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Birthdays are an exciting time. The end of each year is an exciting time for parents. They change each year. This sweet, exciting moment can bring joy for many years. Even as an adult, it can be fun to take birthday photos and celebrate another year. These are some of the photos we have. 101 Birthday Photo IdeasWe have lots of ideas and inspiration for cakes, cake smashes as well as props, poses and ideas for older children. You will even find photography tips to help you prepare for the big event!

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101 Birthday Photography Ideas

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With 101Ideas, we have something to catch your attention and inspire you next birthday photo shoot! Our ideas were divided into categories so you can easily find what you need. To make sure that you capture all those special moments and milestones, this post contains the following categories:

  • 20 Birthday Cake Photos for Inspiration
  • 22 BirthdayCake Smash Ideas
  • 25 Birthday PhotoProps and poems
  • 15 Birthday Photo IdeasFor Older Children and Adults
  • 14 Party in Action Birthday Photo Ideas
  • 5 BirthdayPhotography Tips

IdeasInspiration galore! We hope that you will find inspiration from one or more of these photos and use them to help you create beautiful birthday photos.

20 Birthday Cake Photos for Inspiration

BirthdayCakes are a classic of birthday parties as well as birthday photos. You can find the perfect cake for your toddler, or one that complements a photograph of your child at their party. Every cake is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Birthday Cake Photos to Inspire

Cake Inspiration for a Birthday

1. Giant Donut Cake (The Cake Blog) – If you are looking for a unique, yet super cute idea for a cake that’s a little different, this giant donut cake is perfect for your party or birthday shoot.

2. Rainbow Cupcakes (Simple and Delicious) – These cupcakes are cute, simple, and delicious.

3. Unicorn Cake (Craftsy – This is the most creative and adorable cake! This guide will help you make it easy!

4. Unfrosted Cake (Love Charla Anne) – Unfrosted cakes are a very popular addition to any party.

5. Ruffle Cake (The Cake blog) – A Ruffle Cake is perfect for a cake smash, with tons of frosting!

Cake Inspiration for a Birthday Party

6. Dinosaur Cake – Butterlust – This cake is all little boy’s dreams come true!

7. Rainbow Sprinkles (Life Made Sweeter), – This cake recipe is perfect and the rainbow sprinkles make it a festive addition to any birthday shoot.

8. Funfetti Donuts by Baker by Nature (Baker by Nature). Donuts are a fun and unique way to spice up a birthday party or photo shoot. These donuts are the perfect DIY birthday treat.

9. Wild Thing Cake (Baking With Blondie). – This cake is simple and cute, making it a great choice for a birthday shoot.

10. Watermelon Cake (Baking Beauty) – If you are searching for a great cake substitute or need to plan around allergies, this “cake” is a great option!

Cake Inspiration for Photographing

11. Fruit Cake (DigiCrumbs) – Whether you are planning around dietary restrictions or just want a healthier option, this fruit “cake” is a great alternative.

12. Cherry Cupcakes – Love, Charla Anne – These cupcakes are simply divine! These are swoon-worthy because of their gorgeous look and color!

13. Sugar Cookie Cake (Sally’s Baking Addiction) – A little different take on the traditional birthday cake, but no less delicious!

14. Ombre Apple Cake (Simple Bites) – If the look of this gorgeous cake isn’t enough for you, you need to take a peek at this super (yummy) unique birthday cake recipe! {Plus, doesn’t the cute pink cake stand just finish it off perfectly!?}

15. Rice Krispie Cake (Sprinkle Bakes) – You can’t beat simple! After all, in a cake smash it’s really the frosting that counts.

16. Easy Smash Cake (One Little Project). This guide is perfect for making a super cute but delicious cake.

17. Rainbow Petal Cake (The Cake Blogger) – Have you ever seen a more vibrant and beautiful birthday cake?You can!

18. Giant Cupcake (Phanessa’s Crafts) – This is a different take on your typical birthday cake-it also makes for super cute birthday photos!

19. Rustic Cake (Relish). This cake is absolutely gorgeous! This guide will help you make yours just as beautiful.

20. Ombre Rosette Cake (Chalkboard blue) – This cake is rich in texture, color pops, and lots of frosting!

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22 BirthdayCake Smash Ideas

These cake smashes are very popular, and with good reason. Birthdays are about the pure joy it brings to the little one when they get to eat a piece of cake and frosting. There are many ways to do a cake smash photoshoot. These adorable cake smash photos will inspire you.

