Best Gaming Computer Under 300 2021: Top Full Guide

Best Gaming Computer Under 300

PC gaming is well famous for several things. Unparalleled customizability, the capacity for completely breathtaking visuals, and accessibility to the gigantic library of games are among the very attractive, even though there’s even the famously large price tag that comes with this.

However, what if we told you you might get initiated into the world of PC gaming for just $300? Yes, you’re right. TheGoneApp have here the best gaming computer under 300 build that make you say: WoW!


Custom assembles the heart of PC gambling, and the majority of men and women prefer purchasing a custom PC rather than prebuilt ones solely for the sake of reassurance, upgradeability, along with overclocking support. Additionally, custom builds are often more costly than their standards that are overburdened, for the large part.

But a few elite-class prebuilt PCs are more expensive than habit builds, for example, Alienware gaming PCs, etc…

Another fantastic element of the custom build is you may alter the parts as time passes. Should you become bored with your casing as time passes, you may sell it and find a fresh one. Simultaneously, there’s a major probability that a prebuilt PC may not let you do exactly the same because of proprietary elements. There are a lot of items to be considered when creating a custom PC, so let us take a peek at the particulars.

Budget:  there are numerous approaches for creating a customized made PC whenever you’re tight on your budget. A budget just like $300 might be the bare minimum, and you need to invest this much cash if you wish to acquire something you’re able to enjoy for some time.

Also, you can opt for a low-end construct, which you may upgrade later, or you’ll be able to purchase a mid-end construct that doesn’t provide an updating path.

It is going to be better for many folks to consider purchasing the low-end upgradeable build since you don’t understand what is likely to be the requirements of the forthcoming AAA games, and it’s almost always far much preferable to get an upgrade path beforehand.

Aesthetics: We all would like a gaming PC that provides top-notch aesthetics, and receiving an attractive best cheap gaming pc below $300 is a really hard endeavor. However, we’ve found something that doesn’t only look cool but doesn’t compromise in the performance section.

Performance:  because of your functionality is concerned, the habit AMD builds, it’s founded in an APU. Also, APUs aren’t as strong. You could play AAA games in high settings. But, you’ll have the ability to appreciate many games at sleek frames each second in reduced settings. Meanwhile, you may always Upgrade your GPU for much greater functionality.

Upgradeability: Using an upgradeable path is a fantastic concern for many PC players, and that’s the reason why we’ve gone with a construct that provides an extensive Upgrade route for you. You’ll have the ability to Upgrade the processor to some high-end one, and the same is said about the graphics card.

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Gaming laptop vs desktop

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Best Gaming Computer Under 300 Build & Guide

AMD Custom Build:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G

Ryzen 3 3200G

Even the Ryzen 3 3200G showcases amazing value for money and modulates competition within this price bracket. With the launch of this Ryzen 3rd Gen CPUs, we watch AMD — for the very first time in years — eventually competing with Intel to some worth and gambling spectrum.

The current fall in cost, together with its remarkable functionality, creates the 3200G among the ideal value-for-money products available now. It comes armed with Vega 8 incorporated images that show similar functionality to that of their GT 1030. This, then, means that you can conduct low-intensive AAA matches in 50+FPS from low/med configurations. Fantastic for any entry-level PC construct.

Mainboard: GIGABYTE B450M DS3H


Since we’ve chosen the AMD system and there are tons of motherboards offered on the current marketplace, a motherboard’s choice has been rather time-taking.

We’ve chosen GIGABYTE B450M DS3H for your construct, and it’s surely a fantastic motherboard. To start with, GIGABYTE is a renowned company that designs a few of the very attractive motherboards of time while not dismissing performance variables in any way.

This motherboard’s appearances are all beautiful, and it appears like a high-end motherboard unless you read its version. The motherboard also provides RGB light, which is harmonious with all the GIGABYTE RGB Fusion technologies, meaning you will have the ability to synchronize with the RGB light of this motherboard, and different elements encourage RGB Fusion.

B450 is your mainstream enthusiast chipset for its 1st and 2nd production Ryzen processors, which also assists Ryzen 3rd generation processors by BIOS upgrades.

It provides noticeable improvements within the B350 chipset when it has to do with memory timings and clocks, which explains why you’ll have the ability to use a much 3600 MHz memory card with a number of these planks.

At precisely exactly the same time, most of them readily provide aid for 3000 / 3200 MHz memory cards. A specific matter to notice here is that B450 motherboards don’t support SLI or Crossfire technologies, and the X-series AMD Motherboards provide this attribute.

But once again, this attribute is very irrelevant to funding players, and the high-end solitary graphics cards appear to be enough for the enthusiast area.

Now, concerning memory assistance, the motherboard provides four RAM slots. Also, the B450 chipset might provide dual-channel assistance, meaning it will be better to utilize two memory sticks to maximize their memory card.

The energy delivery of this motherboard is very striking and also provides 4 3 phase electricity delivery. You can perform decently overclocking with this particular motherboard also.

If you later Upgrade to processors such as Ryzen 5 2600 or 3600, it is possible to easily overrate them to 4.0 or perhaps 4.1 GHz. The energy parts are combined with great heat-sinks, and you do not need to fret about the elevated temperatures of the VRM.

In terms of the I/O, you will get four USB 3.0 interfaces, four USB 2.0 ports, a LAN port, three audio 3.5-millimeter jacks along with a Dual-Link DVI-D interface, an HDMI interface, and the heritage PS/2 port. You receive just two PCIe 3.0 X16 slots and a PCIe 3.0 X1 slot machine in terms of the slots.

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Also, you receive an M.two slot, even though we’ll counsel you to utilize SATA storage apparatus if you’re tight on budget.

