How to Save Images in Right Click Disabled websites In Chrome

HowTo Save ImagesWhen Right ClickIs it? Disabled In Chrome: Finally, you find the wallpaper that fits your desktop perfectly. But wait, you can’t save it toYour PC will be disabled for this website if you use right-click. It doesn’t get any more frustrating! So, what’s the solution? You can leave the website and forget about finding the perfect wallpaper. There are solutions! There are solutions to every problem. inYour browsing adventures. If you are unable to save a photo by right clicking on the image, there is another way. Capturing the screen doesn’t sound like a great idea toIt is not for me. It reduces the quality of the pictures by a lot. It is better to have the best than anything. Continue reading. toLearn all about this amazing hack that can save the day!

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Notice:– Just Shift-Align before trying the following method.RightClick on the image and then Shift-RightPlease click again. You will now see “Save Image As” inUse the context menu. It may not work, try the methods below.

Save Images in Right Click Disabled websites In Chrome

STEP 1. Go toYou can choose the website you prefer toSave the image to. Click on an empty area and then click right. ClickOn Check it out Option from the menu that is expanded. Alternate option toPress the keys to open the Developer Tools Window Ctrl+Shift+ITogether.


STEP 2 The Developer Tools window opens. Look for the tab called Applications at the top. ClickIt is possible to keep it if you are able to find it.

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If you don’t see Application, click here >> ClickOn ApplicationTake a look at the Popped Up menu.


STEP 3 – InScroll down from the top of the window to see a folder called Frames. ClickIt is associated with the left arrow toIt can be expanded. After it has expanded, you can expand the site by selecting the site from the open list. toSave the image to.

Save Image Right Click Disabled Min 2

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Finally, expand the folder called ImagesRefer to the following: Refer to this page if you have any problems. toTake a look at the following image.

Download Right Click Images 1

STEP 4 Below the Images Expand the folder and find the image you are looking for toDownload. Click on an image to see its larger version toYou inThe right window frame

STEP 7 RightClick and click SaveImage toYou can save this image.

You can download your favorite images from any of these sites without being stopped by anything websitesDon’t wait! You will be amazed if you try this trick. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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