22 Ideas for a Cake Smash

Ideas for a Birthday Cake Smash

21. Pink and gold (Jenn Tuttle and Loveographer) – The bright pink backdrop is complemented by the pop of gold in the balloons and outfit.

22. Baseball Theme (Let Me See You Shine) – Do your children love baseball? This birthday shoot has a baseball theme that adds little boy sweetness.

23. Frosting Clap (Wendy Updegraff Photography) – Mid-smash don’t forget to ask your little one to clap-it makes for crazy cute birthday pictures!

24. Frosting Face (Itty Bitty Foodie – See the beauty and joy that frosting can bring to your face!

25. Three Peas Photography’s Messy Shot – Make sure you take a few photos of what happened after the cake smash. There’s nothing cuter than a frosting covered babe!

Ideas for a Cake Smash

26. Pretty in Pink (Let Me See You Sparkle) – That little tongue just couldn’t wait to dig in!

27. Blue and Gray Hues by Jenny Tuttle, Loveographer – This is the perfect color scheme to make this cake smash!

28. Ice Cream Smash (Christine M. Photography, Omaha, NE) – Are you looking for something a little different? An ice cream Smash is a fun and sweet idea.

29. Lumberjack (Tawny Highther Photography): A miniature lumberjack with a tree stump as a cake makes a fun theme for your little outdoorsman.

30. Smash Smile (Jenn Tulley, Loveographer): Pretty pastels, a tutu and a big smile make this the perfect photo for a birthday!

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Cake Smash Photography

31. Giant Cupcake (Tawny Lowther Photography) – There’s something about a giant cupcake next to a tiny toddler that’s incredibly cute!

32. Simple Smash (Wendy Updegraff photography) – You don’t need glamour to host a cute cake smash. You only need a naked baby, and a frosted cupcake.

33. Cowboy Theme by Jenny Tuttle, Loveographer – Yee-haw! This is proof that a cowboy-themed cake smash can be as adorable as it gets.

34 Unfrosted Smash (Let me See You Sparkle). – The large tutu and flower crown are almost too cute to handle. The smash is sweetened with unfrosted cake, which adds a delicate touch.

35 Let Me See You Sparkle – Chocolate Cake (Let Me See You Bake) – Have any of you ever had a piece cake and wondered what happened to your body? Me neither, but that’s the beauty of a toddler cake smash!

Ideas for a Perfect Cake Smash

36 Beach Smash (Mom*Tog) – A cake smash on the beach, in a little swimming suit has got to be just about the most joyful idea ever!

37. Prince Crown (Jenn Tttle, Loveographer): Every little boy deserves a birthday cake!

38. Tutu Smash by Wendy Updegraff Photography – A simple, sweet photo that showcases the birthday cake.

39. Twin Smash (Three Peas Photography). – Nothing is more fun than smashing your cake with your twin.

40 Flowers and Fun (Jenn Tulloch, Loveographer). This photo shoot has so many details. It’s a charming addition to the photo shoot with the vase of flowers.

41 Outdoor Smash (Mom*Tog) – This sweet photo is so bright and joyful. Is that a banner you put on top of the cake? It’s the perfect finishing touch!

42 Jeans and Bowtie: Itty-Bitty Foodie. Wondering what to get your little guy to eat his cake? Jeans and a bowtie will do the trick.

25 Birthday PhotoProps and poems

Sometimes, the smallest details can make a big difference in your birthday photos. 25 ideas for inspiration to help you create your birthday photo shoot

25 Birthday Props and Poses

Birthday Photo Ideas for Different Props and Poses

43 Age Banner (Let Me See You Sparkle) – A banner that spells out your child’s age is a fun way to mark the beginning of a new year!

44 Decorated Car (Christine M. Photography, Omaha, NE) – Who said decorating the back of a vehicle was only for weddings! Take your toddler to school in a decorated car.

45 Carousel Ride (Wendy Updegraff Photography) – A carousel makes for an adorable birthday photo and background, but you don’t have to do any prep of your own.

