Ear Tattoos ideas, Meaning, Pain Level, Texture, and Basic Details!

Ear tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, whether inked entirely black or colorful, they represent the wearer’s life in a secretive way. Have you ever noticed someone’s ear tattoos and wondered what it means? For instance, the helix ear tattoo on Instagram is trending like hellfire. But, do you know? A helix ear tattoo (three horizontal parallel lines on ear bone) symbolizes “Crazy life.” Now, for some people out there, crazy life may mean unplanned life, going with the flow. However, for others, a crazy life means something distinct, like something undestined. 

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Thus, you can say that whether a person has one or more than one tiny ear tattoo or a big giant ear tattoo, it depicts them. So, if you are going to get an ear tattoo, you must pick something that describes your personality, lifestyle, cultural belief, compassion, and whatnot!

Today, on this beautiful day to get yourself inked for the first time, we brought you a brief list of ear tattoos ideas along with what they represent? To find out basic details about ear tattoos, scroll down. Let’s get started: 

Top distinct Ear Tattoos ideas – Get inked today!

Disclaimer: All the tattoo ideas provided below contain different meanings. However, we strongly suggest that if you see someone with a similar tattoo idea or nearly similar, do not make judgments. Tattoos often describe people’s innermost insecurities, secrets, past instances, and so on. Thus, sometimes, prejudgement can lead to offense. 

Let’s pick an ear tattoo for you: 

#1: Mandala Ear tattoos (tattoos behind the ear)

Do you keep brainstorming persistently for behind-the-ear tattoo ideas? Well! This idea is picked from a television series where a character mentions “mandala.” I instantly went on the internet and searched for Mandala ear tattoos, and, to my shock, it was a real thing!

Indeed, Mandala behind-the-ear tattoos are quite powerful and the epitome of beauty. According to the inside details, a Mandala is a circular design that grows larger in an affixed pattern. History says that Mandala actually comes from the Sanskrit word that stands for geometric shape “circle.” It also holds significance in the context of spiritual practices like meditation and yoga in India. 

In the tattoo world, Mandala is a symbol of “eternal balance between one’s body and mind.” To the reader’s surprise, it also holds significance in religions like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and so on. 

Last but not least, mandalas behind the ear tattoos are a symbol of harmony. Apart from this, people with mandala ear tattoos also believe that it symbolizes the creation of life. 

Check out the best designs: 

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Ear Tattoos
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#2: Helix Ear Tattoos (Or Ear Line Tattoos)

Over the years, the range of ear line tattoos has stretched. For example, earlier, women used to get just two single parallelly aligned lines on the outer ear bone, and that was it! However, today, you can see helix ear tattoos in multiple styles out there. 

What do these tattoos exactly mean? 

Now, to begin with, a helix tattoo is called a “helix tattoo” because two, three, or even four lines are inked on the helix area. A helix area is an area where part of the ear is slightly bent in the inward direction. 

On the web, it does not clearly say what helix tattoos exactly mean because, on the helix, you can get anything linked from a pup to a flower. So, here are the representations of ear tattoos with parallel lines: 

  • Infinity together (Because these are parallel lines, they will remain on each other’s side for infinity. It is a great tattoo to represent two people in love forever). People also get up to 5 line ear line tattoos – one for each family member. 
  • The urge to never stop or focus on one goal (Like parallel lines that never stop until or unless a point interrupts it, figuratively).
  • Solid black parallel lines on-ear ( One or more than one solid black parallel line on one’s ear represent “the loss of loved ones too young or without any closure.”)
  • Black parallel lines and three dots inked on-ear (Meaning, unfinished journey, goal, or struggle. Three dots also point towards spiritual belief).

Last but not least, it is also known that lines and ellipsis ear tattoos symbolize mental struggle. 

Check out the best ear line tattoo designs below: 

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Ear Tattoos
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#3: Skull tattoos

Skull tattoos are the most classic tattoos of all time. You can dive into hundreds of designs of skull tattoos. And, the most fun part about a skull tattoo is, the smaller it is, the most intense it appears. And, what’s smaller than having an ear skull tattoo. To begin with, skull tattoos in the ear are most popular when they are carved on the inner space of the ear. On the other hand, if wearer is a woman who commonly wears a high hair bun, then you have the best opportunity to get a behind-the-ear skull tattoo. It gives your personality a sense of mystery. 

Although skull tattoos have different meanings and representations. For example: 

  • Fearlessness of Death
  • Belief in the circle of life
  • Living life to the fullest
  • Rebellious nature
  • Fearless personality
  • Power and strength of overcoming any or every obstacle in life. 
  • Mortality
  • Rebirth
  • Loss of loved ones

In comparison, “skulls” are considered a great part of the Aghori culture or popularly known as the Group of Ascetics. Those are abstaining from the material world entirely. In India, Aghoris are known to live in the Himalayas, away from the materialistic world, meditating and worshiping to the name of Shiva, the God of Death. Or, they also called it “Conqueror of time and death.” 

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Ear Tattoos
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#4: Butterfly Tattoos

When you talk about “butterfly tattoo,” people often hear it as a tramp stamp tattoo. However, that’s not true. In today’s world, everyone desires to be mysterious. No one wants to be simple and without scars. Thus, the popularity of butterfly tattoos behind the ear is going down and down. It has been so down since the early 2000s that it is back to “being unique.” The good part about picking a butterfly tattoo for the ear is that you have so many designs to pick from. 

