Best Tablet For OSU 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Tablet For OSU 2021 Top Brands Review

The most influential game in the world is OSU. It’s so addictive that you might find yourself spending hours on it without even realizing it.

However, the problem you often encounter is that your mobile phone goes down because you use it too much.

You don’t want that end to happen, so Gone App recommends the best tablet for OSU to fix this problem. Right! Tablet is the best choice for the size and durability of the battery to surprise you.

What’s OSU?

OSU is a rhythm game that’s free to perform with. The game intends to strike circles and then slip your mouse or pencil in time with the audio.

It seems easy, but it is pretty addictive! You play OSU bitmaps and can select between several levels of difficulty.

You receive more points for precision and speed. That is why it’s crucial to find the best osu tablets!

Things To Consider Before Buying

Things To Consider Before Buying

After going through our review section, you ought to be pretty pumped up for yourself among those tablets to get right into the match and maintain your most excellent score place.

But before you do choose to invest your money on almost any apparatus, you’ll need to keep some things in mind. By keeping these factors in mind, you can make sure you receive the best one for winning most of the rounds of this match. They are:

Response Time

Another essential feature to consider is the reaction time of this tablet. For improved precision and control, you would like the best response time potential.

Be sure that you read the testimonials and compare the different tablets fare on this facet. Can they have an input lag? Can the tablet keep up with how fast you move the stylus?

The response timing will affect your general gameplay, so be sure that you consider it before purchasing.


Should you wish to get yourself among the very best cheap OSU tablets on your own, the very first thing you ought to consider is the size of this gadget.

From the dimensions, we’re indicating the busy place here. And should you not understand the active area, the gadget will enroll your strokes, which you will make using the stylus pen.

In cases like this, the bigger the working place, the greater the movements it is making. The more prominent working place will make it simpler for you to quickly take those complex movements on the sport.

Active Area

More minor is better in this regard. The less distance you need to move your arm, the less time is invested, the more points are earned.

Simultaneously, locating the best size may be essential for scoring those other things for all those tight corners where a larger active area and a more excellent resolution may be advised.

Form Element

Aside from the dimensions of the active area, you also need to factor in the form element. This is a significant point because if you have a small table and have many peripherals onto it, it would be difficult for you to accommodate these devices adequately. Additionally, close tabs are relatively simple to maneuver around also.

Express Keys

The majority of the available tabs will be sent with keys. These keys are usually customizable, so you have the entire liberty of delegating shortcuts and macros onto them.

Though the amount of those keys will probably range from 2 to around ten, some may not have some. But they’re rather significant. Thus, it would help if you were sure that you get one that does include keys.

With intermediate keys, you can’t just carry out specific tasks in the matches quickly and easily and improve your overall productivity.

The Pen Grip

Do not overlook the pencil build and layout, also. It also needs to be comfortable to maintain and to last.

However, above all, the pencil should make it possible for you to find a fantastic grip on it.

If you hold it for some time, you are very likely to find sweaty hands. Thus, you require a pencil that has a nice tactile surface and also provides some cushioning.

Otherwise, your hands and your pencil are going to keep slipping. You do not need to mess the oau game up due to a slip of the pen!

Top Rated 8 Best Tablets For OSU Of 2021

Top Rated 8 Best Tablets For OSU Of 2021

Huion H420 Osu Tablet

The Huion H420 is an excellent tablet for enjoying osu! an online game without costing too much. It is cheap but functions nicely, therefore it provides excellent value for money.

This tablet is created for graphic design and illustration. So, as you would expect, it is pretty responsive!

It is correct it does not have the quickest response time in contrast to other versions. However, you can give a tremendous increase by installing the Hawku driver.

The active area is relatively modest at 4 x 2.23 inches, but that is not necessarily a drawback. This tablet is not brand new, but it still functions nicely. Besides that, you can check price on Amazon!

  • The Huion has convenient state keys that enable you to take shortcuts when playing OSU games or drawing.
  • One thing to notice is that the pencil takes batteries, making it somewhat thicker.
  • A Fantastic low-cost drawing tablet for OSU
  • The tablet is compact, slim, and lightweight.
  • The pencil is very heavy because of the batteries.

XP-Pen G640 6×4

Although less popular than the Huion H420, the XP-Pen is perhaps the very best tablets and much better tablet. It’s a more excellent resolution and a more significant score speed.

