Best 400 Dollar Gaming Pc 2021: Top Full Guide

Best 400 Dollar Gaming Pc

If you are searching on Amazon for some of the new gaming computers pre-built and find it is out of your budget, one way to get a higher performance pc is to build it yourself. In this article, TheGoneApp helps you to build the best 400 dollar gaming PC that meets your needs about games like PUBG, LoL,… at a low setting.


We have upgraded our 400 constructs with all the excellent AMD Ryzen 5 2400G processors, with integrated images and high-speed RAM. Though the new creation of Ryzen chips was published, the old ones offer a greater cost to performance and make sense at an assembly at this cost. We have also upgraded our prebuilt computer hints, bringing you excellent value for people who would rather buy instead of build.

Together with the 400 dollar gambling PC, our principal focus was to offer outstanding value for money while providing a nice amount of gaming functionality. While we are not really at the purchase cost range where worth is in its absolute finest, we’re getting into the purchase cost range where we could begin making some serious jumps forward into great performance in contemporary games. Even though this might not be our lowest priced gambling PC construct, it is still extremely cheap while also working as the CONSOLE KILLER PC construct under $400 since we prefer to take it.

We consider this construct because being entry-level for both performance criteria and construct problem making it the ideal gateway to PC building, so let’s dive right in.

Before we examine the hardware specs in detail and the reason we picked them, let us have a fast glance at the construct as a complete and exactly what it has to offer you. We will discuss how we managed to adhere to the budget of 400, a few of the compromises that came up throughout the hardware collection process, and the way it works on a day-to-day basis.

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Gaming laptop vs desktop


Among the greatest struggles, we struck when placing this construct collectively was adhering to this rigorous funding of $400. Fortunately for us, the brand new range of AMD processors is promoted to nearly undercut their Intel rivals. This usually means the market cost for AMD CPUs is at an all-time reduction, ideal for our small $400 construct. We did toy with the concept of employing the 2400G and quicker RAM, but following a lot of in-house benchmarking evaluations, we found the 3400G has been the top thing to do.

Like most funding habit assemblies, the aesthetics had been compromised for greater functionality. The instance is really basic but provides some RGB and a user-friendly layout.


At this price range, you have to be realistic with what functionality you expect to attain. For all of us, we all concentrated on designing a construct that may reach 900p-1080p gambling at 60FPS and over. As a result of the 3400G, this construct will achieve well over 100FPS online matches such as Dota two and CS: GO. Other taxing games such as The Witcher 3, Hitman 2, and Dragon Hunter: World see about 30-50FPS. We found setting your FPS to about 30 assists provides a smooth and pleasurable gaming experience.


If you are new to PC construction, you are probably somewhat confused at that time, particularly with all of the abbreviations we are casting about. Thus, let us discuss the essential facet of the construct, the APU.

An APU, in layman’s terms, is a CPU and a GPU wrapped into one. Yes, that is the main reason this construct does not have a card. Through time, integrated images are now increasingly strong. The VEGA 11 images the 3400G comes outfitted with functionality located somewhere between the GTX 1030 along the GTX 1050Ti.

The excellent thing about those APUs will be that you can upgrade to a stronger standalone GPU down on the lineup and have a highly effective multi-core processor available. It really will be the best of both worlds.

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The principal advantage of purchasing a PC rather than a console would be upgradability.

Dollar for dollar, a game console will provide you better functionality from the box than every gaming PC. But as soon as you purchase it, you are locked. If you would like to update, you need to wait for another generation and purchase a completely different system.

Using a PC, you can update as you want.

Wish to play a brand new sport, but want much improved images? Update your graphics card.

Desire quicker load times? Put in an SSD or more RAM.

Wish to improve functionality in games with a lot of NPCs or robots? Get yourself a bigger processor.

We built everything about AMD architecture and their AM4 socket, and that means you’re able to update any person’s part without needing to replace half of your system.

The motherboard, along with the integrated graphics card, will be equally VR prepared. You are not likely to play with VR games onto a 400 PC; that is for certain, but if you decide this is something you need, you can update your method towards a VR-competent machine without swapping the motherboard out.

