19 Adorable Baby Christmas Picture Ideas You Should Try!

ChristmasThis is the most beautiful time of year.

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Especially if a family just welcomed a new member and they are celebrating the baby’s first ChristmasTogether.

Here are the results. 19 adorable baby ChristmasPicture ideas for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to capture a newborn or an older baby, we can help. YouHere you will find inspiration!

Sweet baby

1. A Newborn Photo Shoot with Minimal Props: Keep the Focus on the Baby Baby

For this idea, you’ll only rely on some simple newborn poses and minimal props.

For example, the baby can be dressed in a naked outfit or in knitted diapers. The head and face should be the focus.

Keep it simple. It’s enough to have a cute Santa hat and bow.

YouYou want to be centered on the baby, with just a hint. ChristmasFeeling.

The newborn photo shoot should be easy and emphasize that the newborn was born during this time. ChristmasTime.


2. Make a newborn a little snowman with fun props

YouFun can make any newborn look more exciting Christmas-themed props.

Once you have photos of the baby as the main attraction, it is time to add some more.

Try the classic ‘potato sack’ pose – where the baby is wrapped in some kind of fabric – to create a snowman look.

YouA toy, such as a teddy bear and snowman, can be placed next to the baby. The toy can even be used in the upcoming years’ photo shoots as a scale.

Harmony can be achieved by arranging the elements. Images will look pleasing and harmonious if the rule of thirds is followed.

Sweet Christmas photo of a baby dressed as a snowman

3. Photo Shoot with Siblings

ChristmasPictures of babies can show the bond between family members.

It’s a nice idea to take images of a baby’s first ChristmasWith older siblings

If the baby is too small to be held safely, ask the parents to get the baby onto their lap.

If you have them sitting under the tree, it can give the impression that the baby is a present. A cute little present who just came into the family’s life! This gives the photos a personal touch.

A little girl holding a newborn baby for their first christmas photo shoot

4. Photo shoot with the parents

ChristmasPhotos of the family are a beautiful reflection of love and oneness. And how the little one’s first ChristmasIt was widely celebrated.

For that special moment between parent and baby, you can add variety to your photos by only taking one photo at a time.

For these moments to be intimate, parents should look at the baby and not at the camera.

Closed eyes and smiling at one another creates a sense of closeness and bond. YouFor a photo full of love, ask them to kiss the baby.

Have fun with baby ChristmasPose. Holding the baby in the air like in The Lion King.

Ask family members to recreate real-life scenarios for candid shots. You can open presents to add action to your images.

YouYou can be as creative and free as you like with these photo shoots. It’s a great idea to have the entire family wear matching outfits.

Sweet first Christmas photo of a couple holding their baby in front of the christmas tree

5. Involve the Family’s Pet for Extra Cuteness

You should include pets in the event that they are part of the family. ChristmasPhoto shoot

Pose the baby and pet in a similar way by using the same props for both of them and make everyone’s heart melt.

It’s hard to capture them both in a calm moment at the same time. However, you can create adorable photos by themselves and then combine them in Photoshop.

One thing is more adorable than a baby Santa… a baby Santa with a puppy Santa together.

Cute baby Christmas photo of a newborn and a dog wearing Santa hats in bed

6. Take Snowy Pictures for a Different Side of the World Christmas

We don’t always have a white ChristmasWe should take advantage of this opportunity when it comes up!

In countries with winter cold, snow is closely associated with the joy and celebration.

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YouThe baby can be dressed in a cute outfit ChristmasYou can wear the same outfit but a simple winter dress will work.

Don’t worry if the styling of your photo shoot is not strongly connected to the holiday. It’s still going to reflect a Christmassy feeling.

The shoot will be long so the baby needs to be dressed warmly. Try to take the photos quickly so you don’t have to stay outside for too long.

Sweet Christmas photo of a baby in the snow

7. Take Closeup Photos of the BabyTo Capture Happiness

Don’t let the baby get lost among Christmas decorations. Make close portraits so the face fills the majority of the frame.

ChristmasPhotographs of babies are often too crowded due to the props and surroundings. Instead, try to capture their joy and smiles.

The focus of the photo should be the baby’s expression.

The family is going to love these photos, showcasing their little one’s true self.

Sweet Christmas photo of baby dressed as Santa

8. To create more intimacy, capture details

Capturing the baby’s hands, feet or eyes are great ideas for the first ChristmasPhoto shoot

These close-up images create an intimate feeling while enhancing the baby’ gestures.

This is an excellent opportunity to include the parents. Asking a parent to hold hands can create contrast between the tiny baby and their larger parents.

Pictures of adorable candids can be made with soft touches and some sort of decoration

Close up of a couple holding their babies hands with a Christmas decoration

9. Dress for Success BabyAs a Little Angel, to Make a Special Memorable Moment

You don’t necessarily have to include typical ChristmasDecorations or a tree with red, green, and golden props.

To create an angel outfit, you’ll need a pair of little wings, a white diaper and muted background.

It is best to keep the scene simple and not over-decorate it.

These images can be made into a beautiful and personal gift. ChristmasGift card for loved ones and friends

Sweet Christmas photo of a baby dressed up in angel wings

10. Little Santas will be captured by a Little Sleigh

You might be a little too specific to rent a sleigh. But you’ll be surprised how diversely you can use it for your photo shoots.

