50+ Adorable Couple Poses for Beautiful Portrait Photography

Do not let this happen! Get the couple photographs they want.

Business is booming in the world of couples photographer. This year’s headlines have been filled with stories about exciting new trends, including the Target-themed wedding photoshoot that went viral in July and the rising popularity of hiring honeymoon photographer.

Photoshoots are a great way for couples to show their individuality and share stories with their loved ones. A 2017 survey by The Knot found that 38% of couples share photos from their engagement within minutes to hours of the moment.

Professional photoshoots are a great way to preserve precious memories and keep them safe in an age where so many photos can be lost in the cloud. It’s hardly any wonder that the couples photography genre is thriving. The 500px team has created this guide to help you make the most of your next photo shoot. forUse forYour wedding or couples photography. There’s something in here for everyone—from the classic to the cutting-edge.

Prepare for your couples photoshoot poses

When you are planning to shoot couples photos, one of the most important things is to make a gallery. This will serve as a moodboard for inspiration and help you track your references. This is a helpful tool to communicate the look and style you’re going forWith your clients and staff, such as hair and makeup artists.

Go over the location and clothing with the couple before the shoot. Talk to the couple without using your camera. Show them photos that you like and ask questions. forTheir feedback. You can let their personalities decide which poses you choose. You can also include their ideas in your shot list.

Before your shoot, get to know you couple and your dynamic. Listen for details about how they communicate with each other and what they’re passionate about.

PosesInspiration forCouples Photography

Hugging and looking at your camera

This pose is a great starting point for any couple’s shoot because it’s both intimate and comfortable. Ask your models to hug like they would normally, but with their faces close together.

Hugging and looking at one another

Take this photo by having the couple hug one another and making eye contact.


If you’re working with a couple forIt can be helpful to start at a distance and then gradually move closer when you are taking the shot for the first time. Wide-angle shots tap into the “tiny person, big landscape” trend, showcasing both the beauty of the location and the relationship between partners.

Huge close-up

Hugging can be a versatile pose. Zoom in to capture the details. You don’t even have to include the faces—the embrace alone will help tell the story.

Huge from behind

This classic pose is a great way to bring the couple closer, and also gives you an opportunity to have fun together. forIntrospection and romance. It can help to direct the couple a bit here—; maybe they’re looking in the same direction at a beautiful landscape, or one of them is turning back for a kiss.

Looking in the distance

This pose could be used to make a powerful metaphor for the couple’s dreams and future together.


Lifts are a versatile pose for a couple, so have fun with it! Perhaps they like a Dirty Dancing lift, or maybe they just love to go. for an ‘over-the-threshold’ moment following a wedding.

Ring shot

Use your hands and jewelry to tell the story of your married couple.

As you can see,

Take a stool, or a ladder and capture an embrace from a different vantage point.

Lying down, facing the camera

This pose can be done at home or outdoors, provided that the couple is comfortable.

Lying down, facing each other

For this pose, your models can lie flat on the floor with their heads turned, or they can prop themselves on their elbows to look into each other’s eyes.

A romantic stroll

Unique opportunities arise from the changing seasons forPhotographs of couples, from fall leaves to soft winter snow.

Park bench

While you’re on a romantic walk, give the couple time to rest and relax. They’ll appreciate the break, and you’ll get a chance to capture more candid, spontaneous interactions.

Together the foreheads

The couple can press their foreheads together to emphasize the feeling of intimacy.

Hands on

Zoom in on the hands, or capture wide shots of them interacting with the landscape. forA universal, intimate image.

Enjoy a night out on the town

Before the shoot, find out if they would like to photograph during the day or at night. If they decide to opt for it, for a night shoot, consider making a “date” of it. Organize an activity the couple enjoys, and capitalize on some of those beautiful artificial lights you’ll have at your disposal.

Stylish details

You will see that your models have thought a lot about what they will wear. Take advantage of pretty details like jewelry, hairstyle, shoes, and outfits by honing in on these elements —you’ll capture the couple’s personal aesthetic and vibe.


Asking a couple to whisper things in each other’s ears is a great way to break the ice. Depending on their personalities, they can say anything they’d like, from the romantic to the humorous.

A forehead kiss

This sweet kiss helps set a more serious, romantic mood and works well in the middle of a shoot when you’re all comfortable with each other.

A kiss

Kissing is intimate and personal. Let the couple know beforehand if you plan to include them in your shoot. Don’t fret if the first few kisses are awkward; give your models time to get comfortable in front of the camera, and remember to provide a casual, encouraging environment.

A nearly-kiss

The moment just before a hug is often the most memorable. forA better photo op is than the actual kiss. Even better, you can ask the couple for a pause forTake a second to look at one another before or after each kiss.

A ‘secret’ kiss

You don’t have to see the kiss forIt can be very effective. Use a cute prop like a hat or balloon to hide the couple’s faces while they enjoy a kiss in private.


As they move from one pose to another, the couple might find their own unique poses. These moments are worth capturing. Take a break during the photoshoot to look out for instances when they’re resting or bonding without worrying about the camera.

Enjoy a good time

Couple photography poses don’t have to be serious to be romantic. Allow your models to be playful on the set, making funny faces and moving around freely.

