Best Tablets For Online Gaming: Top 1 Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Review

Best Tablets For Online Gaming: Top 1 Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Review

The best tablets for online gaming can make all the difference in your experience. So read on to find out which 1 tablet would be best for you. Tablets For Online Gaming: Top 1 Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Review – The best tablet for online gaming can make all the difference in your experience.

Best Tablets For Online Gaming

While other industries have struggled over the past few years, online gaming is going through a boom in interest, with more people taking to the digitally based hobby than ever before. While some may think that it is limited to people playing on video game consoles or home computers, there is an upward trend in people gaming on their mobiles and tablet devices.

In a report released by Research And Markets, more players are picking up their devices to play games than ever before, earning the industry almost $100 billion in 2020. This rise in prominence for gaming on these mobile devices is not limited to the younger generations either, as it’s also noted that senior citizens are downloading gaming apps.

Best Tablets For Online Gaming

Many would say this is due to the competitive pricing of tablets making them more accessible and advances in technology; therefore the devices can run more complex games. It all adds up to the tablet being a viable alternative to the consoles found tethered to TVs worldwide.

For users to access games like Minecraft on a large screen while being mobile is a plus, and Raid Shadow Legends is a much easier game to navigate on the tablet rather than the sometimes fiddly and cramped mobile platform.

Tablets are also proving popular with gamers who enjoy iGaming, as online casino players enjoy the immersion offered on the slots, tables, and TV-style games. There are live games featured on Gala Bingo, such as Sweet Bonanza Live, that require not only a good processor, but also a big display.

These new game show-style games are best viewed on a device much larger than a standard mobile, and the other advantages are that tablets have better GPUs, allowing for smoother, better graphics, and have larger batteries, meaning you can play for longer.

There are many tablet devices out there, so let’s take a look at three tablets for online gaming to suit all budgets below.

iPad Pro 2021 – From $799

The iPad Pro is the tablet to buy if your budget isn’t limited. The 2021 variant of the tablet is a monster in terms of specification, housing the Apple M1 chipset, the same as the iMac, and is available with up to 2TB of storage.

The 12.9-inch display offers smooth scrolling with a refresh rate of up to 120Mhz, so even the most ardent of visitors to the nether won’t miss a beat. Not only is it great for gaming, but it’s also the best all-around device, highlighted by its class-leading camera which we previously featured on The Gone App.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – Around $200

For those who prefer Android to iOS, and have a smaller amount of cash to spend the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a solid choice for gaming. With the price point being lower it has the lowest specification on this list, but the Qualcomm SM6115 processor is more than good enough to get your game on.

There are signs of a little slowdown when stuck in the intense gunfights of Call of Duty: Mobile or when multitasking, but it does still cope. In terms of audio quality, the quad speakers are fantastic and offer Dolby Atmos too, which is a real nice touch at this price, so you’ll never miss the footsteps of your approaching enemies ever again.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 –from $599

The Surface Pro 7 is a real contender here for the top tablet crown, with an Intel 10th generation Quad-Core i5 processor, 8GB ram and 128GB SSD; it’s set up nicely for the gamer. This tablet can play PC games; such is its power, although not the latest ones we might add.

The base-level model, priced at $599 is a quality device, and a real bonus as it comes with the familiarity of the Windows ecosystem. This could sway people towards the Surface, as that means that players who have access to Microsoft’s Game Pass service on their PC can find their catalog of games available on the Surface too.


I have reviewed some of the best tablets. For me, the number 1 candidate is the Ipad Pro. Take a look and choose a tablet that’s right for you. If you want to save some money buy a refurbished one, but you’re buying a new tablet, I recommend the iPad Pro.

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