8 Funny Discord Profile Picture Ideas and How to Make Them

You’re most likely involved in an online community, such as gaming, fan groups or artist communities. DiscordEvery day.

This platform was initially created solely for gaming. However, it has been greatly expanded. toNearly every group on the internet has a forum. You can be different in each server that you are a member of, with different roles, colors, etc. andEven your nickname – the one thing you will always remember throughout all your adventures DiscordGroups is your profile photo, or PFP. Yours will stand out andI’ll make sure you are recognizable on every server. 8Different ways toMake your naruto PFP funny:

  1. Invisible Profile Picture
  2. ProfileGIF
  3. Modify the default
  4. Modify an Emote
  5. Hand-Draw It
  6. Original Emoji Mashup

1. 1. Profile Picture

This one is fairly common in 2021, but it’ll still confuse people who aren’t used toIt. MakeYour DiscordPFP blends right in with the background

A screenshot of an invisible profile picture in Discord.

It’s a great choice because all you have to do is This image is available for downloadStraight to your device and you’ll have people wondering what’s up with your profile for a while.

2-4 ProfileGIF

You can use a variety of unique custom profile pictures that you only get if your profile is updated DiscordAccount to Nitro. You probably shouldn’t upgrade your account just for the ability to make your profile picture a GIF, but it’s a fun perk toYou can still use it. These are just a few GIF profile pictures:

PFP Disappearing

A GIF of the "Big Yoshi" meme coming in and out of frame.

Similar to the invisible profile picture but with your PFP blended into the background, this one is not possible with a transparent GIF. Instead, MakeYour PFP begins to fade in andOver a background with the code color 31353B, you can see the exact color of your product DiscordBackground when users hover above a message toPlay a GIF PFP.

Your favorite animated emote

A circular version of the "KEKW" Twitch emote.

This one is simple, but it requires Nitro. toIt’s possible to pull it off. Simply download your favorite Twitch or YouTube channel. DiscordGIF emotes available at thegoneapp.com. Resize it to128x128 pixels andUpload it to Discord.

You can do something!

A circular GIF spelling out the words "Let

There are so many words andThere are many funny phrases that exist without context. In your GIF, spell one. toPeople should pay attention enough toPlease read it. GIF Profile pictures are now available toBe under 3 seconds, and make sure you aren’t trying. toYou can spell out a whole sentence. The Timing tab is available in the Kapwing Studio. toMake a 2-second version of the project, and then add text boxes. toEach letter’s canvas andPlace them in the Timeline toMake sure you clearly spell your message.

5. Modify the default

The default DiscordPFP stands for Discord logo itself, whatever it really is… robot? Game controller? It doesn’t matter what, it is a great way to play. toMake someone double-take your profile picture toUse the default logo image for a base and then make small adjustments.

A picture of the default Discord logo, along with a version with a Waluigi hat and features.

It doesn’t have toYou can do so much: the laser eyes memes, a Waluigi Hat, Guy Fieri hair. You can play with different details. andDo the following: Discord logo your own.

6. 6. Modify an emote

Combining emojis and moderating classics is a great way to combine them. DiscordYou can use Twitch emotes to express your feelings. toMake something funny andIt takes only a few seconds to make your life completely personal.

A screenshot of e FreeBear edit being made in the Kapwing Studio.

The Kapwing Studio is a great choice. to modify your favorite emotes. Use the Image search feature toEnter the emote name to locate your favorite Emotes and add “emote.” It will immediately upload toThe Kapwing Studio allows you to add text, overlays and filters as well as effects. andImages Here’s what I made with the FreeBear emote, one of my favorites from Twitch:


7. Hand-Draw It

This one is very simple. and it’s sure to be funny (as long as you’re not a skilled artist). Take any PFP idea you had, or grab the profile picture you’re currently using. Then, try toDraw it by hand in 20 seconds. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, this is your new PFP. Here’s mine:

A screenshot of a hand-drawn Discord PFP being edited in the Kapwing Studio.

You’ll probably want toRemove the background of white from your drawing toMake it easier in Discord, but that shouldn’t take more than a minute in Kapwing.

8. Original Emoji Mashup

While Emoji mashups are a popular trend for more than ten years, there are many other combinations. and new emojis that it’s easy toCreate something new and hilarious.

A screenshot of an emoji mashup being made in the Kapwing Studio.

You can use the Kapwing Studio to create your emoji combination, you can make any edits you need, including erasing, resizing & rotation, image overlays, and visual filters like deep-frying. If your emoji-mashup is unique enough, your servers will instantly associate it with you.

DiscordIs home toCommunities are available from every corner on the internet and it’s no exaggeration toIt is possible to feel at home in hundreds of different settings. DiscordServers. This article will help you to create a humorous profile picture that people can instantly recognize, regardless of what community you are in. You can find more tips here. andCheck out these tutorials to create great digital content for 2021. Kapwing YouTube channelTake a look at the related articles DiscordThis is:

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