Can you trace a no caller ID

trace a no caller ID

With over 78 million people in the U.S. with a mobile phone, it is likely that you receive calls from numbers you don’t recognize regularly. It can be frustrating to deal with unknown callers and telemarketers, especially when they prevent your phone from going through to voicemail or have a silent caller ID on their end. However, there are ways of finding out who these mystery callers are so you can avoid them or take appropriate action if necessary.  Here are some of the tricks on how to trace a no caller ID.

Call Your Mobile Provider

You can call your mobile carrier to have them do some research on the number if you are unable to find out who is calling by yourself. If it’s a telemarketer, they will allow you to opt-out of receiving future calls from the company who called you. You may also report any suspicious or harassing numbers that might be trying to scam people over the phone.

Not all companies will do this kind of research for you, especially if the number is not registered on their end. However, they may be able to provide helpful information about how to trace a no caller ID depending on the circumstances.

Use an App

There are also smartphone applications that can help trace a call even if the number is not displayed. One of these is TrapCall which allows you to find out who blocked or concealed their number on your phone by making an advanced reverse phone lookup. This type of service offers more than just caller ID information, including background reports, full name, address history, and social media links based on the person’s phone number. These services usually have a fee associated with them, so you will need to be willing to pay for this information since it can’t all be accessed free of charge.

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Using a Reverse Phone Lookup

If you do an online search for reverse phone lookup, you’ll be given several websites where you can look up information about a certain number. It is important to note that many of these sites require you to pay for the service in order to access any details about the caller. You can also try posting your inquiry on social media and asking if anyone has an idea of who might be calling from this particular number. Maybe someone else received a call from this person, and they would be willing to share their contact information. 

What to Do Once You Have the Number

If you receive a call from an unknown number and find out who it is, the next step would be to determine whether this person has been calling on multiple occasions or if this was simply one isolated incident. If the latter is true, then it might not be that big of a deal, and you can just ignore any future calls from them. But if they have called more than once, you may want to take some precautionary measures before providing personal information or dealing with potentially harmful people over the phone. For example, you could change your bank PIN number or get an unlisted number, making it difficult for others to contact you in the future.

Blocking Unwanted Calls

iOS and Android currently allow you to block unknown callers who are not in your contact list. Look in your settings to see if there is a blocking option for “Unknown Calls.” If you change the settings so that your phone won’t ring, it will go straight to voicemail. You can also use blacklisting service apps to find out who’s calling from unknown numbers and mitigate the chances of receiving these kinds of calls in the future.

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There are currently no laws that require telemarketers to display their Caller ID when making calls. Although there are companies out there that help people track down who blocked or concealed their number, these services charge money for the information they provide. For free information about how to trace a no caller ID then you can rely on online or offline resources, including your mobile carrier, apps, and reverse phone lookup.

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