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400 Dollar Gaming PC System Breakdown

At length, in our opinion, the elements above will allow you to construct the ideal gaming PC under $400 (make certain you inspect for varying costs, yet.) However, there are different paths you may go with this construct. So, below we’ll examine what some of those other paths are, and also what type of performance you may count on from the 400 gaming PC, and also the sorts of upgrades you will make for it to turn into a mid-range 1080P-killing betting system.

1. How Do This 400 PC Build Perform?

Concerning the $400 gaming, the PC will hold up from the very best games; you can anticipate being able to run less-demanding matches on a 1080P monitor on greater configurations and even tougher games on a 1080P display at reduced tastes. But for yet another example of precisely What Type of frame rate you can expect to Escape a few of their popular names, check out the bullet-point list below:

This construct Is Going to Be Able to conduct games like Rocket League, League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, etc. With larger configurations at ~50-60+ frames per minute.

This construct will run tougher AAA matches on reduced tastes at ~30+ frames per minute.

For under $400, that’s pretty darn excellent performance. You’ll be able to play with any game on a 1080P display. Yes, even more demanding games, you’re likely to have to flip the settings down, but you will need to play them. For the most popular eSports/competitive names, which aren’t very rough, the CPU/GPU combination is going to be able to handle them easily.

2. How to cut the price?

Although this construct is rather barebones as can be, it’s possible to decrease the cost slightly more. Listed below are a couple of ways you can save even more cash with this Specific system to lower the price:

You could pick a less expensive case and save ~$10. There are cases out there which charge just more than 20 that will hold this method great.

You could decide on a less expensive energy supply and also then conserve ~$20. In the event, you fall into an exceedingly low-end power supply, but it’s likely to hurt your capability to upgrade the machine in the future.

It is possible to begin with just 4GB of RAM and conserve ~$30. This wouldn’t be dreadful, but I would certainly attempt to fit 8GB into the construct when it’d been me.

And that’s about it. You could always look for components that are utilized and make an effort to cut down on costs in which way. However, if you’d love a brand-new method, both of these options would probably be an ideal approach to locate the buy price down only slightly longer.

Best 400 Dollar Gaming PC Build

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3400G

AMD Ryzen 5 3400G


AMD shocked the whole planet with their most recent set of CPUs (Ryzen 3rd Gen) and has knocked Intel off the ideal location for your very first time in, well, as long as I can remember. One of the standout actors within this new series is the 3400G, an APU equipped with impressive RX VEGA 11 incorporated graphics. Even the 3400G is a heart/ribbon CPU with clock speeds of 3.7GHz foundations and 4.2GHz when under AMD’s accuracy growth. The 3400G provides sufficient electricity to carry out low-intensive games such as CS: GO, Fortnite, DOTA 2, and Rocket League at 1080p while maintaining sleek, playable FPS. It comprises its CPU cooler, which works great straight out of the box and provides cool temps for the large part. Generally, the perfect APU currently available and one that offers excellent gaming performance also.

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GPU: Radeon RX Vega 11

The Radeon RX Vega 11 isn’t a different card. As we’ve discussed, it’s integrated at the Ryzen 5 processor in our construct, which usually means you will not have to make an additional purchase.

It has its advantages and advantages.

However, the downside, an integrated graphics card doesn’t have dedicated video RAM. This puts it at a disadvantage compared to dedicated GPUs with their onboard VRAM for maintaining image assets. An incorporated card has to depend upon your PC’s RAM, which might slow it down, particularly while enjoying games that are demanding.

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On the reverse side, an integrated card is much, not as costly.

A basic dedicated GPU will charge you almost up to a different processor, whereas the mid-range and high-end ones opt for thousands of bucks.

An integrated graphics card, though, will only add a percent to some processor’s cost, and a card with 11 cores operating on 1400MHz similar to that one is worth every cent.

Second, higher-end image cards can often get bottlenecked in the processor or RAM. If the two elements are somewhat lower than your graphics card, you can waste a good deal of cash installing a pricey GPU that does nothing to secure you.

