Idle Heroes Best Heroes Tier List (PvE & PvP)

Maxing out a hero in Idle Heroes is a long process and you only want to contribute that effort for the best heroes that are worth it in the long ring, right?

We have developed a tier list here that will show you how viable and useful a hero is in Idle Heroes, both PvE (boss fights, Broken Spaces, Flame Shrine) and PvP.

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PvE revolves around maximising the damage dealt to your damage dealers. Support heroes can also be used to increase damage by breaking/reducing armor and adding burn/bleed and survival.

In PvP there’s more a focus on disruption and preventing active skills of the enemy team as you want to shut them down as effectively as you can. The PvP section of tier lists also has support heroes that can help your team stay alive.

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The rating is a mixture of PvP/PvE. Please mind that you should check out what your focus is – if you don’t do PvP at all you only want to look at the PvE column and vice versa.


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All heroes are ranked from S (Superior) over A (strong) to D (worst)

The Best Heroes In Idle Heroes

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September Update! With a good bunch of changes since the last update I did to the list, quite some things changed… some heroes changed their position. Tix’ mechanics have been changing him a lot to get less effective, Eloise made a huge stop to the top and new heroes like Fairy Queen Vesa, Andrea, Saja, Waldeck, etc. The list now includes them.

Hero Tier PvP


Aspen Dung. Void Vort. Seal Land Info Scarlet Queen S+ S+ ++ ++ ++ She’s all-in-one support hero and damage dealer and viable in all game modes S+ Sword Fish Xia S+ S+ ++ + ++ One of the top PvE solo damage dealer and strong with AoE, dodge, counterattacks etc. Seal Land 25 is possible. Also, the game mode options are very viable. You should make this your first transandent character! S+ Fairy Queen Vesa S S + + ++ Well rounded hero and can hit like a truck. Her healing, shields and healing make her an all-rounder. S Star Wing Jahra S S ++ + + Her cc gives your team a lot of viability and one of the best PvE damage dealer and useful for many PvP teams as well. If used correctly, she can lock down an entire team. S Asmodel the Dauntless S S+ ++ – o Very good PvE damage dealer and also good PvP burst damage dealer. Crazy crits. A+ Eloise S S o o ++ Best solo Seal Land hero, one of the best E5 heroes to build first and you will use her from first day to end game. Also viable for the newer PvE game modes S Ithaqua S A ++ + ++ Best PvE damage dealer and useful almost everywhere and useful from the early to the end game in Idle Heroes S+ Drake S A + o + Got a lot value recently. You can do incredible damage. S+ Andrea A+ S+ + + + One of the best support heroes in Idle Heroes right now. He is a great healer, good at PvP, and smart about targeting which makes him very useful. A Carrie A+ A + ++ ++ Super viable in most game modes and good support hero. Excellent anti-energy tool. S Rogan A+ A+ + + + Good support hero with the beginning buffs and useful in almost any game mode A Aida A A+ + – – Great for Aspen Dungeon and PvP but not viable somewhere else. C Penny A C ++ – + Very solid PvE damage and can do Aspen Dungeon Death 100 on her own and solo Seal Land and anhihalates in early game big time A+ Amen-Ra A A+ – + ++ Really nice support hero and always comes into meta setups with her Guardian Shadows and Healing Curse are super strong. Needs the right team setup with healing A Delacium A F o ++ ++ Great as 5-Star hero and can clear Void Vortex great and also Seal Land 20 by himself. Ithaqua is a good PvE damage dealer, but you will need to run several of him. Hard to rank but I’m okay with this ranking here. S Russell A A ++ + ++ Good end game PvE and viable in other modes as well. A well-rounded hero to build. S Ignis A A + ++ + Nice support in Void Vortex, feeding energy to other heroes and overall really viable. Don’t actually needs to be E5… A Tix A A + o o Dropped in end-game value a lot recently since they changed the way his damage is calculated on the enemy damage by percentage. The most bizarre early-game hero. A Horus B D – – ++ Is good earlier and mid-game but falls short in PvP. Can do Seal Land quite well and is a solid PvE damage dealer and also can do some tanking B+ Aspen B C ++ – ++ Great for Seal Land with enough support and good in Aspen Dungeon. Solid mid-game hero B Garuda B B+ + – ++ Can do Seal Land 20 done by herself with imprints, good early PvP but not that good later. Overall good PvE damage dealer B Sherlock B B + – ++ Dropped in value recently since his doves can be purified now so he won’t control that much. Still able to solo Seal Land 20 still C Inosuke B D+ + + ++ Amazing PvE damage but recent changes in his shield mechanics make him looose some survivability. A Fiona B B + o o Great support hero and useful in all cheese setups but as Inosuke, her mechanics got changed so her shields are not that strong anymore. Still good PvE damage B+ Waldeck B A o – ++ Can do Seal Land 20 done and okay synergy in end-game PvP meta right now but lacks other PvE uses. C Saja B A o o o Useful stun capabilities but not that outstanding. C Phorcys C+ A + – ++ Great at removing buffs and doing great damage and viable in PvP, but he’s super squishy to play and can die so fast. C Morax C+ D + – ++ Morax is okay everywhere but doesn’t shine anywhere, I think this describes him well enough. Seal Land 20 is not a problem for him. He can also use the aspen Dungeon. B Belrain C D – – + Has some niche support usage but falls off in end-game PvP heavily. It can be used to clear Seal Land. B Xia C C – – + Not really good at anything, medium damage, not great support but can do Seal Land 20 and useful for convertion later C

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C D + – ++ Good at clearing Seal Land, Aspen Dungeon and also decent in earlier PvP C Elyvia C C – o + Her aura and shrink is helpful as 5-Star support but not that meta C Flora C C ++ o o Basically okay everywhere but great in Aspen Dungeon getting to Death 100 C Gloria C C o o o Has some viability but actually nothing where she stands out C Gustin D+ B o o o Nice support with removing debuffs and can do crazy things with multiple Gustin setups in PvP D Onkirimaru D+ B – – – Weird revive with the requesite not hitting often, not recommend investing much. D Faith Blade D F + – + Used to be really strong but has been falling off. Can get you through Aspen Dungeon, Death 100 and als Seal Land 20 is possible with upgraded staff but is squishy like crazy C Nakia D D – – o Slow ability, not good at Tower, Seal Land or Aspen Dungeon and not much damage, potentially can do Seal Land 20 with the right setup and artifacts. F Unimax 3000 D D – – – Not outstanding and okay PvP. Okay utility support hero C Tara F F o o – Can’t do much in Seal Land or Tower, only anti-passive niche role but can’t lock all. It’s weird. F Oberon F F – – – Useless in PvP and squishy crowd control abilities you can’t rely on. F Mihm F F – – – Was useful in Mihm-Cheese setups but that is no meta anymore and not useful as other cheese setups are far better. F Tussilago F F – – – Really bad in PvP and not good in PvE either. Don’t touch her. F

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