Best Portable Drawing Tablet 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Portable Drawing Tablet 2021 Top Brands Review

The best portable drawing tablet is probably the top search for a beginner, and even professional artists are looking for it. So, in the end, what qualities does it have that make so many people curious about it?

This article will summarize all information related to the best portable tablet for drawing for you to answer the above question. Besides, Gone App will provide the top best tablets to help you have more choices.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Cheap Drawing Tablet

Buyer's Guide - How to Choose the Ideal Portable Drawing Tablet (1)

Color Accuracy

To pick the right colors and create much better art, your screen must display authentic colors.

So while minding the pill computer, we made sure each of the pills in our record has a bare minimal shade precision of 99 percent sRGB color space.

Battery Life

Lengthier Battery life is just one of the things you need to possess in a mobile drawing apparatus. The majority of the tablets and mobile computers said in our listing include excellent battery life.

Most pills will last up to 8 hours to the low end and over 12 hours on the high end.

Quick charging is just another attribute to search for. A few of the pills like the iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy s6, Surface Pro provide fast charging that makes recharging the pill extremely fast and easy.

Display size

Nearly all the mobile drawing tables can be found in 10, 11, or 13-inch monitor dimensions.

Most folks would agree that bigger is better when it comes to drawing pills; however, you start to shed on portability with the rise in size.

If you’re somebody who will frequently use these devices outside, select smaller display sizes – 10 or 11 inches in dimension rather than iPad or even Android.

These smaller dimensions iPad and Android tablet computers have well-optimized drawing programs, which produce excellent use of available display space.

On the flip side, if you’re somebody who will mainly use these pills on your desk or in and around your residence, you can choose to go for bigger 13 or 15-inch apparatus.

Operating System

Running System is a significant deal once we speak about drawing apparatus. The operating system decides what kind of programs and applications you can ring onto that specific device.

IPad OS and Android apparatus are fantastic for creating digital art, photo editing, and color-correcting jobs, but they fall short when it comes to design and 3D modeling and sculpting.

Additionally, most typical desktop-grade drawing applications haven’t yet made their way to Android and IOS devices.

Windows-powered apparatus, on the other hand, give you total freedom to utilize any industry-standard applications.

On a Windows-powered apparatus, it’s possible to concurrently do electronic painting, design work in addition to 3d modeling onto a single device.


Each of the drawing tables includes a FullHD QHD or even a 4K screen.

Broadly, a higher resolution is better. Nevertheless, in regards to smaller display sizes, many individuals won’t even have the ability to see the difference unless they’re explicitly searching for it.

Our recommendation is, for almost any pill less than 13 inches in dimension, a FullHD resolution is enough to find the task finished.

If the display is more significant than 13 inches, just then, you need to search for QHD or 4K resolution.

Remember, higher resolution screens consume more energy leading to shorter battery life.

So, in the event, you receive the choice to select between a lower and higher resolution screen in a pill computer, make your choice considering the details mentioned previously.


Last, the Budget plays an enormous role when deciding which mobile drawing pill to take. Top-of-the-line top products include the latest-generation technology, faster processors, exceptional processors, and many extra bells and whistles, reflecting in their price.

However, you don’t necessarily require a top of the line wholly loaded pill to draw. By way of instance, the iPad is offered in several configurations.

The cheapest settings of the iPad prices twice or three times less compared to the maxed-out edition. In real-life use, you still find similar functionality for the least expensive iPad version.

In the same way, several different devices like Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Novel includes numerous configurations, and you may spare a great deal of cash if you select the ideal pill by your requirements.


The stylus is among the most crucial sections of a tablet meant to be utilized as a drawing apparatus. How great the functioning of the stylus determines the drawing experience you’ll have with that pill.

Stress sensitivity is among the significant sections of an electronic pencil, making the breasts feel much more natural and natural. In the past couple of decades, we’ve seen nearly all of the market’s stylus include pressure sensitivity.

Aside from pressure-sensitive, a few styli also will come with fool recognition. The tilt recognition permits you to do shading like an actual pencil by leaning the stylus when multi-touch the tip onto the surface.

