15 DDLG Quotes That Explain Daddy Dom/Little Girl Relationships

DaddyLittle girl relationships (also known as DDlg and DD/lg) are some of the most misunderstood types of passionate loving relationship that fall under the umbrella BDSM kink.

It is easy to understand why a dominant was referred to as “a dominant” at first glance.Daddy” or “Mommy” and a submissive referred to as “little girl” — or baby girl,” “boy,” “boi,” or a variant along those lines — could appear, well, creepy.

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These cute relationships can be healthy and loving, as you will see from the DDlg quotes.

What is a? DaddyDom?

A DaddyDom, usually a male dominant partner, cares for, nurtures and takes responsibility for the submissive. Often referred to as their little girl or baby, Talk about crazy relationship goals.

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DaddyAlthough Doms are often viewed as a paternal figure in DDlg relationships, this does not mean that they approve or endorse incestuous or pedophilia.

“The DaddyMiya Yamanouchi explains that Dom indulges, edifies and punishes his childlike, submissive spouse, who may be both financially and emotionally dependent upon him.” “The partner to a “Daddy’ (or Mommy’), is a little girl or boy ‘)… [a submissive who]She enjoys being treated as a child by her boyfriend, often calling her partner ‘Partner’.Daddy”In and out of the bedroom”

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Many people consider BDSM synonymous with the more old-fashioned, somewhat outdated label “S&M” — sadomasochistic relationships in which one person, the Master or Mistress, has complete control, while the other, the “slave,” is a willing victim and subject to his or her Dom or Domme’s every whim. Many Vanilla (non-kinky), people view this dynamic less as a relationship, and more as an abusive arrangement that involves a violator or victim.

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Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and abusive relationships exist in the BDSM community just like they do anywhere else. There are many types and types of submissives and dominants. Most are healthy and high-functioning individuals involved in healthy, high functioning relationships.

These relationships may be sadomasochistic, hence the SM at BDSM), but that’s only one end. There are also other options. Daddydoms with their baby girls.

Imagine the best parts of your ideal home. DaddyOffers warmth, strength and measured humor. Discipline as required. Undivided attention, nurturing caregiving, stability, support, love unconditionally.

Picture the best qualities of a best baby girl: happiness, joy, playfulness and silliness. A relationship with these qualities is what you want.

It doesn’t mean you have to believe me.

These 15 DDlg quotes about DaddyThe love and passion between littles and their parents is evident in the way they interact.

(*15*)1. “Anything for Princess. Everything for my Princess Daddy” — King Baby Boys

DDlg quotes daddy dom quote

(*15*)2. She whispers, “I need,” “I know,” he responds. “How?” “How?” she asks. ‘You’re mine. I know everything. She sighs. — Sir Daddy Kitten

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(*15*)3. “Your DaddyIt’s right here. “While you sleep, I’ll be your protector.” — Dom Dominator

DDlg quotes daddy dom quote

(*15*)4. “There is something about his strong hands. He grips me tightly with passion and I feel secure and desired. It’s pure bliss. — Princess Pufferfish

(*15*)5. “I want things to be so wild with you, that I don’t know how they sound.” —​ Anais Nin, “A Literate Passion: Letters of Anaïs Nin & Henry Miller, 1932-1953”

Anais Nin DDlg quotes daddy dom quote

(*15*)6. “Protector. Lover. Guide. Friend.” — Captain Bro

(*15*)7. “It’s been far too long, hasn’t it, peach?” Do you think I should let you go now, so that you can focus on the lesson? — Kendall Ryan, “The Gentleman Mentor”

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Kendall Ryan DDlg quotes daddy dom quote

(*15*)8. “Meet Me in the Corridor of Your Soul. I invite you to the hidden chambers. Show me the light in your eyes. Teach me the rhythm and beat of your blood. You are the secret I want to uncover.” — Dean Jackson

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(*15*)9. “Intimacy” is more than just physical. It’s also the act of feeling so connected with someone that you can see into their soul. — Mr. Daddy Dom

DDlg quotes daddy dom quote

(*15*)10. “I love you, and I want to be your lover.” I would love to worship you naked and learn all your secrets. ― Sylvain Reynard, “Gabriel’s Inferno”

(*15*)11. “I want you to be my slave, control you, and dominate you. I want you to feel secure and safe. — DaddyRules

DDlg quotes daddy dom quote

(*15*)12. “A DaddyDom has no other source of power than his submissive. This power should be valued, respected and used with wisdom. The submissive may take away that power if this fails. — D.D.

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(*15*)13. “Close your eyes babygirl. DaddyYou are here now. Let your worries go. Let me take care of it all. — DaddyPumpkin

DDlg quotes daddy dom quote

(*15*)14. “Can you feel me? Can you hear my voice? Can you feel my presence? You are always my companion. Even when you think that I am not.” — Sir Bunny Bun

(*15*)15. “I represent to You all the Sins You have Never Had the Courage to Commit.” — Oscar Wilde, “The Picture Of Dorian Gray”

oscar wilde DDlg quotes daddy dom quote

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