The precision, too, is more significant. Even beating Wacom inside this respect but with these tiny dimensions, I am not positive whether the difference is real?

Probably due to advertising. Whatever the event, the only downside of this version is that the busy area is more extensive, but that is fine when you’ve got a more excellent resolution screen.

GAOMON M10K2018 Graphic Drawing Tablet

Were you aware that the best OSU tablets are essentially images designing tablets in disguise? Well, yes, they’re the same thing.

However, those who are for the sport generally have a greater response report rate compared to the comparison. This one that’s out of Gaomon, which we’re taking a look at, is just one of these.

To begin with, it comes together with a pencil which has a vast range of stress levels. The amounts are 8192 in amount.

That sum of stress levels will allow you to do the fast movements the game needs quickly. Additionally, it provides comprehensive control over the outlines which you would wish to draw on if you would like to use it as a drawing pad.

Apart from that, the pencil doesn’t rely on any battery. Instead, it uses the built-in capacitor to obtain electricity from the mat. This ability helps to ensure that the pencil disconnects as you’re in a significant round of this match.

The reported speed is high too. It’s in 233 RPS. Because of this, you’re likely to appreciate high precision.

Aside from that, the place it is likely to provide you is rather extensive also. It’s 10 x 6.25 inches, which can be more significant than most of the additional tables found in the industry.

Additionally, there are a touch button round button and ten different customizable hotkeys. Your preference can be set for these. You will have a competitive advantage in the sport due to these. Besides that, you can check price on Amazon!

Wacom Intuos Graphics Tablet – Best Drawing

If you have been on the lookout for a fantastic tablet computer for you, look no farther; the Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet provides you with an impressive surface as an artist to crush those new beats on you.

The tablet has a 63.7 inches active area to provide you improved working expertise. Its size is ideal for a restricted workspace, and it provides you more space to make fantastic music.

The display has 4096 degrees of immediate pen pressure, which provides you with an exceptional experience. Additionally, using a resolution of 2540 LIP, ensuring the best tablets view in your sport.

This system boasts precision, and you may hover on display for a distance of up to 14mm. You may adore the simple fact that it doesn’t have any cursor delay. On the other hand, the screen has a rough texture to it, and we suggest that you drag rather than hovering to guarantee excellent results.

Additionally, it includes a fashionable charge-free pencil with a fantastic rubber grip. Hence, the slender rubber grip will guarantee your good osu games improve, and you may break your record.

This tablet comes without drivers, so make sure you download them until you delve into enjoying good osu at a better game experience. The driver upgrade lets you activate the cursor space and take out the cursor delay.

But many users have discovered downloading the upgrade cumbersome. The website is occasionally unresponsive but does not get stressed. It is possible to get in touch with the customer support representative to direct you.

As a bonus, the tablet includes three preloaded applications. These are applications to be utilized in graphic design. Also, it includes four customizable buttons that put your favorite acts at your fingertips. Besides that, you can check price on Amazon!

Intuos Small Art

Though the priciest of the group, you may rest assured because it is a Wacom ctl4100 apparatus and usually a whole lot more dependable in each circumstance.

Even if you experience problems, you’ll come across a much better client service experience than any other picture maker.

Wacom ctl4100 drivers will operate on almost any computer at any moment. Since they’re the pioneers in the drawing tablet business and many producers are specific, their pencil-enabled devices operate well with Wacom ctl4100. Besides that, you can check price on Amazon!

VEIKK A30 Graphics Tablet – Best Drawing

Among all of the alternatives that can be found on the current market, those capable of functioning with different stress pressure sensitivity levels would be those that can make following the sport’s jobs feel simple. And also, a perfect example of this is this one which is from VEIKK.

To start with, the pencil it packs along does not need any battery to get the job done. Instead, it relies upon the built-in capacitor to obtain electricity from your tab. Due to that, you won’t need to fret about it disconnecting amid an aggressive round.

Besides that, the pencil is highly responsive. You may expect to have accurate and precise monitoring with it. Additionally, it supports 8192 degrees of stress. With that, the gambling experience you’re likely to have will probably be much improved than you’d receive from a mouse.

Besides that, the board sports a touchpad that provides added control over the activities you would like to perform. Additionally, there are just four completely customizable keys around the display, which will allow you to place macros of your preference.

The working place it provides is 10 x 6 inches, and it is more than sufficient to maneuver those catchy moves the game needs.

