Best 11 Inch Laptop 2021: Top Full Review, Guide

Best 11 Inch Laptop 2020 Top Full Review, Guide

In case you haven’t been residing in a cave for the last ten years, you would understand the way the usage of computers has evolved through recent years. With giant PCs (that took more than half of the desk area ) virtually turning obsolete, the technology market is flooded with a range of strong and best 11 inch Laptops, which could be precisely the sort of machines this production requirement.

I have recognized the importance of mobile computers. I would just add the growth of laptops is always pushing towards sleek, slender, and power-efficient layouts. The one that does not urge you to remain confined in one place just since moving or traveling around using a bulky notebook is too much work.

I will let you know exactly what I like about every choice, the quirks you have to know about, and I have added links to our comprehensive reviews and also to our bargains site, in which you can usually locate these devices available at discounted rates. Last but not least, it is also possible to get in contact with me in the comments section in case you have any queries or anything to increase the guide; I am about and can help out when I could.

Top 12 Rated 11 Inch Laptops In 2021

1. Dell Inspiron 3000 11

Dell Inspiron 3000 11

The Inspiron show is Dell’s flagship notebook in the 11-inch variety. It strikes a nice balance between functionality and user-friendliness, which makes it ideal for the ones that want something strong and uber lightweight. Dell is famous for creating brilliantly-designed notebooks, which through rigorous excellent control tests make sure each device can withstand the rigors of daily life. Due to some clever engineering, simply because Dell’s laptops are strong does not mean they are bulky.

Even though the majority of the two-in-one laptops in the market include Chrome OS, this notebook comes with Windows 10, extending its performance to any applications you can consider. This is very good for salespeople or users who need an 11-inch notebook for more than just ordinary use.

2. Lenovo N22 11

Lenovo N22 11

The Lenovo N22 is a majority black notebook using a matte finish on top, and many buyers may instantly assume it might not be an outstanding performer. Do not be fooled by its looks since the 11.6-inch HD screen has anti-glare capabilities letting you use it in bright sunshine and the 720p display is suitable for both function and press consumption.

Solid State Drive is exceptionally reliable, particularly in the event that you’re planning to travel a whole lot with this notebook. It could withstand the bumps on your bag and will guarantee your information, or the bundled Windows 10 64-bit functioning system does not face any problems usually found in traditional HDDs. The notebook also has the newest WiFi AC technology. Bluetooth 4.0front webcam and is even water-resistant, which lets it defy the occasional spills.



The Asus Chromebook Switch featuring a 360-degree angle falls beneath the funding category of Best 11-inch Laptops accessible on the marketplace.

The 360-degree angle brings to light the forward-looking view of those Asus Flip manufacturers that have attempted to package in extreme practicality from the notebook’s thin frame.

Use it in many different places with complete reassurance as the arrangement feels strong, and the hinge feels sturdy.

Total typing satisfaction is ensured by the Chromebook Flip users using profound key travel of its own tactile computer keys. The trackpad might be undeniably modest but exceptionally responsive, thus promising navigation. The built-in speakers of the Asus version are rather little, but given the dimensions, that is the best that could be provided.

4. HP ProBook X360 11

HP ProBook X360 11

11.6-inch laptops would be the ideal size to get a hybrid 2-in-1 layout. As a result of their small dimensions, they function nicely as touchscreen tablets or as 90-degree angle mobile computers.

If you’re searching for an 11-inch hybrid design, you would like to be certain to receive the best of both worlds. With Windows 10 plus a broad, well-designed computer keyboard, that is exactly what you receive with HP’s x360 ProBook.

4GB of RAM plus a 128GB solid-state driveway are often at the top end of everything you may expect from a device of the size.

There are two drawbacks here, and they’re both fairly minor.

Should you prefer to scribble notes or doodle designs, then you ought to get a touchscreen pencil individually. This version can be marginally heavier than several other 11-inch apparatus, at only three pounds.

That having been said, the ProBook remains considerably lighter than any bigger notebook. In reality, buyers frequently mention how light dimensions and hybrid characters work nicely for pupils needing a mobile computer.

5. Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11E

Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11E

If you’re among these not-so-delicate users and desire a strong machine that’s capable of shooting some bumps and lumps, appropriate for your life on the street or even a classroom — Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e is what is missing from your daily life. Together with scratch-resistant glass, reinforced hinges, the rocky chassis of the midrange convertible-hybrid notebook is effective at what we could predict ‘shapeshifting’. For readily drained comrades, Lenovo has produced a design that you’ll be able to position in four distinct manners, Screen, Notebook, Tablet, and Tent.

