Dragon Touch Tablet Review 2021: Top FULL Guide

Dragon Touch Tablet Review 2021 Top FULL Guide

Dragon Touch Tablet Review is only one of the excellent manufacturers of tablets. Today, Dragon signature has generated a cheap tablet computer. For nearly a decade, its latest tablet designed to fit all the Fire HD series is the Max 10.

It is considered to be a much better option in contrast to the brand new HD 8 Plus.

Together with 3GB of RAM, a 10.1-inch complete HD IPS display, 5000mAh battery, and a relatively strong mid-range ARM Cortex-A55 CPU, it’s not possible to not buy it.

Dragon Touch Max10 Tablet Reviews Before You Buy

Dragon Touch Tablet Reviews Before You Buy

Performance and Benchmarks

Day-to-day functioning for many straightforward tasks is quite fantastic. Chrome, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Gmail work well, covering approximately 90% of my usage.

Netflix works well, but you can forget about loving anything in HD since that lacks the DRM necessary for this. This is probably a blessing since it keeps things working well.

I wouldn’t suggest any substantial gaming for this with some abysmal results for 3DMark.

As artificial benchmarks go, things don’t seem especially impressive but better than the 80 Vankyo MatrixPad S8 I reviewed recently. The entire performance is represented in this too.

In the Antutu desk above, I left in some phone benchmarks as a reference point for performance to provide you a fantastic idea of how badly cheap android tablets function compared to another popular Android device.

The scores considerably under a third of those Huawei MatePad 10.4 accomplishes, and it’s going to be a decent cheap tablet that’s been marketed for 199.

That was said, it is more than double what the Vankyo achieved, and you can feel the difference; that felt like a job to utilize sometimes, whereas this is OK.

Design and Build Quality

Considering the tablet market has shrunk so much, you’ll come across the pricier choices dominated mainly by Apple (yes, Samsung is still trying to preserve, but hasn’t gained any footing nonetheless).

You’ll discover entry-level devices, which range from barely usable to quite decent.

The Dragon Touch Max10 marginally qualifies as a mid-range (although the price tag is closer to the increased spectrum of those entry-level tablets).

Construction-wise, the producer has produced some great options as the aluminum back panel. Simultaneously, the frame is made of vinyl, but there is a thin metallic border between it and the front panel.

To cut some holes to the metal backside, Dragon Touch decided to instead rely upon a few plastic bits for the bottom side (around the speakers) and around the upper side around the rear camera.

I know this resembles a sensible cost-cutting compromise, but the plastic is not hard, and it creaks when I apply some tension.

I initially believed that the tablet isn’t adequately glued together, but I knew that mainly the plastic parts would be the offender (including the frame).

It’s worth noting that unlike many different tablets out there that are designed utilizing the portrait-orientation layout, the Dragon Touch Max10 has been created with all of the landscape views on mind, so anticipate the buttons; either speakers and the cameras must be positioned accordingly.

Indeed, the two speakers face downwards when the tablet is saved in landscape mode, which may amplify the sound when the Max10 stays on a challenging surface but can also scatter it in case you keep it against some cloth (such as on your lap).

The speakers aren’t quite loud (2 x 1W), but they need to do good if you find some pictures in a quiet place, but if you intend to listen to loud music, then it’s likely to combat the treble and the bass.

The wonderful thing is that there is a 3.5-millimeter jack on the top left corner if you’d like to use some headphones – there’s also Bluetooth for TWS earbuds.

Beneath the headphones jack, the producer has positioned the Power button, the volume change, and a tiny hole for accessing the Reset button.

I have to acknowledge the landscape layout feels a bit unnatural at first, but you want to discover its hang in about a couple of days.

On the top side, the Max10 comprises a USB-C port for recharging the battery (5V/2A). Along with it, there’s a tiny gap in the plastic which will help you remove the cover to expose the microSD card slot, which supports approximately 128GB of additional storage (I would find the plastic cover slightly delicate).


Native Android 9 Pie OS: The NotePad Max10 comprises the hottest Android 9 Pie operating system, smarter, faster, and adapts for you as you use it more. No unexpected advertising or bloatware programs.

