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New York drivingThe basics should be known New YorkCar insurance is necessary if you intend to drive around the city. No matter where you live, car insurance is available. New YorkGEICO can assist you in getting the coverage that you require, whether you are located in City, Ontario or elsewhere in the Empire State.

Get a free quote on auto insurance that fits your needs to learn more about NY’s car-insurance requirements.

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How to lower your NY Car InsurancePremium

There are many NY discount and premium reductions available that could help you save money on GEICO car Insurance.

New YorkSpecial Discount for Good Drivers


  • The policy requires that at least one main driver has five years’ driving experience
  • All drivers who are covered must have been free from accidents for five years before the policy issue date.
  • There are no points for drivers
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This discount is applicable to personal injury protection, bodily injury, property loss, collision and other coverages.

Special Student Offer for Good Students

If the policyholder’s son or daugther is 16-24 years of age and enrolled in a school or home study program, they may be eligible for this discount.

Multi-Policy Discount

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We love saving money. New YorkResidents who have multiple policies in their GEICO accounts (1 being auto coverage) may be eligible for a discount New York car insurance premium. Examples include:

  • Autos and homeowners
  • Auto and renters
  • Auto and condominium
  • Mobile home and auto

Accident Prevention Course Credit

We love to reward safe drivers. You might be eligible for a premium discount on your insurance. New YorkTake a state-approved Accident Prevention Course to get car insurance.

New York Car InsuranceLaws

New YorkA No-Fault Policy InsuranceState

New York trafficNo-Fault Auto Insurance helps passengers and drivers involved in an accident by covering their bills. The insureds’ personal injuries protection (PIP), covers financial costs. New YorkAll drivers must carry the No-Fault Law.

  • PIP helps passengers and drivers get back on the road by paying for medical bills, loss of earnings, death benefits, as well as other expenses that may arise from an accident.

If an insured is involved in an accident, the NY Personal Injury Protection offers the following benefits:

  • Rehabilitative and medical expenses
  • Up to 3 years of partial loss of earnings
  • Death benefits
  • Other household expenses

How much car insurance coverage should I have? New York?

Your car must be registered with the NY Department of Motor Vehicles. New YorkMinimum coverage for liability:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage$25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident
  • Insurance coverage for property damage: $10,000 per accident
  • Uninsured/underinsured bodily injury coverage$25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident
  • Personal injury protection: $55,000
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These are only the minimum coverages. New YorkYou don’t need to have insurance. Every person has different needs. To get a personal recommendation, visit our Coverage Calculator.

Easy Windshield Replacment

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$0 Glass Deductible-If you have comprehensive coverage, you can add no deductible to your glass coverage. This coverage covers covered glass claims. You don’t need to pay any out of pocket expenses.

Register your vehicle with the New YorkDMV

Within 30 days of moving, register your vehicle and get your driver’s licence updated. We recommend visiting the New YorkDMV website to make an appointment and plan your trip.

New YorkTeen Driver Laws

New York teen driverYou and your teen need to be aware that your teen is approaching driving age.

  • People reach 16 years old when they are eligible for Medicaid. New YorkYou can apply for a learner permit. Drivers must pay an application fee and pass a written exam to be eligible for a permit.
  • They can drive between 5:01 AM to 8:59 PM together with a parent, guardian, or driving instructor. They may also transport one non-family member younger than 21 years old.
  • After six months with a learner permit, 50 hours of supervised driving (including fifteen hours of night-time practice), a driver is eligible to test for a junior driver’s license.
  • Drivers who have only a junior licence are not allowed to drive in the five boroughs. New YorkCity. It is advantageous to skip the junior driver license until the person qualifies for a Senior license.
  • Other than New YorkCity, the junior licence is valid with a number of passenger and curfew restrictions specific to each county.
  • Drivers may apply for a senior driver license at any age, including 18 if they have completed a driver training program.
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New York CarRegister Information

Register Now Car

Did you know this? New YorkYou must show proof of insurance from the state where you live to register your vehicle. You must also have the auto insurance card in the name of your registered car owner.

To register your vehicle, New YorkSpecify what you need to bring to the DMV

  • Ownership proof
  • If your vehicle is 8 years or older, you will need to provide damage disclosure statements as well as an odometer.
  • NY state insurance identification cards (FS-20).
  • You must provide proof of your identity and birth date
  • Form MV82 (Vehicle Registration/Title Applications)
  • Payment
  • Documentation of proof of sales tax payment, exemption or purchase price

Please Help GEICO Assist you…

If your child was a victim of domestic violence and if you have a GEICO Policy, or if your claim is being handled through GEICO, you can review our information. New YorkConfidentiality in Domestic Abuse

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