From one big beautiful butterfly sitting sideways to a group of small butterflies behind the ear, there are so many ranges of ideas. Apart from that, butterfly ear tattoos represent: 

  • Simplicity
  • Ability to transform and grow (because butterflies grow from caterpillars to beautiful flying mammoths)
  • Versatility (butterflies are the most distinct species in the world).
  • Freedom 
  • Young love

Apart from that, for every person out there, a butterfly tattoo can mean something much deeper and personal. Thus, find a perfect ear tattoo idea for yourself based on your strongest personality trait. 

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Ear Tattoos
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#5: Your Spirit Animal Tattoo

Are you planning to get an ear tattoo? Well! Nothing gives you joy better than carving your ear with your spirit animal. Based on your personality, which spirit animal ear tattoo should you get? For example: 

  • In many cultures, elephants are an intimation of divinity and devotion towards family. Thus, an elephant ear tattoo is a great pick for you.
  • On the other hand, starfish behind the ear tattoos symbolize masculinity, salvation, and protection. 
  • A dog ear tattoo is a beautiful symbol of loyalty towards a loved one. 
  • Caterpillar ear tattoo represents the ability to renew and transform for good, especially for those who are recovering from great tragedy. 
  • Bird tattoo behind the ear represents one’s peace of mind, freedom, and independence. 
  • Tiger as a spirit animal represents power. 
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Ear Tattoos
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With so many choices in hand, you can take your pick and go to a tattoo artist nearby for a range of designs. Remember, a great tattoo artist can transform anything, big or small, into a tattoo that you can love your whole life. The key is confidence in your choice of tattoo. 

#6: Dragon Ear tattoos

In our list, last but not least, Dragon ear tattoos are trending among millennials nowadays. Believe it or not, the entire population, at some point or another, has been fantasized about the concept of dragons. Whether you are a deep-digging fan of Game of Thrones or love the way dragon history works, Dragon tattoos are perfect for you. That’s right! 

The good part about having to carve a dragon tattoo is that you can do it in multiple styles. For example, you can get a dragon tattoo surrounding your ear in a circular way. Or, you can get a dragon tattoo behind the ear style. And, of course, a dragon tattoo in the inner space of the ear. 

Other than that, Dragons are in different colors. Or, you can also get a dragon spraying out blue hellfire, prominent from GOT, yet again. What do you think? 

Dragon tattoos often mean: 

  • Freedom
  • Unlimited strength
  • Intelligence
  • Grace
  • Extinction and peace
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Ear Tattoos
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#7: Bonus ear tattoo idea – Natural Beauty tattoo

Almost there? Ready to pick a forever interesting ear tattoo idea for your next carving. Don’t worry! In 2021, ear tattoos, especially the tiny ones, are becoming widely popular. You can get a tiny moon, half-moon, earth, sun, flower, leaf, snake, or anything other natural beauty carved on/behind your ear. 

Do you know? Ear tattoos give you the power to explore yourself in different ways without exposing yourself to the world. Is your ear tattoo too personal? No worries! Wear your hair down in public. 

With that being said, here are some elementary details about ear tattoos that you may want to know. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Ear Tattoos

#1: Does an ear tattoo hurt? 

The answer is YES. According to the experts, on a scale of 1 to 10, an ear tattoo pain is equivalent to 5.00. Meaning, it definitely hurts less than any boneful part of your body. However, presuming that you are going for a rigid part of the ear, such as behind the ear, the pain level may uplift up to 6. 

In order to make your tattooing experience less painful, medical experts and tattoo artists strongly suggest the following: 

  • Avoid tattooing on an injured part of the body. 
  • Pick a soft spot for an ear tattoo. Such as earlobes. 
  • Do not drink alcohol post the process. 
  • Avoid unnecessary touching.

#2: Do ear tattoos last long? 

In the event that you have a permanent ear tattoo, then yes. Ear Tattoos last long. Because the ear is one part of the body that you generally do not want intentionally, for example, you do not feel the need to wash your ear using a bar of soap as it automatically washes away while shampooing every 3 days. Thus, it is challenging to say that ear tattoos may fade away. Maybe, in 80 years, the ink may fade a little. However, unless you are getting a tattoo as young as the age of 15, you are fine!

#3: How much does an ear tattoo cost? 

To begin with, the cost of an ear tattoo mainly depends on the artist. For example, if you are going to a popular artist in a big city such as New York, an ear tattoo may cost 150 USD or more, depending on the size. On the other hand, if you are going for a small, general, and non-complex ear tattoo, it will not cost more than 40 dollars. 

In comparison, complicated tattoos like skull tattoos, dragon tattoos, and so on will cost more than 200 USD, depending on the complexity of design and colors. 

#4: Are ear tattoos harmless? 

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The answer is yes. Ear Tattoos are pretty harmless. For example, if you are getting something non-complicated like a circle or star, you’d be done in 30 minutes. On the other hand, unlike other tattoo-able body parts, the ear is a complicated structure as it is too close to the brain. Therefore, one or two hours after getting an ear tattoo, you may experience some discomfort. 

For example, your head may feel dizzy. Or, you may experience headaches, ringing in the ear, or migraine. However, it’s all temporary. 


Getting an ear tattoo? Share your first-ever ear tattoo experience online with us. You can also drop pictures to deliver new ear tattoo ideas for our readers. Thank you. For more creative tips, keep us in your bookmarks.

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