40 Flower Baby Names for Boys With Meanings

What is a boy flower name you might ask? Well, we’ve all heard of flower names for girls – they’re beautiful and classic. But why limit flower names to girls when there’s plenty of unique and cool flower names for boys out there?

Flower Baby Names for Boys

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Here’s our ultimate list of flower baby names for boys.

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You might be surprised to spot many of your favorite baby names here. That’s because many popular names stem from (pun intended) flowers, plants and trees. We humans have been inspired by nature throughout the centuries. Why not pay homage and give Mother Nature these wonderful names?

What are the most popular flower names for baby boys?

  1. Aaron: Aaron’s beard is a type of shrub found in south-east Europe.
  2. Ash: A tree with mystical and medicinal properties.
  3. Basil: Greek name and fragrant herb
  4. Florent: Flowering in French
  5. Florian: Latin for flowering.
  6. Jacek: Polish for hyacinth
  7. Jared: Rose in Hebrew
  8. Kunal: Indian name, comes from the Lotus plant.
  9. Laurence: Like a wreath of laurel. It symbolizes victory, triumph, and success.
  10. Oliver: From Olives. It’s not exactly a flower title, but you get what I mean.
  11. Reed: Justice.
  12. Ren: Japanese for lotus. Irish for water lilies.
  13. Watson: From the Watsonia flower
  14. William: Sweet william, an early-flowering variety of Dianthus. This is why Kate Middleton used them in her bridal bouquet.
  15. Zahir: Blossoming in Arabic.
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If you’re looking for something more unique for your little Peanut, we’ve got you covered with these original monikers.

What are unique and rare flower names for boys? Here are our favorites:

  1. Aciano: Blue bottle flower
  2. Aloe: Gealing and soothing
  3. Blodwyn: Welsh, meaning blessed flowers
  4. Cosmos: Of the sunflower family. It is grand and unique.
  5. Crisanto: Golden flower
  6. Elm: Strong and robust
  7. Hinata: Japanese for sunflower
  8. Nalin: From the Hindu and Buddhist religion, meaning Lotus.
  9. Roosevelt: Like the President, except it means “field of roses” in Dutch.
  10. Pine: Wisdom and longevity.
  11. Sorrel: When flowering, the sorrel is a hibiscus. Perfect for a reddish-brown haired babe.
  12. Zahur: Egyptian name meaning flower
  13. Zephyr: A Greek God and a beautiful flower native to Peru and Columbia.

Delicate, fragrant and fun – choosing a cute name for your baby boy is no easy feat. But don’t worry, we’re here to make it easier.

The cutest flower names for your baby boy:

  1. Bud: Blossom
  2. Cane: From sugar cane.
  3. Cedar: Pure
  4. Clem: Derived from Clematis, a climbing vine of flowers.
  5. Fern: Lush.
  6. Fiorello: Little colorful flowers. Italian.
  7. Fox: Inspired by Foxglove flowers.
  8. Indigo: Profound.
  9. Oak: Honor and nobility.
  10. Talasi: Native American name meaning cornflower
  11. Thyme: Courage and elegance.
  12. Zahar: Arabic baby name meaning bloom.

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