columbia, on April 4, 1964. Elaine is 58 years old and will stand roughly 5 feet and 8 inches tall in 2022.

Also, Elaine is Canadian by nationality and follows Christianity as a religion. Moreover, her ethnicity is white. Her Zodiac sign is Aries.

The majority of readers might not be aware that Elaine has had multiple surgeries. She got breast augmentation surgery in 1980.

After that, she had breast implant replacement surgery in 2013. Being in front of the camera seems to have taken a lot of work.

Elaine Starchuk, profile quick Snapshot?

NameElaine Starchuk
Nick NameElaine
Date of BirthApril 4, 1964
Age58 years as of 2022
Birthday PlaceVancouer, Canada
Height5 feet 8 Inches
Weight63 kgs
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandTommy Lee (1984-1985)
Net worth$6000 USD
HobbiesCooking, Scrapbooking and Photography
Favorite SportsBasketball Family, Combat Sports: Wrestling and martial arts and mixed and hybrids
Favorite City/CountryNew York city/ United States
Body Measurements37-25-36


Elaine Starchuk, Childhood

Elaine spent the majority of her early years in Vancouver, where she was born. Her parents and siblings are unknown to us, therefore, I assume Elaine had a pleasant childhood. She had several choices in her upbringing, but she decided to go for a career in modeling.

Regrettably, we cannot give you complete information regarding Elaine’s educational background and graduation. I believe Elaine is well educated based on how she currently carries herself.

Elaine Starchuk, career life

There’s nothing wrong about saying Elaine Starchuk became famous due to her ex-husband, Tommy Lee. She has worked as a model and dancer since she was a child and has made a career. Nonetheless, her work in certain controversial journals made her famous.

On the other hand, her marriage to Tommy Lee was one of the darkest moments of her life, causing her to battle with a slew of issues.

She is now having a good time and making the most of every moment. Not only that, but she has also attempted entrepreneurship, which she eventually abandoned.

Who is Elaine’s husband

Elaine starchuk and Tommy Lee
Image credit: Twitter and letsdiskuss

Elaine Starchuk has a violent nature concerning connections. Until now, Elaine has been in various organizations. Elaine has just had one miserable marriage, which was her only one.

While Tommy Lee was her soul mate, she dated a lot of various people. David Coverdale, Vince Neil, Gregg Giuffria, Anders Erikson, Nikki Sixx, and various names can be found in the overview. This shows how insufficiently she can talk with men.

She worked with Tommy Lee to get it moving at some point from there on, in 1984. They started dating in 1982, and following two years, they got hitched.

They made their entrance down the walkway on November 24, 1984. The marriage happened subtly, and numerous people lauded the delighted pair. Tragically, their relationship didn’t work out, and they were isolated in 1985. The manner in which each other seven days after the marriage was the most amazing thing to occur.

Elaine has dated different men already, yet there is no definite information on Tommy’s far away relationship. Elaine, on the other hand, has chosen to continue with a solitary life ensuing to taking a step back from each and every piece of her associations.

Elaine’s Fender bender?

Elaine was holding up at the Nature’s Charge Market counter on May 13, 2013, when a vehicle came in and pushed her against the wall. She was taken to the clinic, and notwithstanding the specialist’s recommendation, she marked her delivery papers and got back to awaken in distress. Elaine endured wounds to her shoulders, neck, back, chest, and right foot, and one of her bosom inserts cracked, requiring the substitution of the two inserts in December 2013.

The court conceded her $442,000 in punitive fees since she was genuinely and intellectually harmed.

Elaine was dynamic before the mishap. However, she has been genuinely unfit to perform numerous exercises this way, and her vocation has endured colossally subsequently.

Elaine’s Car accident

Elaine was waiting at the Nature’s Fare Market counter on May 13, 2013, when a car came in and shoved her against the wall. She was taken to the hospital, and despite the doctor’s advice, she signed her release papers and returned home, only to wake up in agony. Elaine suffered injuries to her shoulders, neck, back, chest, and right foot, and one of her breast implants ruptured, necessitating the replacement of both implants in December 2013.

The court granted her $442,000 in damages because she was physically and mentally damaged.

Elaine was active before the accident, but she has been physically unable to perform many activities subsequently, and her career has suffered tremendously as a result.

What is Elaine’s Net Worth

This should be no surprise that elaine makes a good living. Elaine must possess a six-figure net worth. A number of different events have impacted her net worth. She made a hefty amount of money thanks to her modeling, car accident, and split from Tommy.

Elaine Starchuk’s total assets are $500k starting around 2020. This is the consequence of photoshoots, brand support, and different exercises.

There are less data in regards to elaine’s homes or vehicles. However, I suspect she has a significant assortment. Besides, no data about the yearly pay is accessible to anybody. Any new improvements will be imparted to the perusers.

Quick facts about Elaine

  1. Her marriage to Tommy lasted only seven days, meaning she married him for approximately 168 hours. It was her shortest marriage.
  2. Following the breakdown of her marriage 7 days after going down the aisle, the elaine divorced her ex-husband in May 1985.
  3. She was among the most captivating women of her day. Elaine dated and married a number of other men, including Tami Down and Todd Marshall, one she married and then divorced; David Coverdale and Anders Eriksson were among the men she dated.
  4. Elaine magazine model established illuminated lashes in British Columbia, Canada, in 2005. Given who she is in the lead, The company grew to become one of the best eyelash extension businesses in the country. She established herself as one of just three lash artists in British Columbia. Also, she was the first person in Canada to teach eyelash extensions.
  5. In 2013, she was struck by a car while waiting at Nature’s Fare Market counter. She was hurt physically and psychologically.
  6. Elaine was active before the incident, which forever altered her lifestyle. She follows a strict diet and regularly visits the gym. She enjoys taking vacations and business trips alike. But after the accident, everything changed, and she instead discovered a new pleasure in reading and watching movies. Her favorite books are Guillaume Musso’s Call from an Angel and Nicholas Spark’s Dear John. Her favorite films include, among others, Bruce Almighty, Miss Congeniality, and the Dead Poets Society.

Financial update

  1. She must be paid according to a court order and received payments of $150,000 for her potential future earnings, $135,000 for her pain and suffering, $50,000 for her past earning potential, $80,000 for housekeeping, $10,000 for special therapy, and $5,000 for pain management. For her inability to work, maintain, and care for herself as a result of the injuries, she was awarded $430,000 in damages.
  2. Elaine underwent a second breast implant procedure to replace both implants after being hurt in the accident in May 2013, as one of them tore as a result of the accident.
  3. She no longer works as a result of the devastation caused by the 2013 disaster. Her net worth is unknown, but numerous websites estimate it to be around $500,000. There are rumors that some of the funds came from her modeling career, while others came from the compensation awarded to her by the court as a result of the accident.
  4. Elaine is an animal lover. She has a cut, but it died in December of this year. Aside from being an animal lover, Elaine is also an animal rights activist. She can’t stand it when animals are mistreated. She created high-quality synthetic fiber lashes called faux Mink to put an end to animal cruelty.

The Bottom line

On Conclusion, elaine was a former model famous because of Tommy lee’s first wife. But she is a courageous young woman; even after an accident, she did not give up and instead found a new way to live life to its fullest. Let Us know in the comment section what your thoughts are about Elaine. Would you like further information about this former model? Thanks for reading this article, and please like, share, subscribe, and educate others about Elaine’s startup. I will be back soon with other interesting articles. Take care till then 😊

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