Business ideas for apps worth pursuing in 2023


Business ideas for apps worth pursuing in 2023. What app to create to get into the Top? Where do you get app ideas? And how do you know if it’s worth the time and money? 

There are several ways to find worthwhile app ideas:

  • Seek out people’s problems in their normal lives and solve them with your product.
  • Create what you lack (but before you do this, it’s worth researching the market and whether people are willing to pay for your solution).
  • Explore seasonal categories; for example, fitness and different workouts become super popular in the spring. But every spring, the apps on that top are replaced by each other. You can study those that shot the year before and create your own analog product with the mistakes and merits of its predecessor in mind.
  • Improve a popular foreign project and adapt it to the target market.
  • Market experts advise paying attention to blockchain and cryptocurrency development. It was quite costly, but technology does not stand still.
  • Internet of Things. The ones that turn on the lights, turn on the water, heat up the kettle when you come in. In short, integration with appliances is trending right now.
  • Augmented reality apps. Games, entertainment will only get cooler, if you add AR technology there. Think about how and where you could use it, and stand out among competitors.

App ideas: mall navigator

Of course, the surest way to find App ideas is to go from the problem. Let’s see what trending app ideas here can help you make money.

An app that helps you navigate the mall. Remember, when you come to a huge mall, you need to find a Zara store. The virtual stand is not working or it’s hard to navigate. App idea will take the best route to the store you need; you can always keep track of where you are and how far you have to go.

Restaurant or cafe reservations online

An app that will show you the location of tables, the interior, the exterior of the establishment, and their occupancy in real time. So users will be able to quickly mark a table and make a reservation. For example, a family with a child wants to sit closer to the children’s room, away from the front door so it doesn’t blow.

Find a parking space

An app for finding parking spaces, both paid and free. Such an app can be linked to Google Maps. Give it access to the city’s cameras to determine in real time whether there is a parking space or not. Let it work in conjunction with the city parking database.

Brand navigator

An app that will give information on things by different brands. For example, if you take a coat from Mango, take a picture of the label and the project will give you all the details: where it was made, what materials were used, how the brand approaches production. 

Mobile stylist

It’s simple: an app that plays the role of a stylist. The user enters his data (height, weight, hair color), takes a photo, indicates preferences in clothing style. And receives recommendations, what to wear and for what occasion. Ideally, if the project gives tips on what to change, what doesn’t go well with what. This is one of the current app ideas.

Apartment or home design

The product will help the user to choose a design for his apartment. This can be similar to the app for clothing styles. The user enters the parameters of the room, marks what designs he likes, enters a budget for the repair and furniture, and gets a selection of options and an indication of stores and prices where everything can be bought.

Recently, there has been a shift to superapp. Simply put, a lot of everything in one bottle. The trend was forcibly born in China, where the authorities prohibit social networks and messengers. They have WeChat. This project combines a messenger, a social network, and mobile payments.

In Indonesia, there is a superapp called Gojek. It is familiar to anyone who has ever spent a winter in Bali. The app combines food delivery, bike-taxi, and various courier services.

In America, too, there is a great app – Natural AI. It combines a lot of different services, from food delivery to shopping.

How to earn from your project

The app does not yet exist in nature, but you already need to think about how you monetize it. There are several options:

  • You create a free product with pop-up ads.
  • You create a paid app right away. This is the most popular and profitable option. But there is one thing – the App Store will charge a 30% commission on each of your sales. That means ⅓ of the income gets ready to be given back.
  • You create a free product, but the functionality in it is limited. If someone needs more, you have to pay. For example, this is how the Inshot works.
  • You will sell within additional functions. For example, functionality (like VSCO sells filters for photo processing) or bonuses/levels in the game.

How to choose a platform when creating

The main platforms for implementing app ideas are iOS and Android. Of course, you will say that you need to create for both of them at the same time. But immediately consider that development and support will be more expensive.

If we consider the platforms separately, then iOS:

  • less competition
  • fewer users
  • more money can be made on each user.

In Android:

  • more users;
  • It will be easier to promote organically (without advertising);
  • many competitors;
  • there is less money to be made on each user.

To choose, you need to study the market, which solutions go where better. At the very beginning of the path, and with a limited budget, it is worth stopping at one thing.

How to find performers?

It’s a good time to think about who will implement your App ideas. Let’s do the minimum math:

  • One frontend developer.
  • One designer.


Where to look for them?

  • There are sites where you can enter the development budget, country, platform, and get a list of developers. When you choose the right one, you can look at his profile: with whom he has worked.
  • You can look at the site with ratings of web studios and agencies. 
  • The riskiest (but also the cheapest) option is to hire freelancers on the exchange, or on the advice of your friends.

What do you look at when choosing a developer and designer?

  • What kind have they created? Do you like them?
  • Were their products successful, did they achieve their goals?
  • Are they able to implement your App ideas, do they have enough knowledge and experience.
  • What platforms they know how to create apps for (whether they match the one you chose).

Use these trends in mobile development, keep an eye on promising app ideas, and create apps that will really deserve to be downloaded.

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