Effective Marketing Strategy on Youtube That Will Help Increase Number of Likes, Subscribers and Views

Effective Marketing Strategy on Youtube That Will Help Increase Number of Likes, Subscribers and Views

If you want to grow a video blog, youtube is your obvious choice because of its huge development and popularity. This network hold many possibilities and also enormous competition in most popular industries. However, there is always the opportunity to buy YouTube views for a cheap price, and this makes attracting organic viewers easier and quicker even for beginners. But even with purchased assistance in your growth, the strategy must be efficient for natural progress, to ensure that your efforts bring fruitful result. This text will reveal to you the most effective tips and tricks for achieving more likes, views, and subscribers on YouTube. 

Buying Stats – Yes Or No?

This question makes new bloggers nervous. Due to the existing variety of video blogs in most industries, beginners are afraid to get lost in the depth of the platform without showing good numbers. But modern YouTube algorithms are not relying on big numbers anymore. Today what’s important for your growth is user activity and interest in your content, so when you are buying any stats for your channel, the goal is to expose a bait for increasing it. For example, getting more views and likes should improve your click-through rate, as organic users tend to think that if you have more views than your video is more relevant for them. Adding your numbers artificially nowadays has to be a wise and thought-through action that is targeted on attracting the attention of real users, not substitute their presence on your profile. 

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YouTube SEO

Modern YouTube algorithms rely a lot on keywords, since the system is connected to Google and YouTube itself is basically a huge search engine. So, big influence on your popularity will have the work with keywords. The relevance of terms that you use in your video titles, descriptions, and tagging will improve your discoverability, because with the help of these terms YouTube will suggest your content to the target audience, thus increasing your visibility and click through rate. 

Pro tip: add closed captions to your videos – this will empower your SEO and make your content available for a bigger audience. 

Customize Your Thumbnails

CTR, or the click-through rate is a very important metric that you must control when you are building your promotion campaign. And nothing can increase this stat as much as good thumbnails. YouTube creator studio offers a basic option – screenshot from your video, but this is not great for you at all. Only customized images can be effective for your growth. Here are the ground rules for effective thumbnail design:

  • Use simple and memorable designs
  • Don’t overload your image with details – leave only the most relevant accents
  • Add a small text, keyword-rich for enhancing your discoverability
  • Adding your portrait is not necessary, but is good for humanizing purposes.

Provide Quality Content

Again, the existing level of competition makes it harder for beginners to follow up to the current leaders, because aspiring bloggers may lack quality in their videos. Visuals are important, as well as the sense that you infuse in your content. Today users appreciate value and authenticity, because most industries are overloaded with low-key content. Your task here is to do a good research and understand what exactly your target audience wants and expects from your videos, which topics are less discussed and why, and how to communicate with your public properly. 

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Given this information, you will be able to adjust your content range and quality to meet the requirements of the audience. 

Of course, authenticity is the main factor of attraction, but let’s face it, it is hard to produce something 100% original in popular niches. So you need to get smart with existing ideas, making your personal influence a thing that can drive the attention of users to your channel. 


Social media requires communication, whatever platform you choose for growth. On YouTube in particular, the main way to communicate is the comment section, where users can share their o-onions and ideas freely. The best thing to advise for an aspiring blogger on YouTube is that you should take the initiative in your hands and reach out to your viewers. Ask them questions and drop interesting topics to discuss, regarding your content. Don’t be afraid of criticism, this is and essential part of being a blogger, and with time you will learn to understand where the constructive seed is growing. Of course, you can always close comments, but keep in mind that this usually makes people suspicious, and decreases their motivation to watch your videos. 

Increase Your Watch Time

Watch Time is another important metric that triggers YouTube’s algorithms. These algorithms can impact individual videos, as YouTube channels in general. And Watch Time is one of the most affecting stats. It indicates how much time is spent by users on watching all your videos. 

The key statement here is that for reaching success, you must concentrate on retaining your viewers for a longer time, providing interesting and entertaining content, so users stay on the platform. 

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Turn Your Viewers Into Subscribers

First of all, don’t be shy and remind that people should subscribe to your channel, in every new video you upload. It takes only couple minutes, but turns out to be a strong call to action for viewers. Sometimes people just need that reminder. 

Next, create a trailer for your channel to greet your new viewers and encourage them to explore your content,channel trailer is a short video, which is supposed to explain why people should watch your videos and who you are. Try to stick it in a brief form – about 30-40 seconds is more than enough. 

Talk About Yourself

To become popular on YouTube, you have to personalize your blog, because this is what people are looking for on this social mea. They want to relate to someone’s real experience and opinions along with valuable information. Personality is what interests users and makes them want to subscribe to your channel. Because even if the content that you make is not completely original, your attitude is what adds unique vibes to it. Of course you have to control your speech and range of topics that can be exposed publicly, to correspond to YouTube guidelines and trends of the modern society.


To get many likes, views, and subscribers on YouTube, you need time, devotion and creativity. These are three main factors that form a good blogger. Flexibility and planning are also important, but can be helped with trustworthy automation tools. Remember that even the most crowded industry can be yours if you are putting your soul in the content that you create. 

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