Mainboard: Gigabyte B450M DS3H

Gigabyte B450M DS3H

The device, the Gigabyte B450M DS3H, is among the cheapest B450 motherboards out there. We’ve selected the cheaper A320 motherboard alternatives for this as it allows for layout, meaning it is possible to find the best performance from the CPU, and it is markedly superior to construct and feature sets than these gems flooring planks. It’s HDMI and DVI-D picture output, onboard Ethernet and sound output, and two full-length PCIe slots, along with one PCIe x1 slot machine to make a WiFi PCIe card readily.

There’s an M.two connector, which we’ll populate with all the most crucial SSD for this specific system. Even the CPU energy saving is a 4+3 phase setup which isn’t anything to write home about. However, it will happily support the necessities of a 3200G or, for example, the six centers Ryzen 5 3600 on the occasion you choose to upgrade later on.

The BIOS functions for this particular’3000′ series CPU since BIOS revision F40, so you’ll have no problems booting straight from the box. But if you’re uncertain, consult the Vendor, which you’re getting to be up-to-date BIOSwith the board you’re buying. In the box, then you may discover a SATA cable and m.two mounting hardware. Completing this motherboard is a no-frills option that gets you just what you would like without overspending.

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair Vengeance LPX

Corsair is a dependable and dependable maker that attracts some of the very affordable hardware equipment onto our shelves. As a result of this, we’ve gone to get 16GB of this DDR4 Vengeance LPX 3200MHz RAM kit in our 400 assemblies. We considered putting 8GB inside this construct. However, because of its price difference, we thought it was worthwhile choosing for double.

With this specific RAM, you’ll be able to push nearly any sport you need with no difficulty. That’s having been stated; the CPU will truly feel the consequences until the RAM will do. Thus you keep being restricted to what exactly the 3200G could do. On the flip side, the RAM is quick (3200MHz) to extract outstanding performance in their CPU and is a great deal better suited to slower, 2666MHz, also under, RAM.

Storage: WD Blue SN550 500GB

WD Blue SN550 500GB

As mentioned before, NVME drives are much quicker than mechanical hard drives and also, therefore, are somewhat faster than traditional SSD drives.

You won’t have to wait for the PC to boot, your games will load up unnaturally quickly, and you’ll be a lot happier overall.

The sole drawback to choosing an SSD inside an HDD is that SSD drives are more expensive per gigabyte. However, regarding performance, the value is certainly there.

This NVME drive can be twice as quickly as every other mechanical drive you can discover and is less than twice the price. It’s a no-brainer, particularly considering you may add a cheap hard disk later on.

PC instance: Q300L

We’ve chosen the exact typical Q300L mini-tower situation from Cooler Master. This version includes the TUF Betting’ branding and works out two or three dollars cheaper than the traditional version at the time of composing. It’s a flexible mATX situation that may be put horizontal or slid on both sides, and it provides a great deal of space in addition to a window to observe elements.

It’s no secret this isn’t the very best performing scenario readily available in the business. However, we’re just loading it with a 65W CPU and little else to make warmth: it’ll function fine in this installment or employing a mid-range GPU later on. It’s going to require GPUs around 4-slots profound, and 360mm long, meaning any GPU you choose later on will fit without a problem. It ships with an exhaust fan and cabling, and hardware to hook up the USB ports and interfaces.

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Power Supply: Thermaltake Smart 80+ 500W

Thermaltake Smart 80+ 500W

Power supplies and cases will be the hardest components to look for when construction on a budget.

Your instinct is telling you how you can pour all your tools into parts of components that influence in-game functionality in a meaningful fashion. They don’t. But utilizing a low-quality PSU at a shady maker carries more risk than anyone should choose.

What’s great about the Thermaltake Smart 500W is it’s a well-made PSU you will not ever have to get worried about. It is standard wattage that will be enough to encourage a dedicated graphics card, a quiet lover, heavy-duty protections, Imperial reliability, and a 5-year warranty, along with a reasonable price, making it a perfect fit for this build.

