Best 8 Inch Tablet 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 8 Inch Tablet 2021 Top Brands Review

These types of 8-inch electronic devices lie on the border between smartphones and laptops. You can bring the best 8 inch tablet to watch movies, read newspapers, play games, and even work (graphics) when you are on the road, traveling.

You do not need to carry a large drawing tablet or a bulky laptop, just the best android tablets, and you can also design graphics.

This is an excellent invention for you. However, you still do not know which 8-inch tablet to choose for? Do not worry. The following article will provide top 8-inch device products to suit all your needs.

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer's Guide about 8 inch tablet

Our buying guide covers objective reviews of the best new Android tablets on the market today. However, there are quite a few things to consider before making a purchase.

We’ve listed the topics below, outlining what you should consider before buying a device that suits your needs. Let’s go through the prerequisites:


As always, the price of a tablet is crucial to whether you choose it or not. For the best Android tablets for the price, the price is usually under $ 100. Our list of products that we have listed is priced under 100 dollars, saving you money and time research. It is essential to avoid holidays without buying electronics, as prices can increase these days.

Battery Life

This is required when you decide to choose that product. High-end devices can usually last up to 12 hours or more. However, the downside of this is that users will be less likely to get up and move around, which can harm their health. Consider this when you make a purchase.


As we mentioned above, the best budget 8-inch tablet is the ideal size for comfort and convenience when you’re on the go or not at home or work. 8-inch screen devices are typically very light and offer crisp, apparent entertainment features. Using it for work is not a bad idea.

WIFI Connectivity

Today, WiFi is indispensable for intelligent electronic devices. That said, having GPS available even without a connection could be a lifesaver for you. Consider this function if you intend to stay out of network or in an area with little WiFi coverage.

Operating system

If you like Android tablets, many devices support that operating system on our list. That said, if you’re not a fan of Android tablet or Microsoft, consider purchasing the best tablets display with dual functionality that will suit all your needs. There are also 8-inch tablets using the iOS operating system.

Top Rated 10 Best 8 Inch Tablets Brand Of 2021

Top Rated 10 Best 8 Inch Tablets Brand Of 2021

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4

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Within this particular class – the Samsung galaxy tab is an excellent and affordable android tablet.

If you are searching for a budget bill that will get on the LTE system alone, I will say that the Samsung galaxy tab A 8.4″ is worth looking at. Additionally, it had a WiFi rate of 100 Mbps, which is not awful, sufficient for video chatting and watching HD films.

Battery life is up to 12-hours; from our evaluation, we have 7-hours. We are sharing the pill from 0% to 100 percent shot ~ 3-hours.

The screen is perfect for the price, with excellent viewing angles. Even when you’re playing games, the battery life is decent, watching YouTube, or even films. If you would like to receive an android tablet for under 300-dollars, it is a reasonably excellent option. Well, there is a reason why this pill is at the peak of this listing.

See also:

Best Overall: Huawei MediaPad M5

If you’re trying to find the very best tablets mix of functionality, design, and cost, it isn’t easy to look beyond Huawei’s MediaPad M5. Offered in both 8.4- and – 10.8-inch variations, the smaller sibling, packs a good deal inside.

There is a snappy quad-core Kirin 960 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage room using a micro-SD slot if you need to expand that further.

The vivid and bright 2560 x 1600 screen is pin-sharp, and if paired with stereo Harman Kardon speakers, so it makes viewing your favorite shows quite pleasurable. As you’re not likely to take many photos with any tablet computer, the 13MP back camera does a good job; there is also an 8MP rear camera to the front camera for selfies and video phoning.

The 5100mAh battery may last up to 11 hours of binge-watching and requires as few as two hours to go from apartment to complete. The sole drawback is the lack of a headphone jack.

You are likely to have to use the included adapter or elect for Bluetooth headphones. Having an appealing design and weight of just 0.7 lbs, the MediaPad M5 is about as good as it has in the sphere of 8-inch screen pills.

