Best Laptop Cooling Pad 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

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Nowadays, the best laptop cooling pad is almost a necessity. Laptop manufacturers are constantly pushing the boundaries concerning making machines thinner and more powerful. And while that only benefits the users in lots of ways, it brings obvious issues in not only area constraints but also heat-related problems (of course, the two are tightly interrelated).

On the one hand, huge strides have been made in regard to powering up Ultrabooks and gaming laptops, together with the ability to pack near-desktop-level equivalent GPUs to a laptop. That’s where the very best notebook cooling pad comes in — to assist these components to remain cool and protect against performance throttling.

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Buying Guide

If you would like to earn the ideal choice when purchasing a notebook cooling pad, then there are certain facets and features which you will need to consider. You need to be certain the notebook cooling mat you purchase needs to have these features. Pay careful attention to these features while considering a notebook cooling system:

Number of Fans

The first and foremost thing you ought to sign at a notebook cooling pad would be that your variety of fans. Based upon the size of one’s notebook and the degree to which it could heat, then you want to pick a cooling pad with the appropriate multitude of buffs.

It’d be best for those who have chosen a heating pad with a combo of small and large-sized fans. In this manner, you can change your buffs run them at precisely exactly the identical moment. So you’ll find yourself an even far more considerable level of personalization, and you can also readily correct the fan preferences.


Typically, people utilize laptops in different orientations. On occasion, you’ll use the notebook in your lap, and there’ll be occasions as soon as your notebook is going to be set in addition to a desk.

For that reason, always start looking for a notebook cooling pad that comes with an adjustable elevation. In this manner, you will readily have the ability to alter the height preferences depending on your requirements.

Laptop Place-holder

The notebook place-holder is likewise vital in a notebook cooling system; it prevents the notebook from slipping, involving you personally. The slipping guards usually are present in front of this notebook cooling system. All these stoppers make certain that the notebook remains on top of its heating pad and doesn’t slide or collapse even if you tilt the notebook cooling. To put it differently, these stoppers will protect the notebook and protect against breakage or damage.

Split up Lighting and Fan Button

The majority of the notebook cooling pads arrive with lights. However, you will find several cooling ducts whose lover and light settings might be manipulated with the identical button. This leaves toggling between different enthusiasts and light settings somewhat annoying and hard. Sometimes you’re utilizing your notebook in glowing lighting, and you also want to alter the settings. If your notebook has another button, then you can easily correct the settings with no situation.

Additional Features

You might choose to consider a few additional features if investing in a cooling mat on the notebook. If you’re a gaming enthusiast or enjoy different light setups, choose a heating pad with assorted lighting schemes. A few notebook cooling pads include a USB cable and space for storage to retain the cable when not being used. Additionally, this is an extra feature that is particularly useful for folks who’re always on the move.

While investing in a notebook cooling pad, it’s almost always far preferable to select one that comes with a warranty period. The products are much superior compared to the people who do not possess a warranty. Of course, should you face any matter, it’s possible to readily contact the producer and get assistance fix, mend, or replacements.

Top Rated Laptop Cooling Pad in 2021

1. Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB

Leave it to Thermaltake to have a cooling solution for everything. The gigantic 20 RGB cooler can bring down the temps of laptops, both large and small. It achieves this with a massive, 200mm enthusiast and plenty of ventilation for airflow. And, while you’re making your laptop cooler, it is possible to ensure it is aesthetically cooler as well with the RGB lighting, which runs all around the base of the pad.

2. Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5

Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5

It doesn’t have extra USB ports. But it offers a level of cooling capability that easily surpasses that of each additional cooling pad TheGoneApp tested. Internal temperatures dropped greater than 30 degrees (a combined average across multiple evaluations and laptops), and outside temperatures were reduced by 11 levels. While air cooling can not do much to considerably improve performance, this pad does keep things cooler better than its peers, which is enough to garner the best spot in our testimonials. The mat has an adjustable stand, with angles between 0 and 25 degrees, and the entire thing is coated with a generous three-year warranty.

3. Cooler Master NotePal X3

Cooler Master NotePal X3

This version of the Cooler Master pad is made especially for gaming. It has a bit more weight for extra support of larger gaming notebooks and one large 200mm fan to push a steady stream of air quickly — also, obviously, those blue LED lights for displaying a little. While the price is somewhat higher with this particular model, it is also more durable than most cooling pads. Considering that notebook cooling systems are somewhat notorious for breaking down earlier than people would like, the extra cost for additional durability might be worth it for more active users.