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Operating System: Windows 10 Home

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Monitor: Acer SB220Q IPS Ultra-Thin

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Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, Mouse Pad: HAVIT Mechanical Keyboard Mouse Headset Kit

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Microphone: Amazon Basics USB Gaming Microphone – Blue

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Things You Have To Know:

At this moment, you have to get a pretty good understanding of the way we pick and inspect the hardware we have recommended. Let’s discuss some of the things we think you should consider before deciding which to construct is perfect for you. Listed below are a couple of the vital facets of a custom-built and should be cautious before finalizing your selection.


Before purchasing a customized PC, you want to specify exactly what you want to achieve concerning operation and capacity. Builds might vary hugely regarding in-game functionality, and your financial plan might not reflect your performance expectations. Using an example, this construct is custom-designed to carry out low-intensive games such as CS: GO and Fornite in approximately 900p. If you’re looking to play the hottest AAA games at 1440p, we would suggest having a peek at our 700 constructs and above.

It’s well worth mentioning that prices change on Amazon; the assembles might be above or below the projected funding. We check our assemblies every couple of days to ensure they have never gone over budget and make sure we are still advocating the best value-for-money hardware.

We opted to decide on the Ryzen 3400G and place it together using 3200MHz RAM with this construct. We did toy with the idea of using the 2400G and faster 3600MHz RAM. However, it didn’t satisfy our requirements for this particular occasion. After much deliberation, we reasoned that the functionality difference between the two installments is minimum. We moved into the Ryze.

Upgradability And Future-Proofing

Future upgrades are almost always worth considering, much more so on funding constructs similar to this. As luck would have it, this construct was created with this facet of your thoughts. The motherboard is one of the latest B450 PRO MAX from MSI, which provides out-the-box Ryzen 3rd Gen compatibility in addition to 3466MHz RAM support. Although the APU has its own strong built-in graphics devices, a standalone GPU will also consist of adequate performance advantages. Providentially, the motherboard can accommodate some GPU too.


As a consequence of improvements in hardware, overclocking has gotten increasingly more popular, and you’ll pretty significantly value every part of your construct now. That’s having been stated, it includes serious dangers, especially if you aren’t completely up-to-speed along with the process.

If you’re considering trying your palms in the PC fostering dark art, then you’re going to be thrilled to understand this construct is outfitted for moderate overclocking. Ryzen chips are almost entirely optimized out-of-the-box, nevertheless, so you’ll struggle to come across some worthy functionality profits.

Fat Loss Of Construction

For me, the 400 has been a relatively simple person to piece together. Apparently, in this respect, it had its limits but allowed us to begin with the benefits. The M-ATX motherboard would be your ideal size for this specific situation and allows for airflow. As we used an APU, we had plenty of space to perform as it came into cable management.

That’s been stated, along with also the cable management was less than desirable due to many different situation problems. With this respect, but it’s tough to be too disgruntled.

We utilize an Ifixit PC toolkit when constructing this PC, and we highly recommend that you do the same as it makes life that much easier. You will possibly use an anti-static wrist ring should you’re feeling the need to.

Non-Gaming Performance

Could it be exactly gaming you’re working to do, or are you using this construct for a workstation also? That is a thing you have to be asking yourself in the beginning. Why? A few PCs are designed to perform better in gambling scenarios rather than intense multi-core workload conditions.

As luck would have it, that APU has the best of both worlds. As a consequence of this remarkable single-core and multi-core operation of this 3400G, you will not detect any substantial performance drops when changing from work to betting and vice versa.


We consider the joys of the construct. Aesthetics are a rather considerable portion of a custom assembly today, especially when you’ve got expensive hardware to show-off. Unfortunately, you don’t have space on your financial plan to receive a trendy instance in this respect. That’s having been stated, we’d figure out how to fit a tempered glass case to our financing, and we think it sounds pretty excellent.

As a guideline, RGB inviting hardware incorporates high-cost tags attached. Whether this construct isn’t up to high aesthetic standards, you may have to expand your budget a little.


How Long Do Gaming PCs Last?


This is a fantastic construction, and we hope that this $400 budget gaming construct makes it possible to produce an excellent PC for your cost of a console. Whether this construct isn’t what you are looking for, you might always look at our additional betting assemblies. Good luck!

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