Chuwi Tablet Review 2023: Top FULL Guide

Chuwi Tablet Review 2021 Top FULL Guide

This Chuwi Tablet Review provides you a completely new look at it. Using a Windows 10.1 inch display size and battery, you can receive all the features on only one tablet.

If you still have some queries relating to this item, please connect us to discover its specifics. Here is our entire review of the product testing procedure.

In addition, in Chuwi’s tablet products, there are privacy policy and rights reserved policies and absolute protection of customer information.

Chuwi Hi10 XR 2-in-1 Convertible Tablet Inspection

Chuwi Hi10 XR 2-in-1 Convertible Tablet Inspection

Hardware & construct quality

The Hi10 is powered by Intel’s most up-to-date Atom X5 Z8300, and it is a 2-watt quad-core CPU that can increase up to 1.84Ghz. The GPU is a 12 EU Intel Gen unit.

The Z8300 is the smallest of Cherry Trail processors, around similar rates to the elderly Bay Route Z3735F, but it’s a bulge up in graphics performance across the Bay Route Atom and supports things such as up to 4k @ 30fps HDMI outside and USB 3.0 and high-speed MicroSD card slots.

The Ram is 4GB of single station LPDDR3 Ram with 11-11-11-28 timings. Consequently, it is considerably slower than the dual-channel X5 Z8500 Atom’s, as noticed from the Teclast X98 Guru or Teclast X16 Pro.

The construct of this Hi10 is 100% plastic aside from the glass signature panel, a switch in the Vi10’s tempered glass front and back panels. This produces the pill lighter in 528 g or 647 g of this Vi10.

The drawback is that the tablet does not feel as strong in hand. The back is a textured plastic that’s prone to fingerprints and smudges.

Cost and availability

You may purchase the Hi10 XR out of Chuwi right for $249. Insert from the keyboard along with the stylus pen for $20 each. A fully kitted Hi10 XR would therefore price $289. In contrast, the Surface Move sells for $399.99 with its own.

Wish to purchase technician from Chinese online retailers? Read this first.

Computer dock: (Optional)

The Chuwi Hi10 Keyboard docks in a similar way to the ASUS Transformer Book T100. The end of this pier is a matte soft-touch coating.

The pier is complete vinyl and feels substantial. To block the tablet from tipping over when docked, there’s weight over the computer keyboard.

There’s a USB 2.0 interface on the ideal side, and the maximum angle it could tilt back is restricted. The motive, of course, is straightforward if it had been to lean back, and it might tip over or need a heftier counterweight.

Overall, I find the scanning encounter requires a bit to adapt because the bigger 10.1 sizes and the trackpad are relatively small but helpful. I believe that it’s worth the investment to become a computer keyboard.

Battery life

The Hi10 includes an 8000 mAh battery, just like the Vi10. Putting the pill into 50% brightness, Wireless on, and browsing the web, seeing a couple of clips of Mr. Robot, I was able for 6 hours and 55 minutes until it closed me down.

This is not a bad total whatsoever, and round exactly like the Chuwi Vi10, that isn’t bad since that’s a 1920 x 1200 screen along with the Vi10 has just a 1366 x 768 display.

I believe running the display brightness down low, and on the plane, the model needs to loop an HD picture for a good 8-9 hours.

It doesn’t function as the existing Atom X5 Z8300 winner that the X98 Plus gets just over 8 hours.

Layout and attributes

We obtained the tablet computer and the computer keyboard package and will take a look at the duo together. Indeed, the goal appears to be that the Microsoft Surface Move pill (and to a lesser extent than the Surface Move 2); however, the Hi10 XR is close enough to the first Hi10 to wonder if Chuwi is not only on the lookout for new ideas from an old playbook.

The similarities with its predecessors are bothering:

  • Same display size (10.1-inch).
  • Same display resolution and aspect ratio (16:10, 1920 x 1200 pixels).
  • Virtually the same size/weight (262 x 167 x 8.8mm, only beneath 600g).

The Hi10 XR also has a back 5-megapixel camera plus a built-in 2-megapixel one. It feels and looks strong because of some CNC complete metal body and also what Chuwi coins”anodic sandblast oxidation procedures” to give it that smooth end.

The display is glistening – as anticipated – and contains thick bezels (between 15mm and 22mm), indicating the usage cases meant for the tablet computer.