4. Cooler Master Notepal XL

Cooler Master Notepal XL

Cooler Master knows trendy, you would hope, and the company’s Notepal is a winner in our books. Using a single big 230mm fan — which is quiet, we might add — it has a fan speed controller and was made to pipe ‘optimal airflow’ through your notebook. Indeed, it shifts an impressive quantity of air, being rated at 89.8 cubic feet per minute, a very effective degree of cooling.

This apparatus also benefits from a slightly tilted ergonomic layout, aiming to offer you the best angle to use your notebook’s keyboard, together with nonslip feet for stability when placed on a surface. As an extra bonus, there are three USB ports around the trunk.

This product is a very close second to the Kootek but just loses out to the versatility front. If you can not find the Kootek outside of the US — in some areas, the stock appears very thin on the ground — then this is a superb option for powerful cooling.

5. Klim Ultimate

klim ultimate

Your gaming laptop needs great cooling to keep it running at its peak. However, you can get that using a bit of style at the same time. The Klim Ultimate cooling pad provides a stylish and versatile stand for your notebook. Inside, you’ll find a massive, 200mm fan that may run at 750RPM, maintaining your notebook cool without creating a lot of extra sounds. Additionally, it has an RGB light strip round the edge with several different lighting effects. And an adjustable riser will let you position your laptop at several angles that are raised.

6. CM Storm SF-17

CM Storm SF-17

The CM Storm SF-17 gaming laptop cooling stand is made by Cooler Master’s gaming manufacturer and contains the sort of chunky gamer aesthetic you may expect. Happily, the majority of the aesthetic elements have operational applications, such as flexible height, a built-in grip for simple carrying, and rubber bumpers that function as both feet to the stand and integrated cable management. The stand’s only 180-millimeter fan Provides decent cooling indoors and out for notebooks around 19 inches.

7. Targus Lightweight Chill Mat

Targus Lightweight Chill Mat.

The Targus mat is also, in a word, practical. There aren’t any rubber stops on the surface, in addition to woven plastic padding, which can help prevent slipping. The bottom side is covered in more comfortable neoprene, and Velcro straps are like to help route charging wires if needed.

8. Enermax TwisterOdio 16

Enermax TwisterOdio 16

When thinking about notebook cooling pads, which do something a little different from the norm, one possibility is an accessory that doesn’t just keep your laptop from getting too hot but also includes built-in speakers. Because aside from handling warmth, another area that notebooks frequently struggle with is providing a nice amount of sound quality and quantity.

The Enermax Twister AUdio is only capable of dealing with laptops around 16-inches in dimension, but its own built-in pair of’DreamBass’ 2W speakers are fairly decent (and provide a few basses, as the title may suggest).

This pad is rather thick, naturally enough because of all those integrated speakers (that can be housed in the cylinder in the rear of the pad), but surprisingly light and provides strong cooling in addition to sound quality. Incidentally, you can turn the speaker off and adjust the fan speed.

This is definitely worth considering for those who have inadequate laptop speakers and want a reasonably priced solution to address this matter and any cooling worries in one fell swoop.

9. TopMate C5

TopMate C5

What is better than having four fans moving cool air over your laptop’s components? How about five fans. The topmost C5 has four smaller lovers around the perimeter plus a fifth, strong fan in the center. There’s also a slick control device on the front, which allows you to adjust the fan speed and power on the lighting and the unit itself. In addition to that, a little ledge flips up, and you can tilt the whole unit upwards without fretting about your laptop from sliding off. There’s a good deal of cooling for not much money.

10. Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US

Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US

The Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US isn’t the very best notebook pad we watched for heating your notebook; actually, it decreased internal temperatures by just a level or two. What it will do, however, is provide a cooling system that will work in your lap in addition to on a desk.

The wedge-shaped rack has open sides to get open airflow and can be coated with a soft layer of neoprene for unrivaled comfort when used in bed or while kicking back to a sofa. A Good Deal of the heating problems that people encounter arise from placing a notebook on a pillow or blanket for casual use.Therefore the Targus is among the best solutions we have seen to the most Frequent overheating problem.

11. Tree New Bee

Tree New Bee

This fashionable Tree, New Bee pad, has an interesting shape, but it is the low weight and quad fans of this cooling pad which impress us. There are also handy features such as a built-in dual USB hub, a switch to control fan speed, and flexible”anti-skid” flip-up arms to get the angle right.

