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City GirlsJatavia Shakara and Caresha Romeka Bollee are part of the group known as JT or Yung Miami. They are quickly rising to prominence as top female rappers, and they encourage their fans to keep their eyes on the prize: making money. No matter how big or small, it doesn’t matter. City Girls lyric, it’s bound to have your mind on money.

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Literally, it is the whole theme of most City GirlsSongs is about having good sex and getting paid. These lyrics can be used as a reminder to stay with those who pay you.

City Girls Lyrics As Quotes & Captions

City GirlsSocial media captions can be beautiful with quotes. These lyrics are from City GirlsSongs will inspire you to get money from people and to focus on your money.

Boy, this pussy talk English, Spanish, and French (Hello)Boy, this pussy talk Euros, dollars, and yensBoy, this pussy talk Bentleys, Rovers, and BenzBoy, this pussy fly private to islands, to M’sBoy, this pussy talk Birkin, Gucci, Chanel (Eeow)Boy, this pussy talk Louis, Pucci, YSL


Lifestyle Advice City Girls LyricsTo encourage you:

Regularity is not for me.

City Girls (Yung Miami lyrics in Careless)

City GirlsQuotes on Sex:

Money makes me cum.

City Girls(Yung Miami lyrics at Where The Bag At

N:gga, you can break bread if it’s your preference.

City Girls(Yung Miami lyrics in Millionaired:ck)

This pussy ain’t free, you gotta pay for this!Gotta take a bitch out on a date for thisGotta cop me a Benz and a Wraith for this

City Girls (Yung Miami in Sweet Tooth)

His dick is like a motorcycle.

Yung Miami (City Girls- All Eyes on me

City GirlsLyric Quotes on Love

Do not fall in love. Breaking n:ggas can be fatal.

City Girls(Yung Miami lyrics in Millionaired:ck).

City GirlsQuotes on Haters

My own daddy said I wouldn’t be sh:t (fuck that n:gga)I looked at him like we gon’ see b:tch (I’m on now)

City Girls(JT lyrics in Rap SH:t)

Ho, don’t you know? Can’t you understand?If you fck with me, I’ll take your man

City Girls(JT lyrics in Take Yo Man).

Have a problem? Fix it.

City Girls (JT lyrics in Tighten Up)

Get snatched up!

City GirlsAct Now

City Girls LyricsWhat to know about dating

I ain’t got time for these n:ggas, cause these n:ggas ain’t nothin’

City Girls (JT lyrics in Tighten Up)

I may keep you company if your head is on fire.

City Girls(JT lyrics from Sweet Tooth)

If your ass a broke n:gga, hell nah, I can’t date ya.

City Girls(JT lyrics in “Act Up”

Spoil me like my daddy, you can fck me ’til I’m raspy

City Girls(Yung Miami lyrics at Where The Bag At

Rule number one: Never ever, ever fall in love or be in a relationship with a dick you meet in the club.

City Girls(Yung Miami lyrics in How To pimp a N.gga

Tell the n:gga exactly what you want so he can pay your bills

City Girls(JT lyrics from How To Pimp A N:gga

Where are you?

City Girls(JT lyrics from Sweet Tooth)

I don’t want no broke n:gga with good dick.

City Girls(JT lyrics at Where the Bag is)

I’m an independent b:tch, but I wanna spend your sh:t.

City Girls(JT lyrics In No Time)

Which City GirlsWhich lyric is your favorite? These are some of the best lyrics I’ve ever read. City GirlsHere are some lyrics from other famous musicians.

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These are the best City GirlsUse lyrics to caption your social media posts. They will be a hit with your followers. Which one of these? City GirlsWhat is your next Instagram caption, quotes? Please let us know what you think in the comments.


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