10 Best Essay Writing Apps For Students 2023

Writing Apps

The composition is separated into three categories: rationality, structure, and arrangement. Viewers will feel dissatisfied when any of the elements are missing. Thankfully, there are numerous apps that can assist you in remaining collected and motivated. You are probably overburdened with written homework if you are a high schooler, a graduate, or a college kid. These applications are helpful for individuals seeking advice with scholarly articles from experts in many science sectors. Fortunately, you can find a service that fits your needs for essay writing tasks. Read through this post to understand what software is the best for you.

Grammar and Punctuation via Grammarly

Grammarly is a powerful literary app helping you enhance your essay writing skills. It can assist you in avoiding spelling errors, linguistic and syntax mistakes, and some other language problems on all of your beloved web pages. The service’s automated checker finds diction, phrasing, paragraphing, choice of words, and stylistic issues in your work effortlessly. It identifies copyright by matching your content to thousands of web pages. Journalists, media managers, editors, scholars, and learners can all benefit from this system. It is available as computer software for Mac and Windows and via Chrome extensions for iOS and Android smartphones.

Fast Solution for Students with Evernote

Evernote is a cross-platform writing app that is ideal for digitizing personal memos and copying web content. It is particularly fit for Mac owners or businesses without a network. Service subscribers may accomplish almost anything. You can start by making a to-do rundown and detailed list, doodling precise annotations, and recording invoices to monitor company spending. If you are geared up with this tool and a quick essay writer, you can easily beat any daily or school task. The website’s basic plan was and continues to be completely free to use. It maintains a monthly upload restriction of 50MB and lets you utilize the internet extractor feature, search for content within photographs, and exchange remarks with other people.


Academic writing may take a lot of effort. This is why such software serves as a fantastic instrument for your particular needs. Not to mention that taking notes helps you keep track. Additionally, you can put down any requirements for your essays there. The professional writer of your choice will definitely appreciate your detailed description of the given task. All this will improve your long-term education experience in college or university.

Being Creative at Canva

As writers, we don’t just have to worry about the phrases we place on the paper with the assistance of software for word processing. To make our website entries, dissertations, and posts more captivating, we occasionally must create aesthetically stunning visualizations, banners, and unique pictures. Canva is a fantastic, accessible, and efficient application for creating gorgeous designs and photos for an essay. You may arrange and produce impressive layouts regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a skilled artist with the easy yet versatile web tools.

Write Quickly with ByWord

Byword is a free writing app for Mac and iPad. It automatically distributes your content to Tumblr, Blogger, and other networks. However, the service is not suitable for lengthy authors. Byword, as a diversionary tactic writing application, utilizes the Markdown syntax. The latter means a method to style content without using buttons and settings, which keeps the layout clutter-free. Authors may require collections, patterns, goal-tracking capabilities, and the capacity to develop secondary sources. Then, they should spend higher prices for a more tailored app.

Improving Text on Hemingway

This program can be found throughout many authoring tutorials. It accomplishes this because it excels in its area of expertise. Hemingway is invaluable as a digital reviewer. As proven by many composers, you should combine it with educational apps for students for the finest result. The service highlights excessively lengthy sentences and helps you write in a clean, precise, and bold way. The desktop version is priced at around $20, but the online system remains free.

Create a Story for an Essay via Manuscript

Did you ever desire to work on a service designed by a well-known scriptwriter? Tom Hanks officially unveiled the Hanx author tool, which provides a spotless clean slice of an essay. Additionally, it gives a fully automated slide, the unique click-clack of a word processor. You can even experience modern amenities such as spell inspection, duplicate, luxurious text formatting techniques, and even the ability to save your files. The free version is quite adequate, but you can buy multiple kits and services for $2 each.

Appealing Design with Scribus

Is there a need to create a post with an attractive structure? If so, Scribus is among the best writing apps for the job. It has all the capabilities you need to create studies, journals, billboards, bulletins, and various other file kinds. There are several odd supplementary capabilities. Those include things such as effortlessly editing the item with various levels of a page and spot hues with ICC standards. You can even do nodal configuration.

Structured Diagrams from FreeMind

FreeMind is a freeware psyche program that allows you to create hierarchical charts. This is the perfect option when writing essays as a group. It allows users to maintain the control of assignments, including subprojects, subtask status, and time tracking. Authors can use this system to construct an essay and debate. Utilize colors to signify which post is active, finished, or not yet commenced and the diameter of clusters to represent the length of an article.

Mind-Map with Coggle

Have you ever wondered if your narrative elements make the logic or if one tale idea may be connected to another? A mind map is a graphical manner of evaluating potential connections between items. Fortunately, one of the finest imagination solutions is free. Coggle serves as an essay writing app with a unique methodology. It allows you to color-code routes and create gorgeous diagrams with minimal effort.

Student Diary at Diaro

Are you aware of this? Diaro recently surpassed millions of installations on Google Play and was put in the Editors’ Choice tab. It’s essentially a personal journal service, but it may also be used to keep a blog or simply make comments. Diaro includes a solid, ergonomic keypad, a sleek design, and superb tabs. Additionally, it has the ability to apply labels to identify feelings in your documents and the capability to synchronize your annotations with DropBox.


It is no secret that essay writing requires lots of effort. Students tend to be overwhelmed by various assignments and everyday duties. Thus, it is worth searching for a writing program that makes your life easier. Fortunately, there are hundreds of such services available. You can always find something to your taste. Analyze your needs, understand the writing task your teacher gave you, and move forward. This may feel weird at first since you are adapting to a new application. Yet, the results will turn out to be fantastic. You will get higher grades and will learn how to be more efficient.


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