46 Three Peas Photography – These golden letters are just as tall and sweet as your little one!

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47 About Me Board by Jenny Tuttle, Loveographer – A perfect way to capture their sweet memories in time is to take a birthday picture next to a board filled with little details about your child.

Birthday Photo Props and Poses

48 Polka Dot Decor by Chelsea Lee Photography – This cheerful and bright scene includes everything you could want in a photograph of your birthday.

49 Headband Hat by Wendy Updegraff Photography – This cute birthday photo has a headband hat.

50 BirthdayThree Peas Photography – Crown – A birthday girl wearing a gold birthday crown. This is a sweet way of capturing your little one’s birthday.

51 Cupcake Car (Let Me see You Sparkle): A cupcake car makes for a hilarious and unique photo prop. You can even add a cherry to it!

52 Favorite Character Theme (Three Peas Photography) – Using your child’s favorite character as a theme for a birthday shoot is a cute and clever way incorporate their favorite things.

Props and Poses for Birthday Photos

53 BirthdayDress (Chelsea Lee Photography – Little girls love dressing up. A beautiful little birthday dress makes a great photo prop.

54 Golden Sign (Mom*Tog) – The best way to celebrate a golden birthday is with all things gold and this cute sign takes the cake!

55 Clear Balloons (Mom*Tog) – Normally when you think of birthday balloons you think bright and colorful. This photo shows how cool dozens of clear balls can make a background.

56 Wooden Number (Itty Bitty Cookie) – Put your little guy on the front row with a large wooden numeral in the background to make a memorable shot.

57 Framed (Wendy Updegraff photography) – Mom and dad can have a photo shoot with their children where they hold a frame.

Props and Poses Inspiration

58 Hockey Pucks (Jenn Tittle, Loveographer) – Hockey pucks are now more delicious than ever! This set-up is perfect for hockey fans.

59 Giant Ballons (Mom*Tog) – These huge balloons add that extra festive spirit to your birthday photos.

60 Painted chair (Wendy Updegraff photography) – This chair adds the perfect pop to color. But a little one shouting hooray!

61 Three Peas Photography – A cute way to capture the year through a birthday photo is for Mom and Dad to chase after their toddler.

62 Newborn Care Photo(Christine M. Photography Omaha, NE – A clever photo to reflect on the year past and celebrate the coming year!

Memorable Props and Poses and Birthday Photo Ideas

63 Number Balloon (Mom*Tog) – An oversized number balloon in a bright airy space is just about the most amazing birthday picture there is!

64 Cinderella Carriage (Chelsea Lee Photography) – Let your princess ride in style for this year’s birthday shoot!

65 Chalkboard (Let’s See You Sparkle). A chalkboard and colored chalk are a cute and simple way to make a birthday photo prop.

66 Donut Cake (Wendy Updegraff photography) – Make a cake out of donuts for your little one.

67 Photographing toddlers with bloomers (Three Peas Photography). You can embrace the fact that toddlers are always moving with funny and cute bloomers.

15 Birthday Photo IdeasFor Older Children and Adults

Even as your children grow up, it is important to take memorable birthday photos. Even as an adult, having fun birthday photos can make your special day even more enjoyable. Here are some birthday photo ideas that will work for both older children and adults.

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15 Ideas for Older Children and Adults

Birthday Photo Ideas for Older Children and Adults

68 Birthday Hat Peek (Love, Charla Anne) – A simple and clever way to capture your child’s birthday in a memorable way without a full photo shoot.

69 Age Shirt (Three Peas Photography – This shirt allows you to capture sweet memories of your birthday!

70 Number Candle (Mom*Tog) – Snapping a photo with a number candle is about as easy as it gets, but can be just as cute as ideas that take much longer to prep!

71 Sunny Balloons – Love, Charla Anne – This is an original take on balloon birthday photos. This photo is beautiful because of the dreamy feeling that the sun gives to the image.

72 Golden Cake and Balloons (Mom*Tog) – With gold touches everywhere, this birthday photo is gorgeous and festive from top to bottom.

