How to View and Save Twitter Images in Original Size

As a social media platform and as a microblogging platform I absolutely love being a blogger. TwitterIt is unlike any other social networking site andSince 10 years, I have been tweeting regularly. We all know that images are powerful. andUsers and web publishers like us see photos as an important part of their websites. andContinue reading. Therefore, I frequently find the need toDownload an image from Twitter toYou can use it anywhere else or save! inThe gallery toView later

It is a concern that images uploaded to social media are compressed. andThey can be resized to reduce their quality. to a certain extent. It has been used Twitter for so long, I was always under the impression that we can’t save images inTheir original sizes. It was not until recently that I realized their original size. toIt is worth learning about andIt was worth sharing.

open image in new tab

To check it out, I uploaded a DSLR picture with a 6000×4000 resolution through Twitter’s web interface. The normal version can be downloaded by anyone who right-clicks andYou can save it. To get a large version, you need toClick the image inThe tweet andSave it. However, obtaining the original size of an image on twitter isn’t straightforward but can be done easily. Let’s find out how!

Download TwitterImages inOriginal size

You can also open the normal version. inAdd a new tab. Just append :orig toImage URL and hit enter. Next, right-click andSave it to your downloads. Be sure to to rename andModify the file extension for the downloaded image file.

append orig to image url

rename image

Similarly, if you’re viewing a large version of the image then replace large with orig toOpen the original image

replace large with orig

We compared the resolution to get an idea. andSize of an image inDifferent versions

  • Normal – 1200px × 800px | 156KB
  • Large – 2048pxx 1365px | 385KB
  • Original – 4096px × 2730px | 1.5MB
  • 10.5MB| 10.5MB

Or, you can use this Google Chrome extension to customize images. andIt makes the job of completing the above tasks much simpler.

You should note that the original version can be compressed. andAlthough the resized version is smaller, there is a significant difference in the details when compared to the larger or normal versions.

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How toImages available for download inOriginal size inNew Twitter

Updated (13 September 2019).– After the rollout new TwitterThe procedure is the same for desktop computers. toSave images inTheir original sizes have slightly changed. Unlike before, you now don’t need toSave the image files to your computer. After they have been saved, rename them. That’s because the images are now saved in .jpeg extension andYou can also view them online. Let us now guide you through all the steps.

  1. You can open the normal version of the image. toSave. To save, right-click on an image and select “Open Image in New Tab”.
  2. Replace the syntax “small” with “orig” inImage URL and hit enter. Optionally, you can replace small with “large” if you prefer a relatively smaller size. download twitter images in original size
  3. Right-click on the image andSave it toThe desired location

That’s it. You will save the downloaded image. inThe highest possible resolution and inJPEG format

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