Benefits of Using VIN Car Check Services


Millions of transactions are made every day to buy and sell cars. The secondary market for the purchase and sale of cars is more than 70% of all transactions. When buying a car, the new owner must check not only the technical condition of the car but also its legal documents, as well as the operating history.

Checking a car by VIN is the most affordable way to get complete information about a car. One of the best platforms where you can do this is FaxVIN where you can find the full history of the car you are interested in. In this review, you will learn why it is important to get information using VIN checks on such platforms.

What Information Can Be Obtained Using the VIN Check? 

Before buying a used car, be sure to check its history. Without proper information, you run the risk of acquiring a dangerous vehicle. In addition, you can significantly overpay. A reliable site should have an example report. It contains the following information:

  • A brief overview of the details of the car (mileage, was the car damaged, was the car used as a taxi);
  • Revealed facts (real country of manufacture, place of registration, technical inspection check);
  • Whether it is listed as stolen (checking records from databases of stolen cars from all countries);
  • Mileage dynamics (performed service work and maintenance recommendations);
  • Photos of past periods of use of cars.
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How to Find out the History of a Car Using the VIN Check Platforms?

You can check the history of a car using any reliable VIN check online service. All you need to do is enter the VIN code and wait for the system to respond to your request. The VIN code consists of 17 characters and can be found in the datasheet in the line “Chassis number” (E). Enter the state number of the car and copy the VIN code.

It is worth noting that free services for checking a car by VIN will provide a minimum of general information, where there will definitely not be mileage and accident history. Therefore, it makes sense to use a paid service. Agree, $10-20 is not such a big amount for someone who is going to buy a car thousands of times more expensive. You can spend a lot more if you buy a used car without checking its history. The VIN check service will be useful when buying cars that are imported, as in this case, there will be more data on accidents and sales.


Each reliable service analyzes public and private registries, and databases in order to collect maximum information in one report. In addition, using the VIN-decoder allows you to compare the original equipment with the current one in order to identify differences and possible causes of their occurrence.


Before buying a used car, be sure to check its history. Without proper information, you run the risk of purchasing a vehicle with a problematic history. In addition, you can significantly overpay. Having learned the entire history of the car by the VIN code, on a specialized platform, you can feel confident when buying the selected car.

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