Cozy Up and Watch: TV Show Ideas for a Relaxing Weekend

Movies and TV shows are a great way to ease your everyday burden and relax.

Get ready to be amazed by the finest shows currently streaming on BBC iPlayer.Whether your heart races for crime dramas like Magpie Murders or you crave the thrill of reality TV adventures in Race Across the World, you’ll find a treasure trove of captivating content to keep you on the edge of your favorite seat.

If you’re in the mood for some musical magic, look no further than That’s My Jam, where celebrities compete in electrifying musical challenges. For those with a taste for the mysterious, Steeltown Murders will immerse you in a world of suspense and enigma as a detective unravels a series of chilling crimes.

With so many choices, BBC iPlayer has something for everyone. Just lean back, unwind, and let these top-notch shows transport your mind into a soothing journey.

Race Across the World

Race Across the World is a TV show for people who love adventure. In this show, teams have to travel from one place to another using only buses, trains, and other land-based ways. They can’t use planes or fancy stuff. It’s like a race against time, and they get to see lots of different cultures and beautiful places around the world. It’s a thrilling journey!

In the first series, there were five pairs of people who started a race. These pairs were Natalie and Shameema, Jinda and Bindu, Darron and Alex, Josh and Felix, and Sue and Clare. Jinda and Bindu had to leave the race because of a family illness, so they were replaced by Elaine and Tony. Sue and Clare were sent home because they came last in Baku. Want to know who won the first sereis? Get BBC iPlayer VPN and binge-watch the entire series from anywhere in the word!

Blue Lights

Blue Lights is a TV show set in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It’s about three new police officers just starting their jobs in the Police Service of Northern Ireland. The show started on 27th March 2023 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. It’s so good that they’re making another series in 2023. Blue Lights is all about the real challenges police officers face. It shows how their work affects their personal lives. Each day, they face challenging situations, and the show portrays their experiences very realistically with outstanding performances.

Each day, they face challenging situations, and the show portrays their experiences very realistically with outstanding performances. The show shows the friendships between officers and how they spend a lot of time together, almost like a tiny office on wheels. Before they started filming, she talked to real police officers, social workers, and people from Belfast to make the show as real as possible.

Steeltown Murders

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride with Steeltown Murders! This TV show jumps between 1973 and the early 2000s, and it’s all about solving a mysterious crime in Port Talbot, Wales. What makes it super exciting is that they crack the case nearly 30 years later, thanks to fancy DNA analysis.

But here’s the twist – you get to see how the cops did their thing in the 1970s, and then you witness the high-tech crime-solving of the 2000s. It’s like a crime-solving time warp!

Not only that, but it’s also a peek into a town dealing with an unsolved case for three whole decades. Can they finally get justice?

If you love intense crime dramas, Steeltown Murders is the right choice for you.In a small town where killers roam freely, one determined detective is on a mission to bring them to justice. With its moody setting, top-notch acting, and a mind-blowing plot twist, Steeltown Murders will leave you craving more action and suspense!

Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise is a British-French TV series that mixes crime, comedy, and drama. It was created by Robert Thorogood and has had various lead actors over the years, including Ben Miller, Kris Marshall, Ardal O’Hanlon, and Ralf Little.Death in Paradise has been a hit with viewers and generally got positive reviews since it started. The most recent series, number 12, aired in the UK from January to February 2023. Two more series are already planned, so the show will keep running until at least 2025. There’s even a spin-off series called Beyond Paradise.Most episodes end on a light note with the police officers enjoying some funny moments or heading to Catherine’s bar. In the final episodes of some series, there’s usually a twist where the lead detective thinks about leaving the island but decides to stay.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a British TV series about crime and drama. It’s set in Calder Valley, West Yorkshire, and it’s been a hit with audiences.The story revolves around Catherine Cawood, a police sergeant from Halifax, West Yorkshire. She’s been through a lot, including her daughter’s tragic suicide eight years ago. Catherine is now raising her grandson, Ryan, who was born because her daughter was raped by Tommy Lee Royce. Catherine is determined to confront Tommy, who she blames for her daughter’s death. Little does she know that Tommy is involved in a criminal organization planning to kidnap Anne Gallagher, the daughter of a wealthy businessman.

In the second series, things have changed. Catherine is back at work and has received the Queen’s Police Medal for her bravery. She saved Gallagher from Royce, who is now in prison. But when Royce’s mother is killed, Catherine gets tangled up in a murder case. She also has to deal with a human trafficking operation linked to the serial killings. Meanwhile, detectives suspect that Victoria Fleming, the supposed fourth victim of the serial killer, might have been murdered by someone else. Catherine’s grandson, Ryan, forms a connection with his father and suggests forgiving Royce, which worries the family.

Magpie Murders

Magpie Murders is a captivating mystery adapted from Anthony Horowitz’s bestseller. In this intriguing tale, we follow Susan Ryeland, an editor who receives an unfinished manuscript from author Alan Conway, setting off a chain of events that will change her life.

If you love mystery novels and gripping murder mysteries, Magpie Murders is a must-see for you. It’s a thrilling story about a book editor who finds herself caught up in a real murder investigation. With its clever plot twists and fascinating characters, Magpie Murders will leave you pondering the unimaginable possibilities.

The show stars Lesley Manville as Susan Ryeland and Tim McMullan as the famous fictional detective Atticus Pünd, making it a must-watch for mystery enthusiasts


  1. Can I download shows from BBC iPlayer for offline viewing?

 Yes, you can download shows from BBC iPlayer to watch offline within a limited time frame.

  1. What is Race Across the World about?

Race Across the World is a thrilling TV show where teams embark on a journey from one place to another, relying solely on land-based transportation such as buses and trains. They are not allowed to use planes or luxury means of travel, resulting in a race full of cultural exploration and scenic beauty.

3. Who stars in Magpie Murders?

Magpie Murders features Lesley Manville as Susan Ryeland and Tim McMullan as the famous fictional detective Atticus Pünd, making it a must-watch for mystery enthusiasts.

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