Apple iPad Mini 5

FYI: this pill is 7.9-inches. We disagreed if we should include this table below the 8-inch class, but hey, it is only 0.1-inch, correct? So here it is. Additionally, it is under 7-inch pills.

Apple introduced the brand new Apple iPad miniature 2019 version on March 26, the initial refresh of Apple’s 7.9-inch iPad miniature since 2015, and it currently packs some serious power.

The tablet comes with an A8 chip which makes it quite powerful. As a product user, you can design different images, download pictures, make notes, draw, and do a great deal more things based upon your everyday tasks.

Regular use can observe the pill last around ten hours. Additionally, it includes two cameras that can capture 720p videos that are quite adequate.

The high quality and performance of the device are exceptional. However, it is also on the high-end facet regarding cost; we could give this pill a much better position.

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Best Tablets for No-Frills Value: Lenovo Tab 4

Here is what – besides the usual longer-than-usual battery lifetime, the Lenovo Tab 4 does not provide whatever’s worth writing home about.

Essentially, the tablet is a well-made 8-inch model that is competitively priced and does the basics well. But occasionally, if you don’t have a lot to invest in, that will do.

The plastic body retains an octa-core 1.4Ghz processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage. These specifications are not top-of-the-lineup; however, so long as you are not pushing it too tricky, Tab 4 will probably manage most jobs.

There is a micro-SD slot for adding additional storage, a 2MP front-rear camera, and a 5MP rear-mounted edition. The HD screen is impressively bright and vibrant for a cheap tablet computer, and the dual Dolby speaker set pushes out lots of noise.

Lenovo also sells add-on packs to expand the viability of this Tab 4, such as a “Kids Pack” using a rubber bumper and content management applications. A “Home Assistant” package that adds Alexa support and committed speakers, along with a “Productivity” package that includes a computer keyboard instance.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus 2020

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$130 to get a tablet computer. What’s Amazon Fire suitable for? Mostly amusement. If you consider Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus pill precisely the identical way you approach other pills, you are likely to be more dissatisfied.

They are technically tablet computers, but the tech in them can not keep up with the sorts of things you generally connect with tablets.

You will not be able to perform these things you can perform on iPad or even Samsung Galaxy Tabs. It is broadly fit for kindle video and book surfing and web-browsing.

LG G Pad F

Slimming down, LG makes fantastic products. I’ve purchased a few LG things previously, and the vast majority of them have stood the test of time. And people who did not? LG replaced, free of charge, including transport.

Now you know somewhat more about the company’s ethics, let’s present the G Pad F.

When creating this 8-inch tablet computer, the principal thing LG concentrated on was accuracy. The built-in stylus and zero-gap signature are ideal for any artist seeking to get the absolute most from the pill expertise.

Picture creating pixel-perfect vision the first time around without needing to tap undo a thousand times. Great right? Add from the vivid, glamorous colors the G Pad F may produce, and you can probably see why this unit is a must-have.

Nevertheless, like drafting, those in other occupational areas will appreciate the consumer’s confidence when using this pill. You truly can’t beat pinpoint precision once you need it.

Oh, and don’t hesitate to take a few pleasant selfies once you finish making your masterpiece. This 8-inch tablet computer is constructed for these endeavors too.

So, make sure you pick up yours this season for approximately $175. Additionally, consider getting one for your favorite relative, should they’ve been great this season.

Best for Seniors: Consumer Cellular Grandpad

If you have obtained a parent or grandparent who would prefer to remain in touch and see exactly what the family is up to, who does not need to take care of the intricacies of a favorite tablet or notebook, the Grandpad could be just what is required. As opposed to focusing on fancy features and extras, the Grandpad simplifies matters to the bare minimum.

The heavily-customized interface has a couple of alternatives, shown by big, easy icons for things like calls, photos, rear camera, games, etc.