Birthday Photo Ideas for Older Kids and Adults

73 Number Stick (Love Charla Ann) – This simple number stick makes a great addition to any cupcake or birthday photo.

74. Single Candles (Whipper Berry). Single candles are a classic birthday tradition, but they make great photos too!

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75 Flower Crown (Tawny Lowther Photography) – I can’t think of a better time to have a flower crown than on your birthday!

76 Balloon Cluster by Grace Pennington Photography – This is a great way to make cute and easy birthday photos. This idea works for all ages.

77 Balloon Banner (Love, Charla Anne) – If your older child isn’t into a full birthday photo shoot, a couple pics during breakfast with a balloon banner in the background is a great idea!

Birthday Photo Ideas for Adults

78 Photobooth Props – Love, Charla Anne – These adorable and hilarious props make great additions for birthday photos.

79 Full Party Photo(Ginny Haupert photography) – Birthday photos for adults are important too! Take a picture with all your party decorations!

80 Gift bags (Ginny Haupert Photographics) – A silly, but fun birthday photo pose is to use cute gift bags!

81 Confetti (Ginny Hupert Photography). – To get your celebration going, throw some sparklyconfetti in the air.

82. Age sparklers (Ginny Haipert Photography) – I am in love with age sparklers! They make some stunning birthday photos!

14 Party in Action Birthday Photo Ideas

A great location for a photo shoot is a birthday party! It will be a memorable photo that captures all the fun, joy, decorations and laughter in one shot. These are some great ideas to capture the fun at the party!

14 Party In Action Photos

Birthday Photo Ideas for Capturing a Party in Action!

83. Making a Wish by Wendy Updegraff Photography – Your little one is sure to make a sweet photo with this adorable shot of them blowing out their candles!

84 Carousel Party by Chelsea Lee Photography – This sweet moment was captured between a mom & her daughter on their special day!

85 Opening Gifts (Love Charla Anne): A classic photo opening present, but made even more adorable by being presented in front of cute decorations.

86 Circus Tent (Ginny Haupert Photography) – Don’t miss the chance to capture your child with their party all set up and ready for action!

87 Doll Tea Party (Love Charla Anne). You will never forget the excitement and sweetness of the day. Make sure you sneak in and take a few photos!

Birthday Photo Ideas for a Party in Action

88 Confetti Surprise (Mom*Tog) – Let the confetti, balloons, and decorations rain down! Birthdays are supposed to be exciting!

89 Fairy Party (Ginny Haipert Photography) – The joy and essence this whimsical fairytale party is all about are captured beautifully in this photo of the birthday boy waiting for his party to start!

90 Cupcake Decorating (Love Charla Anne). – These candid shots of children having fun at their party will make you smile and remember it in the future.

91 Outdoor Party (Wendy Updegraff Photographs) – Get the birthday boy or girl and take a picture of them and their guests.

92 Party Animals (Itty-Bitty Foodie) – Who says your child’s favorite toys can’t join in on the party? Bring your party animals!

Party in Action Birthday Photo Ideas

93 Super Boy (TorBang Photography) – Boys don’t always love their pictures taken, but they always love to get super powers!

94 Party Masks (Love Charla Anne) – These party masks are one of the most fun (and cutest) additions to any party.

95 Party Play (Wendy Updegraff Photography) – Don’t pause the fun, snap a few photos of the birthday child mid-party!

96 Sweet Smile (Simple As That) – A sweet moment captured without all the chaos.

5 BirthdayPhotography Tips

These photography tips will help you make perfect photos. These sites each offer something unique that will make your birthday photos even better!

Birthday Photography Tips

Birthday Photography Tips

97 Party Photography Tips (Laughing Latte), – A great resource for tips and ideas to capture the party in photos.

98 General Tips (Exposure guide) – Short and simple tips for creating memorable and beautiful birthday photos.

99 Behind the Scenes Peek (Mom*Tog) – A full behind the scenes look into a birthday shoot that you could recreate with your little one!

100 Sixth Bloom: Cake Smash Photography – Everything you need in order to make the perfect cake smash photography session.

101. Tips for Photographing Toddlers – Simple as that. Having some extra tricks is key to getting those perfect birthday photos!

After reading this collection of birthday photography inspiration, you should be flooded with new ideas. Check out our other birthday ideas. BirthdayQuestionnaire for spouse and children, as well our family BirthdayKit!

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