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LossOf Pet QuotesComforting Words

These sympathy quotes can be used to send a sincere message of condolences to someone who has lost their pet. And if you’re looking for additional loss of pet messages visit our comprehensive article on LOSS OF A PET – CONDOLENCE CARD MESSAGE IDEAS

Short condolences For Pet Loss

Here are some caring words to include on a pet’s sympathy card

LossThe Dog Quotes – Man’s Best Friend

Sad Dog

Quotes to support the grieving by showing love and affection for your dog. Celebrate the special forever bonds and unconditional love between dogs and humans.

LossCat Quotes- The Beloved Cat

Is there really such a thing as a rainbow-colored bridge?

The Rainbow Bridge is a fictional walkway that pets use to cross when they die. Eventually, they will be reunited with their owners. However; If you’ve ever lost a cat or dog that you loved dearly, then you know that The “Rainbow Bridge” can feel real and provide hope.

Rainbow Bridge can be found on the other side of heaven.

Rainbow Bridge is where an animal who was close to someone dies. For our special friends, there are hills and meadows where they can play and run together. Our friends feel comfortable and safe because there is always enough food, water, and sunlight.

All animals, old and sick, are brought back to health and vitality. Those who have been injured or maimed are made whole again. They are content and happy, with one exception: they all miss someone very special.

They all ran and played together until one day they stopped and looked into the distance. His bright eyes sparkle; His body is eager. He suddenly starts to run away from the group, flying across the green grass with his legs, his legs moving him faster and schneller.

Your special friend has been spotted and you bond in a joyful reunion. Your face is flooded with happy kisses, your hands caress the beloved’s head once again, and your eyes gaze back at the loving eyes of your pet.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together….

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