Each of the styluses that we’ve discussed in this article encourages both tilt and pressure-sensitive detection.

Top Rated 7 Best Portable Drawing Tablets Brand Of 2021

Top Rated 7 Best Drawing Tablets Brand Of 2021

Apple iPad Pro

The simple fact that drawings a creative action comes with lots of benefits are well-known. If you’re a gifted creative professional, an artist, a graphic designer, or prefer to draw, paint and sketch. You probably know that the digital age has brought with its apparatus, making this task a lot more efficient.

Irrespective of your motivation, drawing will assist you in making a living from an activity that you genuinely like. It makes it possible to express yourself creatively and brings many health benefits like improving memory and problem-solving abilities and a rise in emotional intelligence.

Today’s marketplace is abundant in drawing pills for all requirements and needs, but they are not all supposed to be utilized in precisely the same manner. Apple Pro is among the very best such apparatus you will discover there.

It belongs to one of the three primary categories of drawing pills: best tablets, pencil displays, and graphics tablets. If you do not know a lot about those three classes, let us enlighten you.

That is a tablet; among these high-performance devices, outfitted with a superb screen and a stylus, it is simple to draw superbly.

The explanations for why most creative artists favor the iPad pros are its durability and technical specifications, contributing to excellent drawing and drawing outcomes.

This tablet features an LCD Liquid retina screen, True Tone display, and images that reach an Xbox One degree. The Apple Pencil two, the first of its type, has been published with this tablet computer and contains a brand new magnetic dock which aids users to attach it simpler.

The busy drawing area of the display steps 10.32 x 7.74 inches. Having a 2K display resolution and good pencil pressure sensitivity, drawing becomes a joy on this gadget.

Its only drawback that occasionally annoys users is that it’s a shiny finish on its display. If this becomes a problem, you may use a matte and anti-reflector display protector.

There are loads of apps compatible with all the iPad Pro, which means they have compatible features and Apple Pencil compatibility.

The tablet latency is as low as 20 milliseconds, and the tech behind the display that handles to render these realistic pen strokes is striking.

If you’re considering getting the best drawing tablets computer, you need to know that in comparison to other, more technical ones, then this is very reasonably priced and incredibly portable.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Samsung was hard at work for the past couple of years, but they’ve constantly found themselves a measure to the iPad Pro.

However, with the introduction of the Samsung tab S7+, the tables have turned. With the very competent Samsung S Pen, the Tab S7+ becomes a very compelling alternative for artists who want an excellent Android-based mobile drawing tablet.

The tablet is offered in two versions, the 11 inch Tab S7 and the 12.4 inch Tab S7+.

Concerning resolution, it’s like the above iPad Pro, but it’s a slightly superior color precision. You also receive the choice for the OLED display on the bigger version.

The S Pen display has also gotten far better. It’s pretty accurate and reacts beautifully to minor pressure changes.

The response speed of this Samsung S Pen is rapid (9ms), and coupled with all the 120-Hz refresh speed on the Samsung Galaxy tab S7, you receive an extremely responsive drawing encounter.

To get an excellent mobile drawing tablet, it’s necessary to get excellent battery life. The battery capability around the Tab S7 is enormous (8000 and 10090 mAh), and it’ll last you a long time on a single charge.

XP-Pen Artist 15.6 inch

New generation pills for drawing are excellent for so many reasons. They allow artists to express themselves and put their gifts in “newspapers” using innovative technology.

The results are just fantastic. If previously, graphic pills were kind of rudimentary and didn’t permit users to draw precisely like on paper, now they’ve evolved so much that professional drawing musicians put lines and perform natural moves.

The curves are more straightforward, the contours can be minor or complicated, and the simple fact that they use complex pens removes the ugliness and discomfort of working with a mouse. Over that, they’ve excellent precision in making art.

What more would you’re asking for? The XP-Pen Artist is just one of those pills which creative professionals love. Here’s the reason why.

