50 Powerful Quotes From Women That Prove You Don't Need A Man

If I am being honest, many of the quotes below about strong women were said by women with husbands or boyfriends. They didn’t need a man to make it in the world.

While there is nothing wrong with seeking love and companionship, too many women get trapped in the idea that they will fail if they don’t have a partner. It’s more than possible to be an independent, empowered, and successful woman in this world — now more than ever, in fact.

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These strong quotes for women will help you cope with a split or if you feel overwhelmed by your partner.

They are a reminder to you that no matter your relationship status, you are always enough. You and only you. No one else, you alone are the boss lady.

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1. “If you want to have something said, ask a male; if something is done, ask an female.” —Margaret Thatcher

2. “I’m tough and ambitious and I know what I want.” If that makes me a b****, OK.” —Madonna

3.AA strong woman is a woman who has a voice. —Melinda Gates

4. “Of course, I don’t care about intimidating men. I don’t want to intimidate any man. ―Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

5.Women”They are the true architects for society.” —Harriet Beecher Stowe

6. “We have to change our perceptions of ourselves. Women must take charge and lead. —Beyoncé

7. “Don’t compromise yourself. YouAll you have is what you have. It doesn’t matter if there is a yesterday or a tomorrow. Every day is the same. —Janis Joplin

8. “I love bossy ladies. I could spend all day with them. I don’t think bossy is a bad word. It’s a sign that someone is passionate, engaged, ambitious, and willing to learn. —Amy Poehler

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9. “Thinking for yourself is the most courageous act.” “Speak up.” —Coco Chanel

10. “It’s not my job to like you, it’s mine.” —Byron Katie

11.AWoman is the complete circle. Her ability to create, nurture and transform is all around her.” —Diane Mariechild

12. Courage is the best protection a woman can have. —Elizabeth Cady Stanton

13. “The question here is not who will let me in, but who will stop me.” —Ayn Rand

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14. Here’s a quick way to work out if your feminism is strong. Place your hand on your pants. ADo you want to be a leader? B) Would you like to take charge? Congratulations! You”A feminist is you.” —Caitlin Moran

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15. “For mad I might be, but I will never find it convenient.” ―Jennifer Donnelly

16.AA strong woman creates her own world. She is wise enough to see that it will attract the man she wants to share it with.” ―Ellen J. Barrier

17. “Women talk too much, but we don’t know half of what we know.” ―Nancy Astor

18. “I am a strong lady with or sans this person, with or lacking this job, and with or not these tight pants.” ―Queen Latifah

19. “Do not judge a woman by her knees; you will never know how tall she is standing.” ―Mie Hansson

20.AStrong woman is a woman who is determined to accomplish something that others have failed to do. ―Marge Piercy

21. “Spirit over mind. Mind over matter. It’s that simple” ―Sahndra Fon Dufe

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22. 22. ―Amy Winehouse

23. “Confidence, however, is highly erotic.” —K.D. Harp

24. 24. —Virginia Woolf

25. 25. —Nora Ephron

26.ATwo things should make a girl a woman: fabulous and classy. —Coco Chanel

27. 27. —Anaïs Nin

28. “Better be strong than pretty or useless.” —Lilith Saintcrow

29. 29. As a woman, I do not want any country. “My country is the world, because I am a woman.” ―Virginia Woolf

30. “Females have yet to realize that nobody can give you power. YouJust take it. ―Roseanne Barr

31. “No woman can get an orgasm shining the kitchen floor. —Betty Friedan

32. “Sometimes I wonder whether men and women really do get along. They might live next door, and they could just come and visit from time to time.” —Katharine Hepburn

33. Life is simpler when a woman becomes her best friend. —Diane Von Furstenberg

34. I can’t decide if I’m good girl wrapped in bad girl or a bad boy wrapped in good girl. That’s how I know that I’m a woman! —C. JoyBell C.

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35 35. [women]To have power over men but not over oneself.” —Mary Wollstonecraft

36 “Failed relationships are like so much wasted makeup.” —Marian Keyes

37. “Men need to think twice before making widowhood women’s only path of power.” —Gloria Steinem

38. 38. WomenThey can cry, can wear cute clothes and are often the first to be rescued from sinking ships. —Gilda Radner

39. 39. The G-spot is found in the ears. “He who searches for it below is wasting his life.” —Isabel Allende

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40. 40. —Margaret Atwood

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41. “I have never been able find out what feminism means to me. I know people call me a feminist when I express feelings that distinguish me from a doormat or prostitute. —Rebecca West

42YouYou will only be able to keep a woman in your heart for as long as she remains in love with you. —C. JoyBell C.

43.YouYou are only a man. YouYou have not received our gifts! You can trust me! A woman can think of 100 different things at once, many of them contradictory. —Georgette Heyer

44 “Think like a queen. AQueen is not afraid of failing. Failure is another step on the path to greatness. —Oprah Winfrey

45WomenYou don’t always have to keep your mouth shut and your womb open. —Emma Goldman

46. “I think at the end the day, all women want to be valued and treated with respect. —Sofía Vergara

47 “Woman is dominant. To prove their worth, men must do many things to show women that they are worthy. —Camille Paglia

48 “I feel there’s something missing about women that only a woman can discover.” —Georgia O’Keeffe

49.WomenPeople often delay their lives thinking that if there isn’t a partner, then it doesn’t really matter. They are still looking for their prince. It’s something we try to avoid discussing, but it does exist. —Jane Campion

50″WomenMen are constantly saying that they can do everything men can do. Men need to be saying that they can do whatever women can do. —Gloria Steinem

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