If you put soft blankets, bean bags or pillows in it, it’s a safe prop for newborn photography. It can also be used by a toddler.

You can either place it under the tree or use it in a studio against a white background. Either way, it’s going to be a perfect prop for adorable ChristmasPhotos

If you don’t know where to look for it, I recommend buying a sleigh on Etsy.

Sweet Christmas photo of a baby dressed as Santa Claus

11. Make peaceful images with books as props

Storybooks are a favorite gift for toddlers and babies.

ChristmasPictures are often about calmness and peace. Children can forget about the world and just flip through a book.

The baby can be placed under the tree to enhance the picture. It will make the experience more enjoyable. ChristmasThe joy of receiving a gift brings out your spirit.

12. Use snow globes for magical effects ChristmasPictures

They are amazing by themselves. However, you can use them to your advantage. ChristmasPhoto ideas can make them even more unique.

The baby will be fascinated by it. Ask the parents to shake it and gaze at the child together.

With ChristmasThe scene will be warm and cozy if there are lights that shine through the glass.

This vintage toy captures joy in the simplest things.

Sweet Christmas photo of a father and baby in front of the christmas tree

13. Boxes can be used as props to make the BabyImagine Looking Like a ChristmasGift

Babies are gifts for their parents and their families. Use boxes as props to show this. ChristmasPictures

If the baby is under the canopy, ChristmasA tree in a container will look just like a gift.

This is one of the easiest ideas to implement. Christmaspictures are still one of our most favorite and beloved images.

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Sweet Christmas photo of a baby in a gift box in front of the christmas tree

14. Make Sparkling with Fairy Lights ChristmasTake a look

Fairy lights are a part of our collection Christmas decorations. These decorations also make for a great background for your baby photo shoots.

These lights can be used to decorate a wall and then the baby can be placed on a soft blanket or rug with a plain outfit. You can achieve the desired effect by using this method. ChristmasSparkles without overwhelming the scene

The background should not be directly behind the baby to blur the light. A wide aperture will give you bokeh.

This way, the shot will project a Christmassy feeling, but they won’t draw the attention away from your subject. Sweet Christmas photo of a baby in front of christmas lights

15. Use black and white to eliminate distracting colors

Colours and light are part of the ChristmasYou are a symbol of your spirit. You can also remove them from your photos to bring calmness and beauty to your images.

If you add props to your black and white images, the festive atmosphere will still be evident. However, the baby is given more attention.

This is a very unique approach because we normally think that colors create this atmosphere.

You might try including, for example: ChristmasThe background is a tree. You’ll see that black and white images have their place in the Christmas photo albums.

You can also make your images black and/or white to solve lighting issues. Most likely, indoor lighting conditions will be poor. B&W makes you and the viewer concentrate more on the subject rather than the white balance or the possibly weird colours.

Black and white Christmas portrait of a young boy with a present

16. Document ChristmasFor the family, traditions outdoors can create wonderful memories

Traditions are important in most families’ life.

You can gift shop or buy the gifts Christmastree. These lifestyle photos will be a great way to bring everyone together.

These kinds of photos shouldn’t be staged. They should look documentary-like, and show the family enjoying a traditional festive activity.

Sweet Christmas photo of a woman holding her baby in front of an outdoor Christmas tree

17. Document Christmas Preparations in the Family’s Home to Capture their Peace

A large part of ChristmasTraditions are made at home.

People cook, wrap gifts, decorate their homes, and play games. These activities are great opportunities to capture your babies.

These are everyday, yet, beautiful moments in a family’s life. While a newborn baby cannot help you bake gingerbreads, older babies and toddlers can.

You will be amazed at the results!

Artsy Christmas photo of a babys feets on a baking tray

18. Record precious moments and capture how babies react when they receive gifts

ChristmasBaby pictures often feature presents or props as decorations.

However, you can make them an active part of your image by capturing the moment a baby opens his or her first present.

So they can see your surprise and joy through you ChristmasPhotos

This is not the best idea for newborn photography, as they don’t really care about presents. However, toddlers and babies who are slightly older will have more adorable reactions.

These photos can be used to help you recall good times many years later.

Sweet baby Christmas photo of a little girl with a present

19. Organise ChristmasPhotography Shoots With More Babies To Create Lifelong Memories

Organise sessions for friends and extended family members who have children of the same age.

It’s going to be loved by parents and will likely become a family tradition. These photos will make for great memories.

A ChristmasA baby photo shoot is an excellent program to do with friends and family. YouYou can also include the parents in the images.

I’m sure your friends will be open-minded to these ideas!

Cute Baby Christmas photo shoot of five babies in Santa hats


Baby Christmas picture ideas are endless…

As a photographer, you can play a huge role in a family’s life by capturing the baby’s first Christmas.

When it comes to shooting, safety is the most important thing.

Babies’ moods can be unpredictable, so prepare for the worst. Keep other options in mind. You can also make them bored so keep the sessions short.

We hope you enjoy our ChristmasPhoto ideas will make your job much easier. Every photo can be twisted and personalized with your style.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to use these ideas. Use them bravely even if you are “just” a parent who would like to have some creative baby pictures.

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