Field depth is shallow

By using a larger aperture, focus all your attention on the couple and blur the background.


Include details in your foreground to add depth and dimension to your images. A tree branch, flower blossoms, or architectural detail can serve as a “frame” around your couple, highlighting their connection while also creating visual interest.

Enjoy some moments of intimacy at home

You might also consider a lifestyle shoot, where you capture the couple in their everyday life. For these photos, it’s important to fade into the background and allow the couple to fall into their normal rhythms and patterns, whether they’re joking around or making coffee together.


A blanket is a timeless and simple prop that can be used every day. forCozy couple poses in winter and autumn. Because they’re so adaptable and practical, blankets can also help you generate more pose ideas throughout the shoot, whether the couple is snuggled up by the fire or enjoying a picnic outdoors.

A gorgeous view

If you’re shooting at a location that’s meaningful and important to the couple—or if you’ve traveled a long way to find a stunning vista—remember to highlight it in some of your shots.

The ‘selfie’

This isn’t an actual self-portrait since you’ll be taking the photo, but by setting up a fake “selfie,” you’ll give the couple a chance to express themselves and have fun with the process.

Aerial shots

A survey by The Knot found that 10% of married couples in 2017 chose to have drone photos taken at the wedding. So, if you’re looking to capture your classic poses from an aerial perspective, consider taking it to the next level and having them captured from a helicopter.


Organic laughter is the best kind of laughter. Keep an eye out forIt should be placed in between other poses. It is possible for a couple to start laughing after kissing. This gives you the opportunity to seize the moment.

Look down

A soldier’s goodbye, with Bobby the cat, captured by Sam Hood the 1940s, is known as one of the most romantic photos in history—and it doesn’t even show the couple’s faces. It is possible to capture details and gestures by turning your attention towards the feet.

With the family

In between formal couple portraits, invite the rest of the family to join—kids and pets included. They’ll appreciate having these photos with loved ones forYears to come.

One thing in common

Pre-shoot interviews with the couple are a good idea. In addition to relying on the tried-and-true poses and settings you’ve used forOther couples: Photograph the couple in their natural environment. You should focus on the common interests. If they’re the outdoorsy type, head to a hiking trail. Organise a food-themed shoot if they love cooking.


If you’re based in a city, find a hill or rooftop forExplore with the couple. Get in touch with us to schedule your shoot forTake photos of them admiring the sights at the golden hour or the blue hour.


If you want a more intimate photo (but still relatable), focus your attention on the couple’s shadows instead. Use shadows to highlight and exaggerate gestures and poses. During the golden hour, people will cast particularly long, beautiful shadows, so it’s worth taking that into account when planning your shoot.

Golden hour silhouettes

Sunset is a great time to capture dramatic silhouettes in the golden hour.


Ask one person to lean their head on their partner’s shoulder or lap. In addition to leaning against each other, your models can lean against something else once they’re on location—like a giant rock or beautiful building—forA casual, relaxed pose.


Ask your couple to move. Whether it’s walking or a simple caress, avoid stiff poses by encouraging your couple to interact with each other and their environment.

Dancing is an easy and straightforward way to get models moving. Have them tell you their favourite music and bring it with you on the day of the shoot.

The ‘dip’

A few years back, a couple was making international headlines. for recreating that Time’s Square kiss photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt in 1945, complete with the signature “dip,” in locations around the world. All these years later, it’s still a go-to pose forFor couples.


You can stand apart from the couple and have them run towards your direction. You should be open to unexpected surprises. Flying hairs and unanticipated giggles can bring life to your photos. Burst mode is a great way to freeze gestures and movement that you may have missed otherwise.

Moving away

Take a photograph of the couple walking towards you after they have moved. forA mysterious and nostalgic feeling. You can ask them to look at you. forThere are many options.


Don’t be afraid to shoot in bad weather. It’s possible to capture great images on a gray or rainy day. forPhotographing moody, cinematic couples shots. To add color and interest to your photos, bring umbrellas.


This pose was used by Elliot Erwitt, a legendary photographer in the 1950s. forIt’s been in style for many decades. You can simply set up a mirror, as Erwitt did with a car window, or use reflections from windows and puddles. for a unique perspective.


Okay, this one isn’t a “pose” per se, but tattoos are meaningful, so if the couple has them, include some detail shots. This is especially important for couples with matching tattoos and wedding rings.


This pose is ideal forRelaxing and having fun together is key. Giving them something to enjoy relieves the pressure and often leads to genuine laughter.

One person looks at the camera

This pose is used to great effect in Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s paintings.

The ‘blindfold’/strong>

Ask one person to stand behind their partner and hold her hands up over his eyes. forA whimsical, playful photo.

Ocean view

There’s a reason so many couple shoots take place on the beach. Make the most of the beautiful scenery and the blue sky as you create your images.

These 50 ideas are only a small selection of options for couple photography poses. Feel free to add more. There are many other ways to create different shot lists. for various occasions—couple poses forWeddings, engagements, and honeymoons.

The poses are essential, but the real key to any photoshoot? The relationship between subject and artist. Encourage the couple to have fun and be themselves on set. Interact with the couple during the shoot by asking them questions about their first date and how they met. This will allow them to get to know each other better and let their minds drift away from the shoot.


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