50+ of the Best and Most Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

Lovey is universal. No matter what you’re falling for, the girl of your dreams for they you’re either in your first relationship or have been in a relationship for a while with your soulmate. and  two things are more important than being loved: of the Greatest feelings in the world.

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I still remember the Chia was the first to tell me she loved me. This is what it looked like. and That feeling is a great one. of pure joy, happiness, and Feelings sweep me.

Gay marriage and Many countries are seeing equality grow and People are open to and We can finally accept same-sex relationships and have hope that we will be accepted. the End of the Day, love wins.

Don’t lose heart if you don’t find the right woman for you yet and Be aware that she is available!

Keep going, no matter where you are on your journey of Romantic love and This collection will help you find your soul mate. of the best and most romantic lesbian love quotes and Lesbian love quotes that will warm your soul.

1. My first kiss was the beginning of a revolution in my heart.

Best Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes and Cute LGBTQ Love Sayings

2. Even if every inch is pressed, of your body against mine, I’d still tell you: ‘Pull me closer’.

Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes and LGBTQ Love Sayings

3. 3. theEnding. Revise thescript. The man ofShe dreams of becoming a girl. – Julie Anne Peters

Lesbian Love Quotes and Romantic Lesbian Sayings

4. I love you. Always Will. Always will.

Best Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes and Cute LGBTQ Love Sayings

5. Every day I spend time with you is the new best day ofMy life.

Lesbian Love Quotes and Romantic Love Sayings

6. You will always have it. theRest ofMy life andBeyond.

Best Lesbian Love Quotes and Lesbian Love Sayings

7. My prince charming is a princess.

Lesbian Love Quotes and LGBTQ Love Sayings

8. It is not possible to live forever, but it is possible to find a love that will.

Lesbian Love Quotes and Romantic Lesbian Love Sayings

9. LoveFinding is not the goal. theRight person, but creating theRight relationship It doesn’t matter how much you love someone. theIt’s not how many people you love that you have started, but how much. theEnd

Best Romantic Lesbian Quotes

10. Staring at her and thinking, ‘How did a girl like her end up with a girl like me?’ – Chaz Bono

Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

11. When you are with me, theThe entire world is still here.

Best Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

12. Both of us are ‘theIn the girl’s eyes theRelationship. This is kinda. thePoint.Best Lesbian Love Quotes

13. True love is like being in a couple ofTwo socks are better than one and they’ve gotta match.

Best Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

14. If someone truly loves you, they won’t tell you love stories, they will make a love story with you.

Lesbian Love Quotes and Lesbian Love Sayings

15. I need you as a heart needs a beat.

Best Lesbian Love Quotes and Cute Love Sayings

16. I didn’t know how to not be with her. – Tig Notaro

Cutest Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

17. Your face is next to mine when I open my eyes. andNothing else matters.

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Lesbian Quotes About Love

18. You are mine andI smile every time you say my name or smile at me. theSimilar butterflies.

Cute Lesbian Love Quotes

19. LoveAll conquers. You are my love andAll of it.Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

20. I will never forget your kisses.

Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes and Love Sayings

21. 21. theearth andOn theWind andOn thewaters, until I found them.

Cutest Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

22. 22. theNights spent together will never end.

Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

23. Every day ofOur marriage is special. Your beauty is what amazes me every time I look at it. theYou are everything I ever wanted.

Best Lesbian Marriage Quotes About Love

24. To make a love story last a lifetime, you must be willing to fight.

Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

25. We only need one person who loves us enough to help us survive. – Penny Widmore, Lost

Best Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

26. LoveIt isn’t theNumber ofNo matter how many times you receive them, kisses are the best form of love. True love is theFeeling that lingers for a long time after. theThe kissing is over.

Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

27. If you live to 100, I would like to live to 100 minus one day so that I can live with you forever.

Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes

28. You can only fall in love once. Every time I look at your face, I fall in love again.

Most Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes

29. There’s happiness, and then there’s love, and then there’s completion. – Ellen DeGeneres

Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

30. It’s like winning when your best friend becomes your girlfriend. theJackpot

Cute Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes

31. The best smell in theThe world is theThe woman you love.

Cute Lesbian Love Quotes

32. All I want is all ofMy lasts to be with You.

Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

33. Any love that doesn’t have friendship for its base, is like a mansion constructed upon sand. Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes

34 LoveIt is a decision you make every moment. – Barbara de Angelis

Lesbian Love Quotes

35 35. theMany things were done right by a person. theThey did one thing wrong.

Best Romantic Lesbian Quotes

36 LoveWhen? theYour happiness is more important that your own. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes and Love Sayings

37. 37. andNot how you let it go, but how do you hold on?

Long Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes

38 38. theWoman who is completely my property and irrevocably. You are my best friend.

Lesbian Love Quotes and Sayings

39. Did you notice? Every time we kiss, you’re prettier. You know why? It’s called love.

Lesbian Love Quotes

40 My love for your is unrestrained. It is. theBeginning and theEnd ofEverything.

Cute lesbian love quotes

41 She’s my role model, my traveling companion, my most reliable source ofLight, my spirit. – Elizabeth Gilbert

Lesbian Love Quotes and Romantic Sayings

42 LoveIt is composed ofOne soul can inhabit two bodies. Aristotle

Aristole Love Quote Lesbian Love Quotes

43 43. theFlowers ofRoses-I can spend an eternity touching it.

Lesbian Love Quotes and Love Sayings

44 You. You. You.

Lesbian Love Quotes

45 There is life where there is love. Mahatma Buddha

Romantic Lesbian Love Quotes

46 46. theFirst thought that comes to my mind when I wake up and theLast thought before I go to bed.

Cute Lesbian Love Quotes

47. 47. andCare for yourself, count thewaves – Kenneth Koch

Cute Lesbian Love Quotes

48 I found you in theClarity of theMoon, not theRigorousness of the sun. Sun. the light, where it’s easier to see, but when theThe blindness of the world is a fact andLove’s eyes are open to all.

Cute Lesbian Love Quotes

49. We loved with a love beyond love. – Edgar Allan Poe

Lesbian Love Quotes

50 True love is when your partner can be better than you. the person they’re destined to be. – Michelle Yeoh

best lesbian love quotes

51 There are many reasons to love and admire you. Your sweet smile, your innocent laugh, and your cute smile are all reasons to love you. andYour kind heart makes it possible for me to love you.

Lesbian Love Quotes

52 To love andTo feel loved is to be loved theBoth sides of the sun. – David Viscott

Cute Love Quotes and Sayings

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