That has been said, many users have pointed out that the lightweight nature of this Tree New Bee Cooling Pad makes it tough to support a complete 17-inch laptop with up the legs, meaning thicker laptops might be condemned into the horizontal position with this pad. The contour, while intriguing, can make it a bit more challenging to keep on your notebook case, so be certain you measure before purchasing.

12. Cooler Master MasterNotepal Maker

Cooler Master MasterNotepal Maker

Recall at the beginning of the piece, we discussed the relative positioning of these vents at the base of your notebook, and the fans from the cooling pad may be a significant consideration? Well, one way you can ensure the optimum placement is by putting the lovers yourself — and that is potential within this modular heating pad from Cooler Master.

Modular only suggests that the lovers can be transferred to anywhere on the heating system, to target precisely where you require air delivering for your notebook. The MasterNotepal Maker also benefits from great build quality and a sandblasted aluminum’ coating — which may also assist with heat dissipation — and this pad may be put at five distinct angles.

There are additional advantages like excellent cable control, an attachable USB hub, and removable stoppers (to stop the notebook from being in any danger of slipping off the rack ). However, the disadvantage to this top-of-the-range Cooler Master product is the fact that it isn’t inexpensive, but for all those who actually wish to fully tailor their pad to match their laptop, it might well be worth the outlay.

13. Klim Cool+

Klim Cool+

If you’d like a bigger, more portable option to keep your laptop cool on the go, you can opt for the Klim Cool+. This unit is constructed to raise the cooling capacities of your notebook by attaching to its exhaust port and pulling on even more air through. This will likely only work with notebooks that have side exhaust ports where the Klim Cool+ can easily attach, but for compatible notebooks, it can give the built-in cooling an upgrade. It has different working modes that let it run quietly for light cooling or kick into high gear for some serious gaming.

14. Thermaltake Massive TM

Thermaltake Massive TM

Where most cooling pads opt for simplicity, the Thermaltake Massive TM laptop cooler tries the opposite, with features not offered on other notebook coolers. The TM stands for temperature screen, as the cooler has four peg-like temperature sensors that measure the heat of the base of the laptop.

The pad also comes with an automatic mode that uses this temperature information to kick into higher gear when the laptop temperature climbs too high, and our testing showed that these detectors were largely true. We have more-precise readings with our IR thermometer, but greater temps produced bigger readings. It is also the very trendy cooler pad we saw, with an aluminum-plate grille instead of the usually perforated metal mesh.

15. Polar LC05

Polar LC05

Perhaps you don’t care about laptop height or the angle in any way, and you would just as soon play at your typical tabletop degree (or you already have a stand and don’t want to mess with it). In this case, take a look at the Polar LC05, which is a fan attachment that you plug into the side of your notebook.

16. TeckNet N8

TeckNet N8

If you wish to invest as little as you can in a cooling pad, subsequently TeckNet has an excellent solution that is priced as cheaply as you’ll see anywhere — and you’re still getting a nice product.

The N8 includes a trio of 118mm cooling fans that provide a nice degree of the cooling system, in addition to the device gains from a highly slim and portable design, too. It’s a pair of feet that can be extended to raise it up and a USB port to plug in an additional apparatus (the N8 connects to and can be powered through USB, incidentally).

The build quality, perhaps, is not the finest. However, the N8 is impressively quiet, and quite simply, it does the job — and does it quite cheaply indeed.

17. Aitcheson Laptop Cooling Pad Chill Mat S-18

Aitcheson Laptop Cooling Pad Chill Mat S-18

Aitcheson isn’t a family name, but it does make one of the best-selling notebook coolers on Amazon. This is largely because of the $20 cost, but the mat also provides flexible fan speeds, a number of height settings, and even a nifty glowing display. The display, sadly, is difficult to read, and the adjustable settings include mention of an automated mode which is not actually on the cooling pad. Designed for notebooks from 10 to 16 inches, the pad has two USB ports, one for plugging in the USB power cord and a 2nd pass-through port, so you can still join a flash drive.


Do cooling pads for laptops really work?

Do laptop cooling pads really work?


Here’s TheGoneApp pick of greatest laptop cooling pad, hope you find the best choice. Make sure to pay attention to these features, which we have discussed above.

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