Eight smart gadgets to improve your home’s security

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More than anything else, a home is a place where you feel secure, and securing it is a priority for every homeowner.

While decorating a new house might be much more fun, home security is an indispensable element.

Unfortunately, 1.5 million burglaries are reported every year, totaling a loss of $3.6 billion annually. Robbers are constantly looking for weaknesses in defense and devising new ways of breaking in.

Hiring security personnel is a reasonable solution that can reduce the likelihood of robberies, but not everyone can afford such security.

Fortunately, many home security gadgets are available in the market today, both traditional and those with smart technology.

The high-tech gadgets today are no less effective than any strong team of security personnel. If you have shifted into a new home or are thinking of upgrading your security system, the following are some of the best smart gadgets that you should consider buying:

1. Smart smoke detectors

Like traditional smoke detectors, smart smoke detectors alert residents whenever smoke is detected, and there is a fire threat.

What makes smart sensors unique is that they send a notification on the users’ device so they receive the warning even when no one is home and can call in emergency help.

Smart smoke detectors use wireless connections between the detector, fire alarm, and other devices linked to it.

A wifi fire alarm uses a wife connection between the smartphone device that receives the warning signal and the smoke detector.

Some wife smoke detectors today also allow two-way communication so that you can communicate with family members at home in case of a fire emergency.

2.      Web security cameras

Indoor and outdoor cameras are a great way to monitor activity in your residence when you are not around.

Smart web cameras include a unique feature of online monitoring and live streaming that allows you to access the recorded or live video from the cameras on your smartphone.

Wherever you are, you can access the camera from your smartphone. The best place to install the web security camera is your entryway, where the camera faces the door directly.

In addition to showing you exactly when or who is entering, some cameras also have a face detection feature so you can get an alarm notification when a stranger enters the house.

Some cameras might directly send alerts to your smartphone device when the door opens.

3.      Smart locks

Smart locks should be installed on all doors and entrances to your house. What makes a smart lock different from a traditional lock is that it uses digital keys and can be connected to a smartphone.

The smart device can be used to lock or unlock the door, schedule locking and unlocking, and generate digital keys for other family members.

You can give your family members permanent keys and guests temporary keys. Such smart lock systems generate quick virtual keys that can be sent to the guests via text message or email.

With these digital keys, the guests can unlock the door if used within the allotted time. After that, the digital key expires.

Also, some smart deadbolts include small cameras that can give an image of the person outside. Others might have built-in alarms that, when tampered with, go off to scare off the burglars and alert the residents.

4.      Smart doorbells

Smart doorbells are doorbells equipped with video support that can connect to a smartphone through an application.

Install the doorbell on your main door and download the application on your phone. After that, you can see who is at the door on your smartphone device wherever you are.

Additionally, when the doorbell is pressed, a notification alert is sent on your smartphone so that you can know someone is there even if you don’t hear the bell or are not at home.

Some such doorbells also have microphones and audio support so you can hear the person at the door and communicate with them.

5.  Smart digital assistants

Smart assistants like voice assistants on smartphones have become very common, and many security systems come equipped with these.

Instead of controlling each smart security device through separate applications installed on your phone, you can use a smart assistant to control all devices.

With voice assistants like Alexa or Siri, you can turn the  smart  gadgets on or off via voice input. This usually works only for basic features; you would still need other individual applications for other complicated commands.

6.      Motorized blinds

Smart motorized blinds also called automatic blinds or smart shades, are window covers that can be opened and closed via a smart device or scheduled to operate automatically according to the user’s requirements.

This can be classified as a security gadget since it can be used to make it look like the house isn’t empty.

Most burglaries occur when the house is empty or when burglars think it is empty. With motorized blinds, you can schedule them to close or open at certain times and make it look like someone is home when there isn’t.

You can set a schedule or control the blinds directly using your smartphone.

7.      Motion sensor

With a motion sensor, you can detect the movement of people or objects and receive alerts accordingly.

A smart motion sensor connects directly to your smart device and sends signals whenever motion is detected.

Motion sensors, also called motion detectors, can be used to identify when a potential intruder is in the vicinity of your house.

You can install a motion sensor in your garage to detect any suspicious movement outside your house late at night.

8.      Fake security cameras

One cheap, effective, and clever strategy for your home security is to add fake security cameras outside in places where burglars are likely to look in search of an entrance.

If you cannot afford cameras for all possible entrances, it is a good idea to include fake cameras in plain sight so that they can scare off potential burglars.

An amateur burglar is likely to get easily scared off, though it would not be very effective in fending off professional thieves. In this case, something is better than nothing.

Final words

Investing in a security system for your home will prove very beneficial in the long run because this one-time investment will protect you, your family, and your possessions against potential burglaries.

Smart gadgets like smart smoke detectors, web security cameras, smart doorbells, digital assistants, motion sensors, etc., can help upgrade your home security system.

If you don’t already have these devices in your home, it would surely be a good idea to install them as soon as possible,

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