8 of the Best Business Software of 2023

8 of the Best Business Software of 2022 to Use if You Aren't Already

8 of the Best Business Software of 2023. There are many different business software kits to help you with your business. From project management and website creation to network security, there can be many options for increasing efficiency and using software to improve your business.

Fortunately, some of the best and most famous pieces of business software are low-cost and simple to set up. With as little as a trip to a website and a purchase link, you can start using some of the top business software in only minutes.


When you first think of Linux, you probably think of its famous web operating system. You should be using linux for business. The best system to consider would be the SUSE Linux enterprise.

The SUSE Linux enterprise is a piece of security software used to help keep your business safe. SUSE uses the industry’s most compliant and secure Linux server to manage your information and help keep your business safe.

Quick books Online

If you are looking for the best piece of accounting software to punch through some numbers, then look no further. Quickbooks Online is an accounting industry staple with over 5 million global users. Quickbooks Online is a cloud-based financial management software many businesses utilize to speed up the process of tracking finances.


Square is perfect for you if you run any business requiring in-person transactions. Ordering their Square Stand Kit will get you everything you need to be able to check people out when making purchases at your small business.

Square makes transactions simple and easy, with only a tiny 2.6% percent plus 10 cents fee for each transaction. While that might seem like a significant cut, the amount of revenue you will receive and the hassle you will avoid should offset this negligible fee.


Gusto, also known as Gusto Payroll, is another piece of accounting software. Much like Quickbooks Online, Gusto serves to simplify money management and put all of your financing details in one place.

While Gusto does lack some of the upgraded features you can find through Quickbooks Online, it does provide the benefit of allowing employees extra features. Employees using Gusto can set goals for saving, open new spending accounts, or even transfer their funds between accounts.


Monday.com is a terrific piece of business software used to organize tasks. Many business owners struggle to keep all their employees on the same timeline for production, especially when dealing with remote workers.

I love this website because it allows everyone to work together to see who is working on what. This management system means annoying emails and notifications can be simplified to just moving the task over to someone’s column.

Having everyone on your team be aware of what is happening without explicitly setting aside time is a great way to increase efficiency and show over time.


Helcim is not a payment service provider but a merchant account provider. A merchant account provider is a company that allows businesses the ability to accept credit and debit cards for transactions.

While Helcim does provide a reasonably similar service to Square, its benefits are much easier to set up and are also offered for online transactions. 

The lack of monthly subscription costs and transparent business structure make Helcim a terrific partner if your business requires a merchant account provider.

Before you go

Overall, there are a ton of different pieces of software to help improve your business. Remember that not all of these products are competing and that using several other pieces of software in tandem may further increase your company’s efficiency.

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