Blue Eyed Cat Names

Blue Eyed Cat Names. Finding a name that is unique to your new cat is never easy. But if your cat has distinctive blue eyes, that’s a cool characteristic to use for inspiration -which is why you’ve searched for blue eyed cat names!

There are many options for blue-eyed cat names. There are many options for blue eyed cat names. These include shades of blue, nature and gemstones.

Our list of blue eyed cat names has over 100 ideas so we’re confident you’ll find at a least one you love.

Shades of Blue

The most obvious name for a blue eyed cat? Bluet’s simple, straightforward and trendy! It’s simple, straightforward and trendy.

Or you can choose a unique color. These other shades of blue are worth looking at.

  • Aqua – a green-ish blue color AND Latin for water
  • Azure – a bright, cyan-blue color that is often described as the color of the sky on a clear day
  • Baby Blue – a light pastel blue
  • Capri – a deep shade of sky blue
  • Celeste – another name for sky blue
  • Cerulean – a deep shade of blue ranging between azure and a darker sky blue
  • Cyan – a green-ish blue color
  • Denim – a medium-toned blue AND a well-known blue fabric
  • Indigo – a deep and rich color close to blue on the color wheel
  • Majorelle – a clear, intense blue
  • Maya – a bright azure blue pigment manufactured by cultures such as the Mayans and Aztecs
  • Midnight – a dark shade of blue named for its resemblance to the blue color of a night sky around a full moon
  • Navy – a very dark shade of the color blue
  • Oxford – a dark blue that’s the official color of the University of Oxford
  • Pacific – a mid-warm blue used in landscapes
  • Periwinkle – (or Peri for short) a soft color in the blue and purple family
  • Robin – (as in Robin’s Egg blue) a shade of cyan that looks like the color of an egg laid by a robin
  • Slate – a dark blue-ish gray color
  • Sky – a color that resembles the unclouded sky reflecting off a metallic surface
  • Powder – a pale shade of blue
  • Teal – a deep blue-green color
  • Tiffany – the colloquial name for the light medium Robin’s Egg blue color associated with Tiffany & Co
  • Turquoise – a blue-green color based on the gem of the same name
  • Zaffre – a deep blue pigment

Nature-Inspired Blue Eyed Cat Names

Another great place to find blue eyed cat names: mother nature.

The sky, animals, and water bodies are all great sources of inspiration for blue-eyed cat name ideas.

These names might be the perfect choice for your cat.

  • Atasi – a beautiful blue flower
  • Aster – star-like flowers with a deep blue/purple coloring
  • Bellflower – a plant with bell-shaped flowers that are often blue
  • Bluebell – a blue bulbous perennial plant
  • Blueberry – as in the blue fruit
  • Blue Jay – the adorable blue bird
  • Earth – from space the earth is a bright blue
  • Frosty – for those with piercing blue eyes
  • Gentian – an herb that’s bright blue in color
  • Hyacinth – bulbous, fragrant flowering plants that are blue in color
  • Ice – ice can have a blue-ish hue
  • Iris – a blue perennial plant with long, flowering stems
  • Lake – this body of water is shades of blue, depending on the lake
  • Macaw – the bright bird with a rich blue coloring
  • Moon – the moon can often look blue
  • Neptune – this planet is a deep blue in color
  • Ocean – perhaps one of the most notable blue aspects of nature, second only to the sky
  • Peacock – this stunning bird is a unique shade of blue
  • Sea – another part of nature that’s distinctly blue
  • Sky – the sky is the most notable blue part of nature
  • Sweet Pea -a flowering plant that can be blue in color
  • Veronica – a perennial with long spikes of small petals that are often blue

Blue-Colored Gemstones

Technically, gemstones are a part of nature, so we could have included them in the list above.

But with so many gorgeous blue gemstones out there, it’s easier to create a separate section of their own!

These blue eyed cat names are incredibly unique, so it’s almost a guarantee no other cats you know will have one of these names.

  • Agate – a rock that can often be blue
  • Aquamarine – a blue mineral found in granite rocks
  • Cobalt – a hard lustrous bluish gray metal
  • Kyanite – a blue mineral commonly found in sedimentary rock
  • Lapis – deep-blue metamorphic rock
  • Larimar – a rare blue mineral found only in the Dominican Republic
  • Sapphire – a blue precious gemstone
  • Stone – short for gemstone
  • Tanzanite – a blue and violet mineral
  • Topaz – a silicate mineral that’s often blue
  • Zircon – a mineral that’s common in the crust of earth

Famous Blue Characters

Dozens of blue characters have graced TV and movie screens throughout the years. These are also great sources of inspiration for blue-eyed cat names.

These are some of our favorite blue characters, which might make a great name choice for your new cat.

  • Abe Sapien – a blue fictional character in Hellboy
  • Avatar – as in the 2009 film
  • Bubbles – the name of the blue-eyed Powerpuff girl
  • Buster – as in Buster Bunny
  • Cookie Monster – the famous blue monster
  • Doctor Manhattan – a central character in Watchmen
  • Dory – the adorable blue fish in Finding Nemo
  • Genie – the genie is a beloved character in Aladdin
  • Gonzo – a blue muppet character known for his eccentric behavior
  • Grover – the sweet and lovable blue character on Sesame Street
  • Horton – the iconic blue elephant in Horton Hears a Who!
  • Huckleberry – as in Huckleberry Hound
  • Marge – inspired by Marge Simpson, famous for her blue hair
  • Mystique – this X-Men character is infamous for her blue coloring
  • Neytiri – the name of the lead heroine in Avatar
  • Smurf – we can’t forget about these original blue cartoon characters
  • Sonic – Sonic the Hedgehog is known for his bright blue fur
  • Squirtle – if you’re a Pokemon fan, you’ll remember this cute creature
  • Stitch – a cute blue character in Disney’s Lilo & Stitch franchise
  • Sulley – (or James P. Sullivan) the main character of Monsters, Inc.
  • Tobias Funke – if you’re a fan of the show Arrested Development, you’ll remember Tobias trying to become part of the Blue Man Group
  • Zazu – the uptight blue bird in The Lion King

Blue in Other Languages

Another great idea for blue eyed cat names: translate blue into another language.

This allows you to name your cat in a way that is unique and pays tribute to the beautiful blue eyes.

  • Azul – Spanish and Portugese
  • Blau – German
  • Bleu – French
  • Mavi – Turkish
  • Modry – Czech
  • Nilo – Nepali
  • Plavo – Bosnian
  • Sunila – Indian

Other Blue Eyed Cat Names

Names often have a special historical meaning, and the following monikers quite literally mean “having blue eyes.”

  • Hinto – a Native American name that means “deep blue eyes”
  • Hitomi – a gorgeous Japanese name that means “blue eyes”
  • Mizu – Japanese for sky blue
  • Nilakshi – this Hindu name means “the one who has blue kind of eyes”

You could also look up baby names with meanings tied to the color blue:

  • Female names that mean blue
  • Male names that mean blue

Celebrities Known for Blue Eyes

And finally, there are many famous celebrities known for their striking blue eyes. Here are a few of the most famous:

  • Elvis Presley
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Jared Leto
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Paul Hollywood
  • Paul Newman

You could also peruse this list of blue eyed celebrities to find your favorite famous person.

Conclusion: Blue Eyed Cat Names

We hope you found inspiration in the 100+ names above.

Let us know if you have any ideas for names for blue-eyed cats. We are always open to hearing from you and will use your suggestions to improve our site.

If you have a favorite name for your cat, please let us know.

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