The Artist 15.6 version includes a generous display size, a sensible drawing surface, a matte display, including the iPad Pro, and a pencil with pressure sensitivity, which is highly reactive at a reasonable price.

To be precise, it’s 8192 degrees of pressure sensitivity along with a report speed of 266RPS, which makes it as great as the Wacom Cintiq, yet another pill that each drawer wishes to possess.

Its display rotates 90 to 180 degrees, but it does not include a stand, which could make it uncomfortable occasionally. But, you can purchase another rack to make your job simpler.

This tablet computer supports 4K and operates on both Mac and Windows. Placing it up and configuring it is not as simple as on the iPad Pro, however.

You can use it directly from this box, for sure, but if you would like to begin working with Adobe Photoshop or other programs, there are several measures you have to do. Fortunately, the directions which come with the device are pretty comprehensive.

Compared to other similar picture tablet computers available on the current market, this offers value for the money. It’s cheap and can be capable of producing highly sensible outcomes.

After completing the installation process, it’s user friendly, also. Its pencil, the P03S stylus, has not altered much since the previous version, the Artist 10S; however, it’s pretty lightweight and straightforward to use. It features a toggle button and instantly switches between pencil and erases functions.

Concerning portability, this pill is relatively large. Using a 15.6-inch display, it’s a lot bigger than iPad Pro and consequently provides more drawing.

But it’s heavier and requires using a unique carrying case or purse. XP-Pen display has made it as slim as possible with this size, however.

It’s a slender profile of 11mm, which compensates with all the dimensions. Its overall size is 17.4 x 11.02 x 0.5 inches and weighs 3.2 lbs.

If your purpose is to make realistic artwork and have unlimited possibilities concerning drawing and sketching, this pill is ideal for your requirements.

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro (13 and 16)

If you’re deep into electronic artwork, probably – you’re already conscious of the Wacom drawing apparatus. They’re remarkably popular amongst musicians and famous for their exceptional digital pencil experience.

All the significant movie houses, CG, and VFX studios have Wacom apparatus at their own offices.

Conventional Wacom Intuos Pro devices have to be attached to a pc, but that isn’t true with Wacom Mobile Studio Pro.

The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is offered in 2 sizes, 13 inches and 16 inches also contains its computer built directly inside it, making the best drawing tablets.

Unlike iPads or even Samsung pills, which can be essentially general-purpose best tablets that it is also possible to draw, Wacom portable studio pro is specially created for artists from the bottom up.

It includes programmable shortcut buttons and a multi-touch ring across the side – for performing rapid actions inside your drawing software.

The included stylus “Wacom Intuos Pro Pen 2” is quite effective and competent and has an ergonomic shape that is much more comfortable to work with on longer drawing sessions.

Suppose you’re a person who not merely does electronic painting but also dabbles in things like animation, graphic design, 3d modeling, and 3d sculpting. In that case, the Wacom Mobile Studio Pro is an excellent option for you.

It runs on Windows, which means the operating system does not confine it, and you’re able to use all of the industry-standard software on this mobile device.

Microsoft Surface Novel 2

Microsoft is well-known because of its interest in picture features, which explains the reason why it’s incorporated advanced technologies in its apparatus for a very long time now.

The colors, contrasts, RGB range, brightness, and blacks are usually superior compared to other premium pills you will see in the marketplace. Because, oh, yes, the Surface Novel two is a superior tablet.

Unlike conventional picture tablets, the best tablets about this 2-in-1 are it includes a removable keyboard that has its operating system also contains sky-rocketing functionality.

That makes it well suited for business users, that want high functionality, reliability, and high-quality display, in addition to an overall outstanding layout.

On the flip side, it’s these beautiful graphic capabilities that make it perfect for creative professionals, also. Consequently, if you’re enthusiastic about drawing or operating within this business, together with Microsoft Surface Novel two, you struck two rabbits with a single shot.

The Surface 2 is your ideal drawing Android tablet computer, and that’s why it’s worth your focus if you prefer to draw, out of a typical office, at a coffee shop, or while vacationing.