So, not on the top copy, but not among the worst.

So, generally, Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11e is on the set due to (a) its tiny layout and (b) its high durability to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, humidity, dust, and obviously a couple of shunts. Even though it won’t provide grade A functionality, particularly if in comparison with the contending laptops, however, it is well-spaced chiclet-style keys, gorilla glass, curved corners, along with a rubberized bumper surely add factors to its durability and long-term reliability.

6. Lenovo Yoga 710 11

Lenovo Yoga 710 11

This is another old model but a thinner and lighter convertible that just weighs 2.3 pounds, so a lot easier to carry around. It is made from plastic but remains well built and good looking. Additionally, it has an FHD IPS touch display, something another choices deficiency, and a pretty good non-backlit computer keyboard.

The 11-inch Yoga 710 was expensive at launching and has retained a reasonable chunk of its worth.

7. HP Lightweight Stream Pro Notebook

HP Lightweight Stream Pro Notebook

Before we enter the specifications, then here it is. If you’re interested in finding the best-looking notebook using an 11.6-inch screen, search no further and buy this one. It is rather tricky to find this type of product at this cost, particularly with great hardware specifications and service, as HP is among the most renowned brands on the marketplace.

The OS version will let it use all of the RAM available, and it weighs just 2.58 by letting you carry it about.



Hewlett Packard takes pride in coming with a customer-centric apparatus, and the 11-y010nr serves as a model notebook of this budget for those looking for a fundamental notebook to meet their computing requirements.

Manufactured especially for pupils, the HP version comes from Violet Purple and Aqua Blue color choices. Remotely picture intensive jobs, or higher-end games will not run properly on this PC, but given the price and dimensions, what else would you expect?

The HP Stream 11 includes one year’s complimentary subscription of Office 365 Personal that brings together 1TB of cloud storage that’s essential for churning the utmost possible from internet-connected laptops.

Its own 4GB of RAM helps in the desktop running of programs, for example, downloading attachments, listening to the audio, and word processing on the move. A challenging contender of our Greatest 11-inch Notebook category includes a maximum display resolution of 1366×768 pixels and also promises fairly decent images.

9. Samsung Galaxy Book

Samsung Galaxy Book 11

You can’t find a better 10.6-inch notebook than this one, even though it’s a little expensive than many others on the listing. Have a look, and you will understand it’s more than worthwhile.

Additionally, multitasking is certainly achievable within this gadget.

The 99MP makes certain you seem very real in your movies and graphics.

The screen can also be on point; using a resolution of 1920x1280p provides true graphics and movie quality.

This is unquestionably among the greatest miniature portable windows notebooks you can ever find.

10. ASUS VivoBook L203MA

ASUS VivoBook L203MA

A brand new budget-friendly accession to the notorious Asus lineup, which just may be the replacement of the E203NA version. Offering a huge battery lifetime, the system is so slickly little it may easily slide within a rucksack or a messenger bag.

With an Intel Celeron N4000 runs in 1.10-2.60GHz, backed by 4GB of RAM, this 11-inch mobile and ultra-compact notebook are just one of those very few Windows 10 all-purpose machines that provide huge battery life and is strong enough to take care of daily tasks such as surfing, multiple tab surgeries and files managing with impeccable processing capacities, therefore an ideal workplace contraption.

11. Apple Macbook Air 11

Apple Macbook Air 11

TheGoneApp will still mention the 11-inch MacBook Air in this, though it’s nothing we would normally recommend, because of the outdated hardware and poor-quality TN glistening display.

The build quality, studying experience, the very long battery life as well as the operation to take care of everyday tasks are still here, however, so this may still be a good alternative for some of you seeking to acquire a cheap MacBook, in spite of these substantial quirks, but only in the event that you can discover it heavily discounted, for $500 or less.

12. Dell i3168-3272GRY

Dell i3168-3272 GRY

The Dell i3168-3272GRY is somewhat more costly than most other notebooks in this price range. The gap should not be a problem as buyers would locate a reputable brand like Dell more dependable. The lives up to the title using a strong business-like laptop that’s intended for work.

The storage is really large, but it does not have an SSD within it. The system runs on the Windows 10 operating system also contains a USB, 3.5millimeter audio jack, and other standard connectivity interfaces. It’s elegant, streamlined, and promotes productivity.

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