It connects via two straps on the bottom to some physical docking keyboard in stark contrast to the milder and less competent computer cover of this Hi10 or the Surface Move.

That peripheral includes two USB Type-A interfaces to the four interfaces located on the pill (just two USB Type-C, one micro HDMI, and one sound interface ), all found on the left border of the tablet computer, alongside a microSD card. The power button and a volume rocker are situated on the top edge.

The computer keyboard isn’t perfect, though; it’s thicker than the tablet computer, does not include another battery, and after more, the tablet-turned-screen has restricted folding capability.

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Display and touch response

The Hi10 sports a 10.1-inch 1920 x 1200 pixel 16:10 ratio display. The version information is N080JCE-G41 in the unknown manufacturer. INNOLUX might draw it up.

The display is a change in the 16:9 ratio display in the Vi10. This ratio provides a slightly more square display than the 10.6″ Vi10 panel, and the resolution increase is quite noticeable.

The display is bright and sharp, one of the critical characteristics of this tablet is its display, and it is excellent to see Chuwi select a fantastic panel.

Having a pleasant PPI of 224, it isn’t easy to see individual pixels. Still, it is shy of becoming a”retina” display whatever 264 PPI or over Apple calls for a Retina display.

You are having a maximum screen brightness of 322 cd/m² that the display is brighter than many and at 0 percent Nominal down to a low 12 cd/m² which makes it acceptable for nighttime usage without damaging your eyes.

Blacks are intensely black, and viewing angles are great with this IPS panel. It’s also not entirely laminated. Therefore there’s a gap between the IPS panel along the glass over it. The display includes a spare screen protector, and you are already employed in the mill.

And It is not scratch-resistant glass. Having these screen protectors comprised only backs up the requirement for a display protector.

No more fixed or dead pixels to be viewed, and everyone I revealed this pill also commented on how the display was bright and quite apparent.

Windows & Performance

Windows 10 Home 64bit is your OS that ships out to the Hi10. On the first boot, you receive 44.1GB of free space on such 64GB eMMC.

The Windows 10 construct is the most recent picture as it currently comprises the extensive November upgrade inside, therefore no need to download and then upgrade that through Windows updates.

The operation of all Windows is as expected for the Atom X5 Z8300. It runs fast. Opening folders and transferring the OS is quick. Just once you begin to push the tablet computer multitasking, opening up different applications at precisely the same time as if you detect it begins to slow down.

Getting 4GB of RAM versus the conventional two on most other Z8300 pills does not make it feel almost quicker. It will let you multitask more before the machine begins using virtual ram writing to the internal storage; that is when things start to slow down.

Edge dashes and fluid, Chrome, on the other hand, is not so liquid. Sure it works well. However, the scrolling is not anywhere near as easy as Edge.

Chrome will be far more demanding. By way of instance, a 4k YouTube clip steamed in Chrome will lag and bypass frames. But in Edge, it will flow 4k just fine so long as your net connection can keep it up.

I had no problems with all the Hi10 for a desktop computer, utilizing a wireless mouse, keyboard and plugging it into my screen. I was able to output 2560 x 1440p in 60hz without any difficulties. It has been significant enough to get a very low-power desktop for real jobs.


With just two 2MP camera detectors front and rear, you may imagine they do not take an excellent picture. The graphics looked washed with inferior colors, overall bad in any way.

The rear camera is not out focusing, not helpful in taking pictures of text or other files. For movie chat programs like Skype, I found the camera fine, and it suffers slightly in low light using some pixelization. Provided that the lighting is fine, you get a good enough HD picture on Skype.

I have included a few samples below so that you can see exactly what I mean, render the image shooting up to your cellular phone or committed camera.


Out of the Chuwi versions, the J App provides an appreciation of this Chuwi Hi10 variant. Not just about the plan outdoors but also the precious attributes within.

The Chuwi Hi10 might not be a step upward in CPU power within the Vi10 version, but it makes up for this using a full-sized USB 3.0 interface, a quicker MicroSD card slot, HDMI up to 4k, and the display is significantly enhanced.

In general, I could suggest the Hi10 to a person following a cheap Windows 10 tablet computer with functional full-size USB interfaces plus a transformer book-style computer screen foundation.

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