Additionally, it boasts the newest and quicker USB-C port, making linking it into the device’s a relatively simple job. Additionally, it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

Huion Inspiroy H430P – Best OSU Tablets

Would you wish to play OSU with your one match on your android mobile?

If your response is yes, then Huion Inspiroy H430P – Best OSU Tablets provides you with Android version 6.0 support. It’s an excellent substitute for a mouse when enjoying osu.

Let’s dive into the features; it’s a battery-free stylus pencil that frees you from the problem of constant charging. It will raise your gameplay consistency and decrease interruptions.

Also, it includes eight different pen nibs to allow you to decide on the comfiest for the match. Also, it includes a nib clip where you can store them after usage.

The Huion osu tablet provides you with a 121.9*76.2millimeter workplace, which will drastically lower the range of wrist motion during gameplay.

The tablet can also be just 6.3mm thick and weighs 135 g. Therefore, it is effortless to carry in your notebook bag or briefcase because it doesn’t require too much distance.

Additionally, the tablet computer boasts a 5080LPI display resolution along with a 4096 degree of pencil pressure to supply you with a more pleasing user experience. Bear in mind, the greater the resolution and stress pressure sensitivity, the greater your drawing or gameplay will be.

The tablet works with Windows and Mac operating systems. Also, it includes a removable Micro-USB cable that overcomes common USB cable problems and is a lot easier to carry.

To utilize it on your android telephone, please make sure you’ve empowered your OTG settings from the programmer choice. Regrettably, the product does not arrive with an OTG connector. A load of buying it drops to you. Besides that, you can check price on Amazon!

XP-Pen Deco 01 V2

The maker XP-Pen seemingly has a broad lineup of tablets. We will start looking into this one among those contemporary ones among the components they provide.

To start with, the USB interface it matches for connectivity would be the most up-to-date and the best USB-C port. Owing to that, the process of linking it to your apparatus should feel easy.

Additionally, the process gets smoother since it implements the plug-and-play configuration. There’s no requirement for any extra software, nor will you need any software setup to run it.

The tab isn’t compatible with Windows and Mac OS and compatible with Android apparatus, which is over the Android version 6.0. Thus, you won’t need to worry that much about the compatibility of these apparatus that much.

The tablet was created for both left and right-handed users. It packs eight completely customizable buttons. It is possible to place any macro that you need in these buttons, which will make the sport somewhat more straightforward for you. The pen also includes customizable extensions.

Aside from that, the general footprint of this unit is compact and very ergonomic. You’ll have the ability to place this along with your busy desk without even confronting many issues.

Even if this human body’s dimensions are compact and ergonomic, the most active area it provides is comparatively significant. It’s 10 x 6.25 inches, which will be relatively larger than nearly all other tabs in the marketplace. Besides that, you can check price on Amazon!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are drawing tablet and OSU tablet the same thing?

OSU tablets are usually drawing tablets that have a more incredible score speed and extend accurate monitoring. That means not all of the drawing tabs which are out there’ll be sufficient for the sport OSU. However, generally speaking, they’re the same thing.

2. Is an OSU tablet better than a mouse?

Well, using a tablet computer, you’re not merely likely to have more room to move your cursor around, but also the precision of the moves which you’re likely to get will be greater than that which an ordinary mouse can provide.

3. Can I get better if I get a tablet computer that’s created for gaming?

Exactly like every other ability that someone can learn, you’d need more training if you would like to improve from the sport. We’d suggest that you understand the tips which professional players utilize in aggressive matches and practice them daily. At some point, you can watch yourself improve from the sport.

4. Which dimensions of this drawing tablet are best for playing OSU games?

For playing OSU matches, get the greatest one your table could adapt. Because in this instance, the bigger the working place a pad can provide, the more control you’re likely to have from the sport.

5. What exactly does OSU Tablet mean?

The term OSU is a Chinese phrase. It’s a type of greeting. The term typically replaces the Chinese words”I’ll, yes, great, and excuse me” It doesn’t have a particular meaning.

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Lately, the very best tablets for OSU to buy that going Program has experienced by itself.

We had been expecting that we could narrow down the total spreadsheet choices. Selecting is not a tricky job for you.

That said, we’d love to finish off things by wishing you good luck and hoping you may gradually improve your abilities in the game with the pads you will purchase.

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