Best Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

How can you relieve holiday stress better than giving joyous news about your baby?

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If you’re looking for ChristmasWe have all the information you need to announce your pregnancy.

We searched the Internet for the best and most creative ways to announce your pregnancy. ChristmasStyle.

100 Ways to Announce You PregnancyDuring Christmas

1. ChristmasBurn

A beautiful way to announce your intentions is to place delicate wood-burned messages on tree decorations Christmas pregnancy.

2. Santa Baby

A Santa egg, along with a message and painted eggs, provides a dose of sweetness. ChristmasHave fun

3. Stitched

A cross stitch placed on the mantle, which is slightly unruly, is a great way to tell your family you are pregnant.

4. 4.

Decorate your home Christmas ornaments with “Mom” and “Dad” and place a little ball between them.

5. Keepsake

You can either make a decoration from your ultrasound image or hire someone to do it for you.

6. Tree Farm Fun

Enjoy simple things and have fun ChristmasThis is a pregnancy announcement. No need to get too creative with this one — everyone will figure out what it means.

7. Monochrome or Merry

Traditional Christmas photo with a “BABY” banner held between you creates a timeless and classic pregnancy announcement for Christmas.

8. T-Shirts and Toes

Take part in the Christmas get-togethers while wearing a t-shirt like this and watch the pregnancy announcement ideas start dancing through everyone’s heads. Some may need to take longer to get the meaning of this shirt.

9. Rhymes

You can use a rhyme such as this one in a Christmas card, on your social media profiles, or anywhere you’d like to share your pregnancy news.

10. Ho Ho Oh

You can communicate your message using a play on words such as this announcement.

11. 11.

For a fun way to share your news, make a speech bubble.

12. Make labels

Create an image, make your own labels, and give everyone a gift they’ll never forget.

13. Buy them

Product Image of the 8 Pregnancy Announcement Gifts, Announcing New Baby Reveal, Funny Wine Bottle...

If you’re not crafty, you can buy some gorgeous labels.

14. Matching PJ’s

How cute are these PJ’s? These PJ’s will be all you need to share your news.

15. Digital Downloads

Save a file, then edit it to add your details. ChristmasPregnancy announcement

16. Elfie

If you’re stuck for Elf-On-The-Shelf ideas this year, you can use this one.

17. Pictures and letterboards

What about a fun message on a signboard to announce your new job? Christmas pregnancy?

18. Silly siblings

How’s this for a unique ChristmasAnnounce your pregnancy All you need to do is send a sister and some sweaters along with an ultrasound of the baby.

19. Use a Santa Hat

Put your boots in front of the tree and add an ultrasound and Santa hat. ChristmasPregnancy announcement

20. See What I Did!

This proud new dad-to–be is evidently proud of his accomplishments. Sometimes, a simple photo with a joyful expression can be the best way to announce your new dad.

21. The Gift

You can let everyone know you got the best gift and dress up your baby with a big ribbon, bow and gift tag.

22. Onesie News

You can either share this photo or send a onesie to someone you love. ChristmasPregnancy announcement

23. 23.

Make your own ChristmasShare your card pregnancy announcement with everyone you love

24. 24.

Product Image of the CafePress Christmas Elf Holiday Maternity T Shirt Cotton Maternity T-Shirt, Side...

Show up to surprise your family ChristmasYou can eat dinner in a tshirt. I’m sure on this occasion they won’t mind.

25. Big News from Big Brother

A big brother sign can be a great way for you to share your important news

26. 26.

A cute twist on the “blurred parents” pregnancy announcement.

27. 27.

Deck the tree with ornaments and baubles if the family is coming over for the holidays.

28 28.

You can create a ChristmasScene and caption it with ChristmasSong title

29. 29.

This puzzle is perfect for your family. ChristmasPregnancy announcement

30. Another Brother

Let the sibling announce the news and be the star of your show. They’ll love it, and your family will too.

31. 31.

Dress them in their finest attire ChristmasMake sure your child is reading this book at their best.

32. Hang Time

Place an extra stocking near the fire, and your loved ones can do the math.

33. Onesie and a Song

A few of these suggestions could be combined to create a holiday-inspired announcement photo.

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34 34. Christmas

Just because it’s Christmas, there’s no need to exclude Batman.

35 Cutie PJ’s

A super cute Christmas pregnancy announcement that you’ll look back on and love years from now.

36 How’d That Happen?

Product Image of the Oh Deer! I

If you don’t like cute, you might try humor.

37. Dinky Decor

How adorable is this? ChristmasAnnouncement of pregnancy? And it’s a keepsake your parents will love.

38 It’s A Sign

You may all that is needed is a play on words and a chalkboard sign.

39. Pretty as a Picture

Your announcement could be doubled ChristmasYou will receive a card and an opportunity for you to share your most recent photos with your baby.

40 Fancy Frames

An adorable pregnancy announcement is made using smiles, ultrasound pictures, and a chalkboard. Christmas.

41 Slogan

It all comes together with a letterboard slogan and love in background

42 It’s Behind You

Send your announcement about your pregnancy to another person ChristmasPhoto. You’ll find out who is observant in your family, and who isn’t.

43 ChristmasTwist

There’s this twist on the old “bun in the oven” announcement.

44. 44.

Wrap it ChristmasGift in an eye-catching announcement about your pregnancy.

45 Tableau

Make a chic stack of baby products and a sign to convey your message.

46. 46.

Product Image of the CafePress Baby Bump

Baby’s first ChristmasThey may even be born before they get here.