There is no internet surfing or the ability to include different programs. Infinite LTE accessibility is built-in, so there is a continuing monthly fee for this. Still, it also covers 24/7 accessibility to a broker who will answer some questions or repair problems.

Accessories like radio and case charging dock can also be included.

Relative functions as the conduit for items such as photos and connections, controlling everything pushed into the Grandpad. It is a technical apparatus, but in an era where a shortage of technological accessibility or assurance could be isolating, it is necessary.

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Vanquisher 8-Inch Ultra Rugged Tablet Windows 10 Pro

Another apparatus equipped with an ear jack is your Vanquisher 8-inch Ultra Rugged Tablet. As you might have guessed from the title, this gadget is intended to withstand a good deal of harm.

Following a brief review of this Amazon webpage, you will shortly discover this 8-inch tablet computer is promoted to people searching for field gear. But don’t let this dissuade you if you can afford the $450 price tag.

Therefore, what exactly does it require an 8-inch pill to be considered “field gear”?

When fabricating this apparatus, Vanquisher followed army criteria for tablet computers, especially regarding standing up to the harshest conditions.

This means that you can easily hold the Ultra Rugged Tablet in 1 hand without worrying about dropping it. If you do this chance to allow this pill to fall out of the hands, the chances of this being ruined are meager. This much protection also involves that this 8-inch tablet may be utilized in virtually all weather conditions.

And if this isn’t sufficient to get you crying, “here, take my cash,” do so. The apparatus has a built-in GPS program, which means that you may use it to browse the wilderness, even though your system does not reach that way.

This may be excellent for long-distance moves to the middle of nowhere or even a camping trip into a similar site. Just make sure you bring along a solar charging battery charger.

ASUS ZenPad 8

Just shy of 77 percent screen-to-body ratios, ASUS produced our record of the best 8-inch pills this year based on the new vision and selfie capacities.

The gadget includes ASUS’s VisualMaster applications, making watching scenes throughout the camera almost indistinguishable from everything you see with 20/20 eyesight. Other nice to have features for incredible photos comprise the following.

  • Low light mode, so decently bright photos around sunset Without Needing to use the flash
  • Panoramic manner, capable of shooting nearly 150 levels from a camera perspective
  • Beautification style, for all you Instagram versions out there
  • Shutter lag decreases prepared to catch all of the real-world events as they unfold.

Along with the profound camera advantages, ASUS creates many in-house applications, and a significant part of them is contained for this 8-inch tablet computer.

Ensure you check out this one if you would like to learn what it feels like to receive many extras without overpaying from the process. Just make sure you outline precisely what you are gifting if you choose to provide this device as a gift this season.

Otherwise, recipients might not appreciate how unique your gift is.

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As we mentioned previously, the Lenovo pill provides a new sound experience. On the flip side, the Vanquisher apparatus is your go-to to get a lasting handheld, which is very good for interested people. However, what if you wanted an 8-inch tablet capable of supplying both?

That is where the ZTE K88 comes from.

For protection, the K88 comes with Gorilla Glass. This sort of substance makes it feasible for the apparatus to stand up to a couple of taps before any harm begins revealing. Remember, this strength doesn’t come at the price of quality. Anticipate your viewing experience to be high-quality, without any lag or pixelation.

Now, on to the internals. Much like Lenovo, this 8-inch tablet includes Dolby speakers plus also a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Combining both in 1 device produces a beautiful experience, irrespective of whether you’re using the combo to play games, watch movies, or even crank tunes.

The apparatus holds up nicely when attempting to view content together with sunlight looming above it.

And for all you selfie fans out there, don’t stress. The ZTE K88 includes two 5 MP cameras, one at the front camera and another at the trunk.


If you’re looking for the best 8-inch tablets to buy, then the one we’d recommend is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4. It is not only suitable for all criteria but also cheap; even children can use it.

Above are the top 8 inch tablets according to the subjective opinion of the Gone App. We hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions, please send us a line below. We will make sure to answer your question as soon as possible. Wish you have a great one.

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