Converting SAND to ETH in 2023

Should You Swap SAND for ETH in 2023?

If you are reading this, the odds are you’ve tried the Sandbox metaverse. The immersive 3D world allows you to purchase a virtual property and customize it. You can add different games and unique experiences, while the game also supports exploring a shared online map.

The Sandbox uses an ERC-20 token called SAND, which implies that the Ethereum blockchain is the platform’s foundation. That means you can convert SAND to ETH easily on most exchanges. But is that a smart way to go?

Check out our analysis of this trading pair and discover if it’s the right move below. 

How Is The Sandbox Doing in the Crypto Market?

The Sandbox game is currently in its alpha season. It attracted a lot of attention from investors, and even celebrities like Katy Perry and Justin Timberlake supported the project financially. Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Stanislas Wawrinka, and others are in the metaverse. Reputable brands like Adidas and Gucci also collaborate with The Sandbox.

The project is only in the early phase. Although it could take time for metaverse technologies to develop, The Sandbox seems to have loads of potential. SAND currently has a market cap set at $650 million, and it’s getting closer to the top 50 coins in the crypto rankings.

Analyzing SAND Price

SAND’s current value is around $0.4. The coin has gone through turbulent times ever since its establishment in 2020. Its initial value was around $0.05, but it started growing quickly. 

A huge jump followed in October 2021 when SAND’s price exceeded $1. It didn’t take long for the currency to reach its all-time high in November 2021. Its value was a whopping $8.44!

But bad times for the crypto market affected this currency, too. With occasional small rebounds, it lost almost 95% of its peak value by today.

How Is Ethereum Doing in the Crypto market?

Ethereum has established itself as the top alternative to Bitcoin, and it’s been in second place in crypto rankings for years. The layer-1 blockchain supports smart contracts and dApps, and its ecosystem is decentralized, secure, and programmable. Ethereum is continuously working on releasing upgrades that improve security, scalability, and sustainability.

Although it faces many competitors and it’s far from perfect, Ethereum remains a vital player in the crypto world. Its market cap is at an impressive $148 billion.

Analyzing ETH Price

ETH coin first appeared in 2015, with an opening price of $2.8. Ethereum blockchain has been an ambitious project from the start, and the token mostly gained value during the coming years. In January 2018, it reached $1,292, which is impressive for an altcoin.

Although a correction followed, it was only the beginning of ETH. Up until the end, 2021 was a great year for the coin and the entire crypto market. ETH had a value of $4,891.70 in November 2021, which was its all-time peak.

The market crisis caused ETH value to drop significantly. Its current price is around $1,200, which shows it managed to maintain a decent value despite the frequent market crashes.

Is Trading SAND for ETH a Good Idea?

Let’s see these two examples that might help you decide:

  1. You own a SAND coin worth $0.42 at the moment. The estimations vary, but most experts believe the token’s value could reach $0.85 by the end of 2023. That means holding SAND could be profitable since its price might more than double in 12 months.
  2. In December 2025, SAND’s price could be $1.71. If you are in for long-term investments, you could expect the value to be four times higher than the current coin’s price.

Now, let’s do the same for Ethereum:

  1. ETH is now worth $1,160. Experts believe the price would remain the same, but it surely shouldn’t exceed $1,411 by the end of 2023. That means your profit would be around 21%.
  2. In December 2025, Ethereum could be worth $3,826. That indicates your long-term profit could be around 329%, but only if you are willing to wait around three years.


ETH has a far higher value per coin than SAND. If you plan to invest large amounts, even small price increases could yield big profits when calculated in dollars instead of percentages. ETH might require some patience, but it seems like a stable long-term deal.

The Sandbox seems promising, and we might see a huge jump in SAND’s value soon, making this a better short-term investment. Ultimately, this is your call, just like with other trading pairs. Don’t neglect other options, such as converting BTC to XMR or exploring other great investment opportunities!


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