24 Awesome DIY Canvas Art Ideas

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Title

Every child is creative, and they are the living proof. Many people lose their creative nature as they get older, but there’s no reason why you can’t get back into the creative spirit. Luckily, you don’t need to be Pablo Picasso or Rembrandt to create simple yet effective DIYCanvas art ideas. These canvas art pieces can complement your interests, your family or the décor of your home.

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You’ll also find some more challenging DIY canvas art ideas in here too, if you’re up to being a little more advanced. This book is a must-read for artists, whether you are a hobbyist or professional. Even the most talented people may struggle to find inspiration.

This list contains some of the most amazing things. DIY canvas art ideas will hopefully inspire you to pick up some paint, a keyword, some glue or even a potato… ready to create!

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1. 1.

Anna lets paint drip down the canvas on her blog Take the Side Street to create stripes. Sounds too easy, but art doesn’t need to be complex to be awesome!

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Drip Painting

2. 2. Simple Painting Transformation

On her crafty blog Katrina’s Baguettes, Katrina shows us how to transform an old painting into something completely new.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Circle

3. Fabric ArtWall hanging

One of the most unique DIY canvas art ideas, glue fabric to canvas to match the décor of your house. All People Quilt show you how it’s done.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Fabrics

4. Photo Collage

Our canvas app is super easy to use and create beautiful photo collages. This butterfly comes from our Silhouette collection. It’s perfect for family photos, baby photos or even photos of flowers from your own garden.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Butterfly

5. DIY Canvas ArtTextured

Jessica, from Happy Together, has created a textured painting using modeling paste and paints. She shows you how to do it too!

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Textured

6. ArtHearts

Jen from IHeart Organizing cut out a number of different heart shapes and created a series art with colour charts. This is her creation DIY ‘how to’ look way too easy!

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Art Hearts

7. Calendar Art

Tamara, from Etcetorize, loves shoes! So she’s cut some out of calendars and placed them on canvas. It’s all about recycling! What a brilliant idea for a store or fashion workshop! Andy Warhol, you are a genius.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Calendar

8. Gold Chevron Paintings

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Jess Lively used taping to create an intriguing artwork with jagged lines stencils that she painted over in bronze. It creates an impressive, high-impact final product.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Gold Chevron

9. 9.

Corner House artist Laura has combined a big heart with a lot of talent to create this piece. A tree branch and birds represent members of her family. Every new addition to her family will bring more birds to the artwork. 1,2,3 … Awwww. A great idea to add some variety to your decor is this:

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DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Branches Birds

10. Sectioned CanvasWall Art

Thao’s a photographer who’s printed one of her photos of flowers and divided it into nine small canvas prints. You’re not as creative as the Adorkable Duo. Create your own 3×3 split canvas photo print online instead, with our easy-to-use template .

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Sectioned

11. Canvas ArtConcentric Circles

Kacey’s colourful circles are a delight! This piece was created for her kitchen by Kacey after being inspired by a similar painting by Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian abstract artist. See how she did it at her blog Stay At Home Artist.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Colourful Colorful

12. Stripes. Stripes.

Michelle from 4 Men 1 Lady has applied tape and paint to create stripes to match the décor and colouring of her home perfectly. Wow!

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Stripes

13. 13. Canvas Art

Sarah, Craft Warehouse, used scrapbook pages to create the flower petal shapes. To create the same look, you could also use leftover wrapping paper from Christmas and birthdays.


14. 14. Art

More scrapbook art (or Christmas/Birthday wrapping paper art) has been placed by Linda in a neat pattern to create this eye catching collage featured on Burlap & Blue.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Herringbone

15. Paper Scrap Wall Art

Patricia of A Little Hut created 3D wall art from paper shapes. The folds at their bottom make the shapes stick out of the canvas, so Patricia has made them out of folded paper shapes! You’ll need a lot of patience to finish off this one, but it would totally be worth the effort!

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Paper Scraps

16. Honeycomb Nursery Wall Canvas

Amy’s clever alphabet honeycomb piece with a bee replacing the letter B is perfect for any nursery, or even a childcare centre! Positively Splendid offers a step-by step guide.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Honeycomb

17. DIY Canvas Art

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It looks like giant black circles trying get through the window. But we can all relax because it’s only Christy’s clever piece depicted on four canvases. To distract from the need to paint her walls, she wanted to create a focal point for her living space. Mission accomplished! Beach Brights has the full story.

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DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Canvas Art

18. Cheap & Easy Canvas Art

Mindy from Finding Silver Linings created something new using something old and dusty. It’s easy and fast too!

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Printed

19. Pyramid Painting

If you’re a fan of triangles like I am, you won’t mind spending half a day painting triangles on potatos and stamping them onto canvas like Lola has done.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Pyramid Painting

20 Circle Labels

It’s time to visit your favourite stationery goods store! Cortney of Just Kali Rae used circle-shaped labels to create this golden delight.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Circle Labels

21. Abstract Groucho Marx

Kristin from Kristen F David Designs swirled a paintbrush skillfully across canvas to decorate her home using this abstract artwork she called Groucho Marx. This is a lot harder than it seems!

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Abstract Groucho Marx

22. Children’s Handprint Art

We’re all familiar with handprint and footprint art, but check out this creative piece from Fab Art DIY. You can scan the image and make a collage on canvas.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Children

23. DIY Canvas ArtBrush

It’s surprising how a quick dab of a brush can cretate some amazing patterns, as demonstrated by Emily. This piece of art is elegantly created by Emily’s choice to use silver/grey color paint.

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Silver Brush

24. Pet ArtPrint

Cheryl of Everyday Dishesamp; DIYHe cleverly created stencils from photos of dogs and created many different patterns. Love it, but think it’s too hard? Then you’ll love our DIY paw print. You can create it online right now!

DIY Canvas Art Ideas - Pet Print

Our blogs about canvas art offer more inspiration as well as a way to live a life of colour.

Don’t feel like creating your own artwork? Take a look at our wide selection of wall art designs and get inspired.

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