In terms of the motherboard’s cost is concerned, it’s among the least expensive B450 motherboards on the current marketplace, and even then, it often goes on the market, making it a gorgeous product.

All in all, the motherboard’s capacities surpass the needs of the majority of budget players, and you’ll be fine with this motherboard for high-end assemblies.

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Memory: Patriot Viper Steel Collection DDR4 8GB (2 x 4GB) 3200MHz

Patriot Viper Steel Collection DDR4 8GB

We have gone for Patriot Viper Steel DDR4 8GB 3200MHz RAM to our 300 builds since it provides excellent performance at a relatively inexpensive price tag. It is pretty much the ideal pairing for your Ryzen 3 3200G. With 8GB available, you’re in a fantastic place, to begin with, and once you begin to go bottlenecked, you can Upgrade this with a further 8GB.

Storage: ADATA SU635 240GB


To keep as near the 300 budget as you can, we chose to proceed with all the ADATA SU635 with just 240GB of storage. This might not be much, but SSD storage significance your PC will be a lot faster and considerably more responsive as it might be using a normal old HDD.

If you have never used an SSD earlier, be ready to acquire new clothing since this SSD will knock them. It is no NVMe, nor can it be the speediest SSD on the market. However, the slowest SSD is miles faster than a normal hard disk and will be a noticeable step up for anybody ready to spend in it.

Nevertheless, if you do not wind up spending another $30-40 from the not too distant future on extra storage, then you may want to decide on an HDD straight off the bat.

In the case we urge the Seagate Barracuda ST500DM002. Because it is a far slower hard disk, you’ll have the ability to receive double the storage for the identical cost.

Power Supply: SeaSonic S12III 500W 80+ Bronze

SeaSonic S12III 500W 80+

Even the SeaSonic S12III 500W is still a very good power source. It is not overly costly. However, it supplies a fantastic degree of functionality supported by the 5-year guarantee it includes.

What’s more, its 500W capacity will probably be lost to power the whole rig even if you Upgrade it using a dedicated GPU of this GTX 1650 standard.

It is a non-modular PSU. However, it also features heavy-duty protection, it’s 80+ Bronze accredited, along with the 120mm sleeve bearing fan is both silent and strong, and it is a plus.

This might not be the priciest to build. Still, most of the component pieces here have been handpicked due to their caliber and upgradeability. It is well worth purchasing this PSU to make certain the entire gaming rig will not get roasted the very first opportunity it gets.

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Cooler: Wraith Stealth Cooler

Wraith Stealth Cooler

The stock cooler that comes with the APU might not be that remarkable, but it is by no way underpowered.

Case: Cougar MX330

Cougar MX330

The Corsair MX330 mid-tower ATX situation comes at an excellent price for its features; a robust side panel, PSU shroud, along several cable management choices. For the cost and the layout, this circumstance is difficult to conquer and readily makes it in this list.

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Upgrade Path

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

Cooler: Noctua NF-F12

Graphics Card: MSI Radeon RX 580

Power Supply: Corsair CX450M

Intel Custom Build:

CPU: Intel Core i3 10100

Intel Core i3 10100

Even the Intel i3 10100 features a base rate of 3.7 GHz plus an outlet of FCLGA1200. Though it not an strong CPU, it helps the consumer to overclock it exceptionally well, and that is why we chose to decide on this processor.

Using a proper overclock, it could attain over 4.4 GHz Speeds!

Also, with its Intel® UHD Graphics 630 integrated graphics, you can do so well on some lightweight game. This is a great alternative for an inexpensive gaming background underneath 300$ with integrated graphics in our view.

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Mainboard: Gigabyte B460M DS3H

Gigabyte B460M DS3H

With this flashlight, it is possible to Upgrade your CPU easily and without any sorts of problems. GIGABYTE is a superb brand, and also this motherboard was specially designed for design; it also includes 4 RAM Entries in case you want to add more RAM Sticks. This is probably the ideal motherboard for an inexpensive Gaming PC Under 300$.

Memory: Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB Kit (2x4GB) 2400MHz DDR4

Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB

This will offer you 8GB RAM 1600Mhz for quite a low price. This is more than sufficient even should you ever want to improve your personal computer, 8GB is enough for each and every single game on the current marketplace, there is hardly any noticeable performance increase when updating from 8GB to 16GB.

So that we certainly recommend investing in those 8GB RAM Sticks, being from Kingston provides you not only great-searching RAM’s but also signifies quality.

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Storage & Power Supply: ADATA SU635 240GB & SeaSonic S12III 500W 80+ Bronze

Much like the AMD build, these two are the best alternatives that remain near the 300$ build.

Case: Zalman S2 ATX Mid Tower

Zalman S2 ATX Mid Tower

The Zalman Z2 ATX PC Case is not likely to win any design awards, yet this budget situation still has a great deal to offer you. Zalman has built a pre-installed 120mm fan, providing you a few cooling straights from the box. Though this construct will not overheat, some other added fans allow you to produce a fully-fledged airflow alternative to lower temps if the construct is under pressure. It is a streamlined case with a slick and elegant aesthetic. You can not ask much more in a funding situation supplying, but if you do end up wanting something a bit different, you may look at our very best PC case tips.

Upgrade Path

CPU: Intel Core i5 10600

Graphics Card: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 2060 super

Cooler: Noctua NF-F12

Power Supply: Cooler Master MWE GOLD 850 – V2

Peripherals & Accessories


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Operating System

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With this 300$ gaming pc build, you can’t run fews game at high setting like PUBG, Borderlands 3,… However, you may able to run many others in low setting. This build is very easy to upgrade too.

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