Powerful Octa-Core Tablet for All: The Dragon Touch NotePad Max10 is a 10 inch Wi-Fi android tablet with GPS capability. A 64-bit Octa-Core processor high-performance processor powers it with 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, providing a superior entertainment experience, browsing games, and buying for everyone in your home.

Full Google Service availability: Max10 is a GMS licensed android tablet computer, and you have got full access to Google services, including Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Maps, Play Store, plus far more vibrant programs and contents from the Play store, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Netflix, etc.

Lean Body, Room for All: This 10-inch tablet has built-in 32GB memory and supports up to 128GB microSD cards to expand the storage.

It’s possible to download and keep your favorite books, music, photos, movies, and games, whatever you like, inside this slim metallic android tablet computer.

Ultimate Entertainment Experience: Featuring a brilliant 10.1 inch 1920 x 1200 Full HD 2.5D Glass IPS touch screen with dual speakers, dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz & 5GHz) connectivity together with 10-hour video playback battery life, Max10 is made to get an improved entertainment experience, providing a far better tablet with high-speed system connections to browse, video chat, and play games, watch movies & TV series, plus even more.

The Display

Within the relatively broad bezels rests the 10-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1200×1920, 16:10 ratio, 16 million colors, and the pixel density, but not shown by the producer, is not on the iPad or Samsung AMOLED. However, it’s adequate when viewed indoors.

Outdoors, it will undoubtedly fight a bit as a consequence of dim screen, and the brightness doesn’t go that high (I always keep it from the mix; also, it’s adequate only when I’m within my home).

The tablet does not use Gorilla Glass for protection. Instead, it depends on a simple capacitive touch panel covered by tempered glass, and out of the box, the producer has implemented a protective translucent coating.

There is usually a distance between the display pixels alongside the upper screen coating also, though I typically do not see it on different tablet computers, I found it strange it is so evident about the Max10 (it is just like the display itself is covered with a very thick translucent coating ).

The viewing angles are excellent (I watched slight color shifting and only for your white that got slightly neater ), but the colors aren’t as vibrant as on the Samsung Tab A-plus; they feel somewhat washed out, but only marginally.

Still, for viewing movies or YouTube videos, it’s more than adequate. When I examined the Lenovo Yoga, Smart TabI discovered the Netflix program wouldn’t allow me to proceed beyond 720p, whatever the display being 1080p. The reason was that the program could not be uninstalled.

This is not a problem about the Dragon Touch Max10; also, it’s but one of those events which show you why bloatware is terrible.

Android 9 not 10

One of the most significant problems you face with cheap no-name tablets is the lack of software updates. This uses Android 9, and the last security update was November 2019.

Android 9 will keep on working well for a couple more years, I would anticipate, but you won’t get any new features introduced in future versions.

Security patches can get problematic based on how severe you opt for this.


The Dragon Touch Max10 features a 2-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front camera, acting well whenever there is sufficient light (ideally, outside).

Sure it could be used in the case that you would like to acquire a fantastic shot alongside your primary camera is out of reach, but don’t expect the tablet to capture some fantastic photos (there is a whole lot of noise, especially inside).

The front-facing camera was contained for conference calls, and it isn’t suitable for anything more (you wish to use something more significant for your social media selfies). It’s worth mentioning that there is an HDR way, but I couldn’t observe any difference between it and the default mode.

Price and competition

At #140 RRP now, you can get this tablet for #130 via an Amazon voucher.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1-Inch is probably the best alternative; it costs marginally longer and has less RAM. The Exynos 7904 chipset working should provide a lot more performance, and it is upgradable to Android 10.

If you are keen to experience the hassle, then perhaps pay customs duty and do not have any warranty; importing something from GearBest and the like is frequently an excellent option for this particular budget.

The Teclast T30 10.1 is 156 with a better MediaTek Helio P70 chipset, more RAM and storage, plus a bigger battery.

The Huawei MediaPad T5 is getting old now, but it is also a viable alternative option.


Dragon Touch Max10 is an excellent alternative due to the bloatware-free interface, supported by powerful hardware that permits one to play matches (with low or mid-level graphics) and begin many programs without fear. It is also much concerning capital.

You have to consider the horizontal design for those icons and icons, the dim display (if you do not want to keep the battery at 100 percent).

Again, this can be an economical apparatus, and If you are ready to take its shortcomings, It will be an excellent Dragon touch review to help keep kids occupied or through trips.

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