Do Spy Apps Really Work? Best Spy Apps That Work


With our increasing reliance on computer technology, particularly smartphones, to manage our lives, there is a greater opportunity for companies to use that same technology to harvest personal data for various reasons, for example, personalizing advertisements, collecting data, etc. 

Inevitably, spy apps have evolved to track and monitor the activity of individuals on their personal devices. Keep reading to uncover the question, “Do cell phone spy apps really work?”

What Are Phone Spy Apps?

Spy apps are computer software designed to monitor – spy on – another device.

The apps ’spy’ on the online activities on the target device, so they can be corrupted if another person takes control of the phone, even for a short time. 

Spy apps are, however, one of the most effective ways to track children or employees to ensure they are safe and/or on task.

They are available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices, usually smartphones or tablets of most makes and models. There is a growing market for spy apps that work, and they are increasingly available at an affordable price.

How Do Spy Apps Work?

The software works in the background on the target device, collecting data on a user’s emails, messages, location, general internet activity, app use, recording phone calls, etc. The spy app can even retrieve data that has been deleted or saved to a secure folder. The spy app account holder views the extracted data remotely from a control panel which can be accessed from anywhere with internet access.

There are some legal considerations to think about before using spy apps. 

  • US Federal Law and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act declare it illegal to install any spy apps on a device without first obtaining the owner’s permission.
  • iPhone data protection services give some strong security advice, so your target user’s cooperation will make life easier!
  • You can install a spy app on a child’s (under 18s) device with their knowledge if, in your position as guardian/parent, you are concerned for their welfare and protecting them from harm. 

Features of Spy Phone Apps

There are many standard features that you will likely find on all mobile spying apps. Still, as technology advances, spy apps that really work are adding increasing coverage to the activities they monitor.

Phone Call, Email, and Text Messages Monitoring

One of the standard yet essential features of Android and iPhone spy apps is the ability to monitor all sent and received phone calls and messages, including SMS and iMessage, depending on the OS. All messages are displayed on the user’s private online control panel, complete with date and time stamps, the communicating contact with their contact details, and the duration and frequency of calls.

Social Media Monitoring

To monitor the many social media platforms now in abundance is to have the target’s life laid out in front of you! For example, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are full of pictures of people, locations, activities, holidays, links, and friends. Most social media sites and apps also include messaging services with contact details.

Location Tracking

Location tracking is one enormous piece of spy app information users want when monitoring a target phone. 

Real-time GPS pinpoints a current location. However, if the target phone’s location services are turned off, the last known location feature is handy, as is the date and time stamp. 

This information combines to deduce someone’s route, where they might be now, and in what activities they are participating.

Live Screen Recording and Camera Activation

The live screen recording and remote camera activation features are invaluable for anyone wanting to learn more about another’s activities. From the online control panel accessed via the user’s login, choose and take control of cameras, video, or speakers to make real-time records of the target’s immediate activities. 

Checklist to Find Reliable Spy App That Works

There are so many phone monitoring products on the market now that it’s important to know how to find the real spy apps that work out of all spy apps available! These are some guidelines you might want to follow when making your final decision.


Ensuring your device and spy app are compatible is an essential consideration! Android and iPhone have different operating systems, so there will be slight differences in the installation process and type of data the app accesses. For example, iOS uses an iMessage system, and Android doesn’t. Some spy apps may only work on smartphones based on Android OS.

Websites advertising spy apps usually provide an online compatibility checker. Make use of it before you purchase.

Wide Range of Features

Only you, the user, know your reasons for using mobile phone spyware and the features you want from it. Most apps have a wide range of features as standard, such as text spy, phone, and email monitoring, location tracking, internet search activity, stealth mode, etc. Make a list of your priorities and find the best match for you.


Price matters to all of us, no matter how much spare cash we have available.

Ask yourself – 

  • Am I getting value for money? 
  • Does this app have all the features that I want?
  • Is there an affordable price plan?

Spend time comparing prices between the different spy phone apps before making your final decision.

Customer Reviews

Genuine customer reviews are one of the easiest ways to discover the best phone spy apps available. Spy app developers will always advertise the best reviews on their websites, so search a little deeper for customer information that will tell you the truth about using spying app and whether phone spy apps really work.

Real Spy Apps That Actually Work

Whether you have access to free spy apps or are purchasing a service, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choice of available mobile spy apps, but which spy apps actually work?


uMobix is a popular spy app that allows modern parents and employers to monitor children and employees for safe and appropriate online activity. One of the more advanced cell phone trackers, uMobix combines all the best features of remote spy apps on a stable platform for Android OS 4+, iPhones, and iPads. Its functionality comprises monitoring calls, messages, location, apps, keystrokes, schedule of application use, SIM card replacement, and much more.


mSpy has supported parents and protected children for over 10 years; it’s the number 1 choice in the UK market. They have all the features you would expect of the best phone spy apps. 

Messaging among children is their primary form of communication, making it a priority for mSpy. They cover SMS and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Hangouts. Popular social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat are top of the list!


XNSPY is considered one of the best cell phone spy apps. It has a sharp, sophisticated look, a clear, intuitive dashboard, and great spy features. XNSPY’s newest feature is the innovative live screen recording of instant messaging logs. The spy app can now record entire logs of real-time text messages, avatars, and contacts. Buy now to take advantage of the flash limited-time offer of 40% off!


Undoubtedly, spy apps are invaluable for monitoring and keeping tabs on those you love, your employees, or even both! However, before parting with your hard-earned cash, do some thorough research to get the features and functionality you want for the right price.

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