Concerning portability, this gadget ranks high as a result of its lightweight and ultra-slim screen. The pill is offered in two dimensions: 13.5 and 15 inches. For drawing, the perfect size is your 15-inch screen, as it delivers a broader active surface.

Many users tend to compare this tab using all the Surface Pro since their features are similar.

Regarding what an artist wants, we think that Surface Novel two is more suitable because of the display size and perfect pressure sensitivity, and hands rejection.

The Surface Pen display is exact and makes it more comfortable to draw and write on big displays. It’s constructed from rubberized cloth, so it generates friction when touching the display.

But exactly like the iPad Pro, this tablet features a glossy display rather than matte, so if you’re planning to use it outside, you may want to obtain a matte screen protector.

Another benefit that consumers have when purchasing the Surface Novel 2 rather than conventional picture tablets is that it’s compatible with a broader range of programs.

Except for your preinstalled sketch programs on the tablet computer, you can use it using Medibang Paint Pro, Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Krita, Sketchable, Paint 3D, Affinity Designer, Corel Draw, Concepts, Autodesk, and a Lot More.

Apple iPad Air

iPad Air has ever been considered a funding alternative to the iPad Pro.

It’s been in the marketplace for quite some time, during which it’s gotten many updates through recent years. However, the iPad Air’s final upgrade has been the largest one, so much which completely altered this particular pill.

Not just has Apple significantly improved the processing ability of this iPad Air but also updated its layout.

The brand new iPad Air now appears more as an iPad Pro using its sleek body layout and slim bezels around the monitor.

Display quality

It includes a 10.9-inch high-resolution display with fantastic color precision.

The only significant difference between the iPad Air and iPad Pro is that the iPad Air includes a 60Hz screen, whereas the iPad Pro includes a 120Hz ProMotion screen.

The most incredible things about the iPad Air are that it currently supports the next generation of Apple Pencil.

This is fantastic news for artists, as despite becoming a significantly cheaper pill computer, the iPad Air stills support the Apple Pencil.

The caliber of the strokes, the stress sensitivity, along with the lean detection – what works well with this pill, and you’ll have a fantastic time working with it.

GAOMON PD1560 15.6

Ideally, a drawing tablet ought to be cheap, portable, with good graphic features. Finding one which fulfills each of these needs is not a cinch, but it is not impossible.

Gaomon’s PD1560 tablet computer is proof that it is possible, and artists may enjoy the advantages of a cheap yet performant image tablet computer.

This version is less costly than many models in its class. Yet, it’s an excellent busy drawing area of 13.5 x 7.6 inches, a resolution of 1920 x 1080, and higher pencil pressure sensitivity of 8192 levels.

Much like best graphics tablet computers, it does not possess its OS, so a relationship using a Windows or Mac PC is vital.

This tablet computer’s widescreen is perfect for drawing. With its bright pencil, it creates the ideal conditions for creative work. Besides the pill, the producer included a vast array of accessories, also.

In case you choose to opt for this Budget for drawing, you’ll also receive a stylus, cables, a flexible rack, a stylus holder, additional nibs, a stick-on display protector, a drawing glove, along a transport case. There are instead a lot of accessories to get a product this cheap.

Concerning relaxation, the stylus is not as comfortable to use as Cintiq offers, as an example. It’s just natural to feel a slight difference since the cost differs a good deal, also.

It’s excellent for beginner graphic designers or users who only need to draw for pleasure. The display is made from glass, which is why you will sometimes have to use the added screen protector.

The drawing expertise is good overall with all the Gaomon PD1560 15.6 inch tablet computers, but it should not be obtained to get a top-notch product.

It’s more of an entry-level mobile drawing tablet with sound capabilities, although not excellent, and that’s suggested for beginner to intermediate musicians.


Recently, the mobile tablet drawing board products are highly appreciated on the market today. Regarding quality, reliability, and product price, the Gone App staff are carefully and closely researched to write the most accurate information for your reference.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. We will answer all your questions as soon as possible!

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