47 Paint it

You could use a painted sign to announce your intentions.

48 Take Care

Put an ultrasound on a stocking and that’s all you have to do to make your announcement.

49 49.

The message should be clearened by a simple picture of baby booties for holiday.

50 Cryptic

This subtle ChristmasPregnancy announcements are for those who like to keep things cryptic.

51 Joyful Chest

With a onesie and a keepsake box, make your announcement a lasting gift.

52 52.

Create these table announcement gifts — they’ll be an elegant way to spill your news.

53 On Santa’s Lap

Tell Santa for memorable photos.

54 Sweet Surprise

Cookies make news sound even better.

55 Sweet Surprise 2

You can also make this your ChristmasTakeout cake

56 Gift ‘Em

A few gift boxes and a simple note will suffice.

57 Poor Puppy

You can share funny puppy thoughts with the big news.

58 Stocking Boxes

Gifts like these are perfect for that special person.

59. Party Time

Let everyone know there’s a baby on the way and that you’re having a gender reveal party, all at once.

60 Grandparents-To Be

Gift the grandparents the best present this year, and you can outdo the rest of your family.

61 Sweet Sweater

Product Image of the TeeYuh Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Gift Ugly Xmas Sweater Sweatshirt Black

This is how to make an ugly face ChristmasParty in a sweater

62 Happiest Holiday

This neutral announcement about a holiday pregnancy is simple to reproduce.

63 Decorate

Hang one of these on your parents’ trees and see how long it takes them to get the message.

64 Cheery Trio

What about an Instagram announcement of pregnancy?

65 65.

For those who don’t need a face-to-face announcement, bring your little one and a joke onboard.

66 Tiny Night

Use tiny shoes to spread the word. If you don’t already have a baby, there will be no confusion with this one.

67 How Many?

Check out how many ChristmasYou can use songs to help you announce your pregnancy.

68 Stylish Announcements

This announcement is stylish and easy to recreate.

69 Promotion

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Arrange your “promotion” announcement in a holiday setting.

70 Stereo

Why not make couples t-shirts?

71 Back Order

Product Image of the Your Christmas Gift is on Backorder Pregnancy Announcement Onesie

They won’t mind their gift being on back order this year.

72 72.

Fun onesie for the beach ChristmasTrees are beautiful.

73. Mix it

For your unique blend of ideas, you can combine a few ideas ChristmasPregnancy announcement

74 Consolation Prize

They are adorable, and they make great announcements about pregnancy.

75 Keep it Simple

Mom + dad + Ultrasound + seasonal clothes = adorable ChristmasPregnancy announcement

76 Holiday Happiness

A simple, flat setting makes for a beautiful photo.

77. Songs & PJ’s

This holiday announcement about pregnancy is another twist on similar ingredients.

78 ChristmasListe

Product Image of the WaaHome Dear Santa Pregnancy Announcement Chalkboard Style Sign Christmas Kids...

Make the baby part of your little one’s ChristmasCheck out the list.

79 A Family Affair

You can even get your entire family involved.

80 First ChristmasStocking

Get up and do it! ChristmasStocking is a partnership between you and your partner. Bonus points if it doubles up as a gender reveal.

81 Serial Announcement

This adorable and copy-worthy photo series shows a little girl opening a gift. ChristmasPregnancy announcement

82 Wreaths

Oder, you could try a staged shot with a wreath or an ultrasound.

83. I Sighted A Sign

Product Image of the Olive & Emma Pregnancy Chalkboard | 12

This sign can be used by itself, as a couple or with children.

84 Personalized

Stockings personalized make great gifts ChristmasAnnouncement of pregnancy for guests. A photo can be uploaded for everyone else.

85 News Gift

This year, give the gift of promotion by sharing the new titles with your family members.

86 Passed The Exam

The Elf, the tests, some homemade bunting. This is a fun and unique way to announce your pregnancy.

87 Edit-Ultra

A fun way to announce your pregnancy is to add a candy cane or hat.

88 Lit

Sign this label to tell your sister the good news.

89 Lumberjack Check

The story is told by a bassinet, some lumberjack fleece, and a letterboard.

90 Keepsakes

Gift a sonogram decoration to someone special

91 Under the Tree

You may only need a picture of your chalkboard sign.

92. Not just Santa

Product Image of the Santa Isn

A bodysuit lets everyone know that Santa won’t be alone this year.

93 Stockings Dated

As a change from the often-used “years of birth on our shoes” pregnancy announcement, you could use a line of stockings with birth years instead.

94 Hats Off

A handmade baby hat is fun! ChristmasAnnouncement of pregnancy.

95. Merrier Christmas

Signs to say that the more is the merrier can be a wonderful way to share holiday news.

96 Hold On!

Product Image of the Heart

These can be gifted or hung on your tree. They are beautiful in any way you choose. ChristmasPregnancy announcement

97 Poke Fun

Acknowledge there’ll be no more silent nights for a while.

98 Santa Visits

Take the family to see Santa and capture their “response” to the big news.

99 99.

This can be used in place of a Do Not Enter sign. People will understand if you go to holiday parties earlier than usual in order to get more sleep.

100 100.

This is a great opportunity to get a Christmas twist on the “shocked on the bed” pregnancy announcement idea.

Happy Holidays

You can also make your own ChristmasIt will be a great pregnancy announcement. How? Because you’re going to end up with a new baby in the new year.

Nothing could be more spectacular than this.

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