Creative Advertising Techniques for Your Startup


Getting started can be the hardest part of running a business. These are the make or break moments that could determine the path of our lives for the next several years. While we are working to gain market exposure, it can be good to take a step back, take a deep breath, and consider some new and creative ways to handle your marketing strategy. It is important to not do what everyone else is doing. The more creative you are with your marketing approach, the better off you will be. Here are some top tips for creative advertising techniques for your new business. 


External Help

There is no need to rely only on your internal marketing team when it comes to creative advertising. The Gone App blog has lots of recommendations for how to get others to market your brand. Here are two important ways startups are doing just that! 

Connect With Influencers

Influencers have a special place in the advertising world. That is because, although they are paid collaborations, they seem to be reviewing or recommending products on a more natural basis. 

Viewers have the feeling that they are getting a sneak peek into the life of someone they admire. It can seem almost like a friend grabs your ear and tells you how great a product is. 

Of course, getting in touch with influencers is just the first step. They really do have to like and approve of your product, as they are also worried about taking care of their brand. If their fans notice that they recommend several unfortunate products, they might start to lose clout. 

Get Reviewed by Experts

 While you can ask personal social media celebrities to market for you, there is nothing stronger than a positive review by an expert in your field. Like when books list praise from newspapers and other authors on their cover, reviews from insiders can tell us even more about how a product performs–the more extensive the review, the better

The reviews at Asiabet are an excellent example of the kind of honest, expert review you want for your brand. They have been reviewing online casinos and betting sites in Asia since 2013, so they definitely know what they are talking about. They even go the extra step to show people how to sign up and enjoy the top gambling sites they recommend. They complement their reviews with information on payment options, betting tips, and gambling regulations. You can tell these reviews are trustworthy based on all the levels of online betting expertise they have.

A Recognizable Character

So many advertising campaigns have been built around a specific and recognizable character. Because humans love stories, and we remember narratives well, it is important to have characters in these stories. Even if it is a tiny story, as you will not be able to tell a saga in a thirty second commercial, it can be enough to really grab customers.

Take for example the advertisement campaign from Six Flags. These commercials featured a seemingly old and frail man who began to dance with joy and sudden spriteness when he got to Six Flags. Here, the character is the old man, and the story is that Six Flags makes people so happy that they return to their youth. This was an effective advertising campaign using a character.

Direct Response Offers

In direct response offers, you ask potential customers to do something in exchange for some sort of benefit. They are also called “call to actions.” Depending on your company, this can take many forms, and you can distribute them via a number of media. Whether via the radio, emails, text message groups, or the television, they should offer a clear reward and also be clear about what your potential customers should do. 

This is a great opportunity for you to begin your relationship with your new customers. Make the most of this opportunity to build something. It is a great time to offer a free trial or a discount if they sign up to a newsletter or create an account. This way, you can continue communicating with them and offering them new products and services as you develop them.

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